Grasslands’ Law Chapter 7

Okay it’s been a busy morning for me so this is kind of late.

Thank you an Anon Guy for the donation yesterday. That said, the laze has been lifted, do expect another Grassland today.


After the Great Movement, my house was built in the vicinity of father’s house. I’m independent at the moment so there’s no neighbor.
Ichiyu, Shirley, and Sharon are hectically preparing for my wedding.
We even borrowed a few people from father’s place yet everyone’s still hectic.
A few days ago my rewarded horses were delivered. The day before yesterday, my rewarded sheeps came in.
Jumel and Uruji are now independent from father so they’re putting great efforts into getting used to the new sheeps and escorting the existing ones.
Then today, the girls arrived.
The slave wives given as rewards gathered at the plaza.
The girls lined up in various places in the plaza.
Everyone stood with the legs spread as wide as their shoulders, their hands joined between their stomachs.
The Patriarch confirmed that everyone’s here.
First the Patriarch walked into the lines of girls.
The rights to pick slave wives prioritize the Patriarch first.
The Patriarch carefully chose the girls.
Then he stripped the girls he thought about choosing.
Having that done to herself the girl didn’t move one inch.
If one understands this method of selection they’ll also understand what’ll become of them from now on.
A slave wife will have the mentality of a slave wife.
He observed their crotch carefully, then he circled around and also stripped her bottom part.
Then he unfastened the strap on her breast clothing and her breasts were laid bare.
After carefully observed the breasts the Patriarch put the strap back on, he said something to the girl.
Hearing her answer he took out a rope from his waist.
Seeing that rope the girl put her hands out before her.
The Patriarch lightly tied her hands up.
The girl was took out from the line and went sit at where the Patriarch was.
Repeating the same thing to many other girls the Patriarch ended up tying 3 girls’ hands.

After the Patriarch went back to his home it’s the turn for the one with the biggest military achievements, which is me, to choose.
The air around the gathered girl changed because of the tensions.
Those girls also understand.
The role of girls in the grassland is to give birth to healthy and strong children
It’s the same to every tribe that the Patriarch gets to pick first, then it’s turn for the one who put out the greatest effort in this victory of his own tribe to get to pick.
The girl also heard about this same person who shot down their Patriarch and Chief with one arrow this time around.
Becoming the slave wife of that person, it’s easy to imagine how good it is.
If their kids succeed in Birds Hunt and Wolves Hunt their social standing will raise from slave wife to mother of Warriors.
With that being said the girls stared at me all at once.

For the sake of this day I already listened to father and the Patriarch regarding how to select.
First I have to pick slave wives based on a standard.
For instance, my father and the Patriarch who already had slave wives and their kids are completely different than me who is expanding the family by adding slave wives when it comes to the standards of selection.
If you already got slave wives, then picking just based on your preferences about faces and body is fine.
But, in my case, first their ass has to be round and big (they considered this as being able to give birth to healthy children) then their tits also have to be large (this is considered as being able to produce good breast milk) and she has to be as young as possible (so she can give birth to many kids)
That’s how this works.
After marking a girl whose face I liked I circled around and lifted her skirt.
A round beautiful defenseless butt was exposed.
For the sake of appealing the girl stuck out her ass a little.
Returning her skirt, I stood before her and unfastened her breast clothing, her tits came into view.
Her well-shaped breasts poron fell out.
She puffed out her chest assertively.
Putting her straps back on I asked her a question.

「Your name?」

「I’m called Rubika。 」

「How old?」

「15 desu~。 」

「Marriage up until now?」

This isn’t for asking about marriage experience, it’s to find out about how experienced she is with men. Then I confirmed if she had served an important man of another family or tribe or not.

「There is none。 And that is also none。 」

「Your mother is?」

I listened to what social status her mother is.

「A wife desu。 」

Hearing that I left the girl.
She had a regretful expression on her face but she didn’t voice it out.
The Patriarch and Father said there is one thing that is a must

『Get the child of a slave wife as your first slave wife』

Children of wives received training to become wives.
Children of slave wives received training to become slave wives and, combat wife.
This difference is unexpectedly big for the first time getting a slave wife.
If a person already had many slave wives then when they get their slave wives to teach the wife’s child that became their slave wife, it’s not possible. (TN: I swear to god this sentence…fuck!)
Therefore choose the children of slave wives as your first slave wife.
But it can’t be helped if you like both the face and body. I looked at other girls.
I saw another girl shorter than the earlier girl but her breasts seemed to bulge out of her clothes bigger.
Looking at the girls the Patriarch chose, everyone else left are all smaller in breast size (TN: Scumbag Patriarch)
After that I circled around her and lifted her skirt.
Her big round ass unbefitting her small figure was put on displayed.
Her waist cut in tightly as I looked.
I went to the front and unfastened her straps.
The huge tits bon spilled out.
On the top of her summit were the pink nipples in the state of half standing up.
I put her clothes back on but her huge tits didn’t get back in really well.
I forcefully made them get into her clothes.


「Yesu desu。 」


「I’ll be 14 this spring。 」

「Marriage up until now?」

「I’ve never had one、so it’s a no」

「Your mother is?」

「She’s a slave wife。 」

Un, everything’s going without problems. Isn’t this girl pretty good? Her face still looks a bit too young, but I have high expectations that she’ll turn out to be a beauty, ain’t that alright.
I took out the rope on my waist.

「Bring your hands」

Yesu showed a smile and brought her hands forth.
I lightly tied her hands and led her back to my place.

As I sat down, the people with second and third best achievements prepared to pick their slave wives.
After the 6th best person picked his, most of everyone left stood up and walked towards the place for slave wives.
If you look closely, the ones who haven’t picked yet are the fighters.
In other words the Warriors who raised their achievements picked simultaneously.
In case they picked the same person, they’d settle with “Wolf, Bow, Patriarch”.
“Wolf, Bow, Patriarch” is simply just rock paper scissors
They yell and make a pose.
Bow loses to Wolf, Patriarch loses to Bow, and Wolf loses to Patriarch
With that the selection ended bringing the time for the Fighters to pick
There are only 5 Fighters and 5 slave wives left so the talk ended with discussions or Wolf, Bow, Patriarch.

I brought along Yesu with me and went home.

37 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 7

  1. I am starting to dislike the MC. He keeps getting bossed around despite getting achievements. He still lets inferior traditions and customs take priority over his modern knowledge and thinking so his current society will never progress. He still gives off the super passive feeling as a main character since his very introduction that he just lets himself get cheated on in his past life with barely any reaction toward the cheating.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed, he should have just chose the first one he “interviewed” and gave a finger to those traditions. That society is a stagnant whorehouse with a genocide waiting to happen from a industrially superior one.

      Either the MC starts thinking with his head instead of his dick, subjugate his tribe and raise them from primitiveness OR there won’t be a tribe left to dick around with.


      • He’s currently not really in a position of great power, so he’s really done what he can so far. Resource-wise he doesn’t have the capabilities to form a rebellion force, so if he wants to change things the best thing he can do is change his time and increase his personal power to the point where he’s the leader of the largest tribe and can begin throwing out the old and bringing in the new. At the very least he needs to be able to flee with the people he really cares about, and that’s still a matter of personal capabilities. Currently he’s boxed in, and playing the good boy and assimilating as best as possible is the right way to handle it. I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of how they handle things, but in the long term I don’t see it being able to stay that way.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is annoying how MC is pretty much a hypocrite. He listens to his dad and village leader when it comes to picking women yet ignores everyone calling him crazy for shooting an arrow from so far away and shoots the arrow, anyway, and gets happy when he shuts everybody up.

        Why would you listen to someone who is not even a medical doctor or a woman to the extent that it makes you pick a 13 year old girl to have sex with later on? Does MC really think it safe to impregnate someone so young without modern medical standards?

        These are the same people that don’t understand the concept of washing hands and MC listens to them despite him already possessing modern knowledge?


      • “He’s currently not really in a position of great power, so he’s really done what he can so far.”
        “Resource-wise he doesn’t have the capabilities to form a rebellion force”

        But MC just showed that he is the only person in the village with a Sniper Ability since no one else can shoot arrows from so far away and look how the enemy forces collapsed just because their #1 and #2 died from MC. Only two people died and the army collapsed.

        So if MC kills his village’s #1 and #2 the same way, what makes you think the same result won’t happen.

        If MC kills his village’s top 10 fighters by sniping them which is pretty easy to do since none of them are wearing armor, that makes MC the #1 now since the remaining males aren’t even in the same league as MC since MC states only a few men are stronger than him but MC only means that in close quarters combat.

        In long distance combat, MC is #1 with his sniping ability and even if you have bigger muscles than MC, an arrow doesn’t really care and will still kill you like anybody else.


      • The fact that he TRAINED in martial arts and weapons hass to be pointed out so he may not have full knowledge of medical procedures of the modern world


    • If he did that, the most likely response from the tribe would be very hostile since those types of groups are very rigid in their traditions. No matter how strong the MC is, picking a fight with such a large group is suicidal. Not to mention that he did say that he is still unable to defeat a few of the veterans in close combat. He would have chased out of the tribe with nothing but the clothes on his back if he’s lucky. Besides, in the prologue chapters, it was established that he had a go-with-the-flow personality even in his previous life.


      • But innocent people are still being chased out of the village even without picking fights only because they had their 50th birthday party so, so long and get out of here.


  2. I assume the reason they needed a slave wife first is in order for them to be able to teach the children of the wife/wives how to have sex when that time comes, like Ymir did for Jumuka. In the rare event a warrior only ends up with 1 wife and 1 slave wife for a long time. Of course, that’s assuming that the warrior was unable to sustain more than 2 wives and children and was also unable to improve their standing.

    But it was also mentioned in one of the previous chapters that if the man dies, the wives can go to someone else after some time. That leaves Jumuka able to take someone else’s wife if they meet his expectations. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rubika ends up in his home later on.


    • “in order for them to be able to teach the children of the wife/wives how to have sex when that time comes”.

      But why would MC care about this when MC already knows more about sex than anybody in the village?

      The village doesn’t even have the concept of sex education. They probably don’t even know about the existence of STDs.


  3. Oh and for others whining about how passive and laid back the protag is, do us all a favor and look at the top of the project page again please…see that title?
    It says “Grassland’s Law, I got reborn into a good tribe”. Go ahead and read it aloud several times if you still don’t get it.

    The freaking point of the story is about a ridiculously talented martial artist guy who is unfortunately very unambitious and a bit of a doormat in his personal life (getting ntr’d and divorced by his matchmaked wife, without even having sex with her once buying all her flimsy excuses ouch) who finds himself enjoying his life in the tribe he was born into.

    So the MC is definitely not some kind of OP genius inventor or a reformist crusader out to make the world a better place.
    If that’s the story you’re looking for there are plenty of good alternatives.
    He just wants to train, hunt, and have unholy amounts of sex with his beautiful wives and probably raise an army from his own loins to rival Genghis Khan lmao

    He still does a few good/smart/intelligent things for his tribe and the people he cares about though so I’d say it’s definitely worth reading. (I skimmed ahead a few chapters)

    Keep up the good work and thx as always for the translations Nymphiriel!

    Liked by 2 people

    • How is this tribe any good at all.

      Pretty much, no one gets a chance to meet their grandfather or grandmother in this village because any male or female who is lucky to become that old, gets kicked out.

      You either die in battle or you get sent to your death once you reach 50.

      Your family won’t be beside you when you finally die since you were forced to leave the village.


      • From all your comments in this page, you’re really taking it for granted that all modern knowledge, common sense and morals applies in his new world.

        It probably does, or maybe it doesn’t but here’s the catch you seem intent to brush away as irrelevant way too early in the game…. human personalities and inclinations, the relationship between individuals, and the power balance in large groups.
        Even if the author doesn’t intend to explore it that deeply, it’s very easy to infer that all the above things are never, ever, so simple and easy. Personally I cringed a lot when other OP tensei type stories MC tends to have it so easy in this department so I kinda appreciate it a little here. Troublesome things are troublesome.

        As for the matter of why he thinks this tribe is any good at all… hmmmm let’s see….
        premise 1. In his previous life the MC is an extremely talented veteran martial artist and highly enjoyed being one, single-mindedly focusing his life on it. Virgin
        premise 2. The grasslands culture extols strength and those who have it are seen as ideal by men or women alike. Polygamy is allowed, heck mandated, and strong ones can have their own pick.
        Go ahead draw your own conclusions.
        And if your next question is why then he doesn’t use that power and popularity for his own gains and advancements… well, I refer you to my previous points.


    • Your points fail because you stupidly think MC could raise an army from his own children and even included that point and Genghis Khan had a much different background than MC with an even worst disadvantage since he had to raise himself from basically a unwanted child/ slave position in Mongol society and was extremely ambitious, wrathful, and power hungry at a young age that he even killed a fellow sibling.

      The fact you like MC based on the fact that he is supper passive and then try to make a Genghis Khan comparison in order to compliment MC highlights your hypocrisy.


      • *sigh…

        The comparison to Genghis Khan was to point out how they both leave a a lot of descendants behind. From the fuckton of sex they’re having, if the point still escapes you. It was not even serious point since I made it half jokingly…

        If you can’t even comprehend that, you don’t have to bother replying to me you know.
        p.s and next time try replying to the right person before trying to use big words lol


  4. They were just torn from their family and clan and are happy to present themselves… can it get any more realistic? Some even lost their status…

    And woman are only objects….


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