Grasslands’ Law Chapter 5

Explanation about Magic in this world. We’re drawing close to ero scenes boyz…and girlz…

Adulthood and Magic

Morning, I threw my eyes open and felt the cold air.
I separated from Rin and my younger brother hugging me, yawned and went outside.
There was snow here and there outside.
It seems snow began falling last night.
Today will be the winter season, then it’s the moment for my adulthood
One big house and two smaller houses next to father’s house were prepared for today.
The next day after the adulthood training, ingredients were gathered and prepared, it’s already done by now.
I’ll start living here from now on. I understood that enthusiasm must be confined inside my body.

Even if it’s winter season the girls’ mornings don’t change.
They went to draw water with the jugs.
Since it’s early in the morning there are some girls still half-asleep, there are dazzling ones too.

But the girls wearing thick clothing is such a letdown.

I sat face-to-face with my younger brother.

「Nii-sama、I’ll be fine。 So please rest assured。」

「Yeah、if it’s you then you’ll work up to expectations。」

I handed the crest crafted using wood to my younger brother.
This thing indicates the person in charge of the house’s horses.
He received it with both hands and put it into his pocket.

When the snow season comes, everyone born during this season became 1 year older all at the same time.
The men who become adults from today on gathered before the Patriarch’s house.
The guys who gathered here will become Fighters or Warriors from today on.
Standing next to me, Obudai is also listening to the Patriarch.
The Fighters who were baptist by the Patriarch returned home.
When the Fighters all went home it’s our turn to receive baptism.
The Fighters were finished all at once, but us Warriors went one by one carefully.
After everyone was baptist, the Patriarch held me back as everybody went home.
I was recognized and baptist to become a Moderate Warrior by the Patriarch.
When there’s celebration, there’s also separation.
Many men died on the battlefield, many women also died of fecundity
(TN: I might be wrong here – 女は多産が元で死ぬ者も多い。)
There’s no hygiene management in this world so people with long lifespan are very few.
All the people who turned 50 today headed towards the sacred mountain.
This is called ‘abandoning 50 years old women in the mountain’ in my previous life
(TN: WTF is this? Is there any tribe that does this??)
Though it’s depressing, this is also one of grassland laws, I can’t accompany them.
The exceptions are active Moderate/Great Warriors, active Moderate Fighters, active Chiefs, inexperienced successors of a family head, midwives, and patriarches.
Their family and relatives saw them off as those people departed to the sacred mountain.

I returned to my house seeing everyone already gathered.
As my father sat in the middle, my siblings circled around him.

「From now on you’re also an adult」


「Who are you taking with you?」

As an adult I’ll be living in a different house now.
I’ll come over to father’s house to eat, but there’s personnel for cleaning, doing laundry, and maintaining the house.
I can take the slave wives’ kids with me as my personal follower.
Then there’s also a person as my subordinate fighter on the field. It’ll be also my responsibility to mediate between marriage with another family’s fighter.

「Then、I’m thinking about taking Iruka’s kids with me。」

Five kids of one of father’s slave wives are Jumel 15 years old (boy), Uruji 14 years old (boy), Ichiyu 12 years old (girl), Shirley 11 years old (girl), Sharon 11 years old (girl).
Father’s slave wives, except for newcomers, have an average of 7, 8 kids but Iruka has fewer, only 5 of them.
Normally, slave wives with a lot of kids would be chosen if they gave birth to a lot of boys.
Seems like he didn’t think I would choose Iruka’s kids which contain only 2 boys among 5 of them.
Probably father is thinking this
Naiku  Boys/Total  5/9
Naika  Boys/Total  6/11
Why didn’t I choose either of these sisters

「Is Iruka really fine?」


Since I said so father acknowledged it.
Shirley and Sharon put their hands together joyfully.

There’s a reason I chose Iruka’s family.
This world has magic.
Fire, Water, Plant, Metal, Earth, and Wind are all 6 of them.
With even strong magical power the most you can have is 2 attributes.
You can have 2 specialty magic and 2 temporary magic.
Normally you don’t tell the a different person what magic can you use. But, you can tell it after you introduced your specialty magic.
(TN: Not too sure about this だが、自己紹介する場合先に得意魔法次に使える魔法を言う。)
In my case I introduce myself as being able to use Wind and Metal magic.
Jumel can use Wind and Fire
Among us brothers, he’s the only one who can understand and use my gyro rotation shooting
If it’s this guy then he can immediately shoot down the bird and become a Moderate Fighter.
Then Uruji
He has the largest amount of magical power in whom father has high hopes. But, his understanding about his own Plant and Metal magic specialty was disappointed.
Plant magic isn’t the kind to be used in battles.
It’s really useful for agriculture in the south but it’s not like that for us who spend time nomadically.
But, Plant magic can be used to perform wood processing.
Metal magic too, can be used to process gems (minerals).
Normally he can only perform it on an exhibition level, but Uruji has a lot of magical power so he can use Metal magic to a pretty good level.
Though I make my own arrows for training, when going hunting I don’t want to use obsidian-attached arrows except for the ones Uruji made.

At night, to replenish my stamina, dishes of sheep meat were lined up.
Just for today I was allowed to eat before father.
Nobody laid their hands on the food so I enjoyed it to my heart’s content.

At night, as a habit I prepared the pelt to sleep on.
The moment I put my hands on the pelt my brother laughed at me.

Iruka’s family said goodbye to Iruka.
Iruka slept in father’s house among the slave wives.
Iruka’s kids stayed in the smaller house next to my house.

I entered my own “fortress” which is my house.
Since I’ll soon find myself wives and slave wives, father was in high spirits and built a big-ass house.
I’m alone inside this spacious house, the night’s getting late too. I prepared the pelt to sleep.
Sleeping alone during the snow season is way colder than usual.

23 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 5

  1. He should just make soap its fkng easy =P (after a few failures LOL) to make… you just need to cook the meat over a bucket and accomulate the fat and then make soap with ashes and fat…

    You first pick up a barrel, make some holes at the bottom, put a few cm of gravel stones then put a lot of straw… if you put 2 cm of gravel then you put 4 cm of straw then fill the almost all the barrel with wood ashes, then you start putting water on it, a gallon or 2, then below the barrel put another warrel =P…. then you need to boil that water, and then mix up with the fat and cook again… not sure how to procced after this XD


    • Sounds easy yes, but have there actually been any mentions of gravel, barrels or straw in their camp? They’re nomads, but depending on the situation they might not have barrels. Straw requires somewhat fertile lands to get it from, but we haven’t heard about how fertile it is there. Gravel is probably very easy to obtain, provided there are cliffs or other suitable areas nearby, but no mention of those either.

      Not to mention, he was a martial artist in his past life, there’s no actual reason for him to study how to make soap with low-tech means.


    • Straw is something you can find pretty much anywhere, and if not its only purpose is as a filter. Since the horses have not been described to eat people, i assume they eat grass, which probably has the same functionality if its only the filter effect that is important. As for a barrel, i think any container able to contain water is adequate, as long as it has the right volume. And why would he not know how to make soap? People learn that in middle school biology, then once again in high school biology.


      • I was never taught how to make soap in biology, I was taught human and plant biology in biology (how all the different bits and pieces work and why it’s necessary etc.). I suspect the educational syllabus is different depending where you’re from or when you studied.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I must say, it must be pretty boring living in that tribe. There’s no place for ambition, no drive to become greater than what they are, only pointless successions and wang(/honor/pride) waving.


    • What is worst is that MC has knowledge of modern fun things to do like board games or video games, etc.

      I am surprised MC didn’t teach the kids something as basic as Tic Tac Toe or Rock Papers Scissors just to relieve some boredom.


      • he heard them, but he didnt even watch them as it seems to be explained…

        ambition? they barely has enough to survive… like just the head of the tribe has how many? 40 heads to feed? (5 wives/slaves/wives slaves and all their kids) plus warrior with their slaves and their kids their numbers should be around thousands just to keep their way of living… they are pretty much parasites running pillaging burning etc…

        so much people to feed, so many die yearly (because of higiene or they literally abandon them) his environment sure is gore…

        i am still thinking the author didnt really thought the world properly. (slave wive enjoy been raped by the kid of her master?) unless this nomads has brainwashing magic instead of healing magic…


    • Yeah, same here. Why did he lag so long that he became 14 years old and still didn’t invent or create anything yet.

      I wonder if MC is just lazy because he still didn’t teach anyone about something like soap or using alcohol to disinfect wounds yet MC still complains no one in his community knows the concept of hygiene because duh, you were too lazy to even bring up a subject like that.


      • I believe the MC is built as a martial arts fanatic, he wants nothing but training so he’s just been training since childhood.


    • Perhaps he will innovate in sexual knowledge. They only have two positions and they don´t seem to know oral, anal, bondage, etc.
      BTW they have the sexual positions inverted compared to our society.


  3. Pretty harsh to kick out almost anybody who is 50 years old or older.

    You think people who managed to reach 50 without hygiene or medicine would be treated with more respect.

    Who would take care of them in the Sacred Mountains? Is there already an established village there full of old people?

    Heck, it makes it seem like the author thinks it would be better to die young in battle than get kicked out once you are 50 and pretty much walking to your death in the Sacred Mountains since weather on mountains are likely more harsh than weather in the plains.

    This is a pretty horrible culture MC reincarnated into.


    • Maybe, just maybe this is for the MC to change, I mean the author stated that this MC is invincible. I’m sure he’ll soon hog that Patriarch seat and change up everything.


  4. As for abandoning old people, in asian countries, there had been traditions of taking them up your mountains and leaving them there during hard times. It’s a matter of having one less mouth to feed, preferably keeping the children fed and preserving the bloodline. Of course, it did not happen ritually like here, only when necessary.


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