Grasslands’ Law

Sougen no Okite ~Tsuyoi Yatsu ga Moteru, Ii Buzoku ni Umarekawatta zo~


Author: 名はない

Synopsis: Basically a super strong guy who reached the peak of martial arts died in an airplane accident. Then he was reborn into a tribe and started doing whatever he pleases there in his new life.

Table of Contents

Life in the Grassland


Chapter 1: Life after reincarnation

Chapter 2: Teaching the younger brothers

Chapter 3: Bathing

Chapter 4: Training for adulthood

Chapter 5: Adulthood and Magic

Chapter 6: First Battle and Marriage

Chapter 7: Reward

Chapter 8: First night with Yesu

Chapter 9: Peeping

Chapter 10: Commuting ceremony

Chapter 11: Southern area

Chapter 12: Souvenirs

Chapter 13: Wedding

Chapter 14: First night with Lucci

Chapter 15: Loche’s fetish

Chapter 16: Calming daily life

Chapter 17: Territory war

Chapter 18: Funeral and Successor

Chapter 19: First night with An

Chapter 20: Farce



Chapter 21: The uncoming summer – The warm winter

Chapter 22: Infiltrating the Empire

Chapter 23: Infiltrating the Empire 2

Chapter 24: Infiltrating the Empire 3

Chapter 25: Infiltrating the Empire ~End~

Chapter 26: Retreating to the Grassland

Chapter 27: Return and First work to be done

Chapter 28: Group training

Chapter 29: Great Movement meeting

Chapter 30: A tribe’s death

Chapter 31: Using previous life knowledge to obtain slave wife. First Part

Chapter 32: Using previous life knowledge to obtain slave wife. Last Part

Chapter 33: A winter with warmth

Chapter 34: Character introduction ~Jumuka household version~


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