(Announcement) Grassland Law

Yeah basically I’m saying Bye to Grassland.

If you’re in Pun’s Discord, you should already knew, but I want to make an official post to announce the drop of Grassland.

It will now be open as a free project, anyone wants to pick it up, please do so if you’re interested.

For the reason why, simply because it gets quite stupid in future spoilers. If you’re curious please check somewhere on animesuki, I heard spoilers there.

I’ll focus on Q. & A. and Healing Semen for now. Speaking of which, will post 2 chaps of Healing Semen today and I’ll try to pull 1 Q. & A. tomorrow.

Enough slacking off, my new hobby kinda got rekt so I’ll get back to work now.

Also, Tachi is editing Yandere 6 on Pun’s site, it should also be up today or tomorrow. Yes, I just deadline’d him, if he slacks off like I did then go savage him!!