Grasslands’ Law Chapter 1

Pretty damn long chapter, again, this is just my side project.

Life after reincarnation

I felt the wind fluttering in the grassland on my skin.
14 years flew by after my reincarnation.

I was given the name Jumuka.
I was bewildered at first, but then I quickly understood that I had been reborn, so I decided to walk the path of my second life.
While still being a child I observed the lifestyle and eating habits here, and made a guess that I had been reborn into some kind of mongolian equestrian tribe.
Luckily I learned about swords and bows in my past life, so I adapted into this body pretty well.
I love polishing my martial arts skills.
I learned the laws of the grassland from my brother, and while I learned how to train a dog, time flew by.
By the way, this isn’t Earth. Because there’s magic.
I already had knowledge about swords and bows from my past life so I focused on training with magic.

When I indulged in meditation, the horse I’m straddling neighed with *bururun*.
I checked the Sun’s position. It’s time to go home.
I gave orders to the dog under my feet and it started running and barking, the horses who are eating grasses and drink water gathered around me.
I started walking and the horses followed me.
Way in the back is my pet dog who kept watch so that the horses wouldn’t get lost.
Me and the horses entered the tribe’s settlement, then I closed the door into our settlement.

「Father、that’s all。」

I entered the mongolian-like house and finished today’s report to my father who’s inside.

「Fumu、good job、you can just train for the rest of the day」


I went outside and entered the training space for swords and bows.
From kids to adults, all kinds of people train here.
The adults do individual training while the kids were taught how to use a bow by other adults.
Since no one was using the target in front of me I took out an arrow from the quiver and took a stance.
The target is 50 steps away.
While I prepared my bow people around started gathering to observe me.
With one eye closed I fired the arrow and immediately prepared another one. Three arrows were fired consecutively
People arround observed my arrows.

「One missed。」

I sighed at my unskilled arms and from the distance the girls’ cheers could be heard.
Girls aren’t allowed to enter the training ground.

「The third one also hit don’t you think!」

「But even so」

My best friend Obudai spoke to me and I looked at the target.
The first arrow hit the center of the target, the second one pierced the first one to its head. The third one was a little off to the right.
Even if I said it missed it was still within the black center circle of the target.

「No matter how you look, one still missed。」

「Where the hell did you look、there are only several adults who can pierce an arrow to its head like that at 20 steps distance、but this is 50 steps and it’s also rapid fire、what the hell are you really!」

「But、on the battlefield where you sit on a horse it’s more difficult to attack isn’t it?So you should perfect your skills when you’re standing on the ground」

「Even like this is more than enough!」

「No no、that’s no good」

「Nah、un、I know that it’s pointless to say anything to you but、un、sorry。 Resume your training」


I recollected the arrows and prepared my bow again.
There isn’t any arrow with feathers for training yet but I can use as many normal ones as I want. If I can fix my mistakes before the sun goes down then that’s good.
I once again did a rapid-fire, this time all 3 arrows hit.
The girls’ cheers got even more heated.
Sometimes after training I moved further back and tried one last shot from more than 50 steps away.
Normally 100 steps are the best one can do, but there’s magic in this world.
My specialty is wind magic.
I loaded magic into my right hand spinned the arrow’s gyroscope.
The moment the arrow left my hand it soared through the air and destroy the target in its center, then stuck to the mud wall in the back.


A man angrily approached me.

「What is it?Muruaka-sama」

This person Muruaka serves as a good Head Warrior and he’s also the successor of the tribe’s head family.

「How many times have I told you to not break the target!」

「I’m very sorry。」

I obediently apologized and went away from the place.
Next I’ll go to the neighbor training ground to train with wooden swords.
After warming up with some practice swings I looked for a training partner.
On the battlefield you have to fight various kinds of enemies so you shouldn’t always practice with the same partner.
Occasionally I decide to fight with powerful people.
I won against most juniors, peers and seniors but there are also a few of them I haven’t won against yet.
Those people have high expectations for my future so they take turn to keep me accompany.
Honestly it was inevitably harsh.

After I was done training with the sword I went home.
My half-sibling is watching over the sheeps near my house.

「Welcome back、Jumuka-sama」

「I’m home」

The person I just greeted now was my half-older brother, but his mother was of a lower social status so he called me “-sama”.
I was surprised at first, but soon I got used to it.
I entered the house when the women (my mom, step-mom, and sisters) were cooking. Around them were the still very young kids who were playing with sheep bones.

「Father I’m home。」

「Oh you’re back、have a drink」

Father took the container and poured me a cup of white sake.
I gulped all down in one go.
It’s a pretty strong alcohol made from horse milk.
I got used to drinking since I was a kid.

「Fumu、that’s a good way of drinking。」

As I was praised by father my brothers returned from training.
「Father and Jumuka、you guys already started」
My oldest brother sat down next to father and started sipping on his sake.
My second and third older brother, as well as three younger brothers also received sake from father.

「I was able to do it。」

Just when everyone finish their drinks the food was ready.
Each of us was arranged a spot to sit.
My father sat in the chief seat in the center and the wives including my mother lined up in lower seats.
And in those lower seats, us siblings sit in order.
The female servants were also called out to sit with us.
These girls were taken from other places during wars.
That said, they sat in even lower seats than us sons.
The servant girls taking care of the babies and children is also one of the laws of grassland.
And then the servant girl’s sons, wives’ daughters, servant girls’ daughters also lined up
We waits for father to begin eating first then us sons and the wives would start eating
Then next is the servant girls who gave birth to boys and their sonsAnd lastly is the daughters’ turn to eat.

After the meal my three older brothers exited the house and each went to their own neighboring house.
You’re prohibited to sleep in the same house with father when you reach 15 years old in this grassland.
I can have a wife when I’m matured enough but I can only be recognized as independent when I have a wife. (TN: 成人すると妻を持てるが妻を持つのは一人前と認められて独立が認められた場合である。)
Me and the kids sleep where there was wolf and sheep pelts spread out.
Night in the grassland is cold.
The kids jumbled their bodies together for warmth.

Midnight, I was waken up by loud breathing sounds and watery noises.
I looked towards father’s bed and saw under the candle lights him and a servant girl doing business.
Father swung his hips violently, and shove into the servant girl below.

「How’s it!How’s it!」

「Master、harder。 Do it harder。」

I strained my eyes and saw that it was Ymir.
If I’m not mistaken then she was one of the war loots we got from fighting the Nan tribe 2 years ago, she’s 17 now, she should be giving birth to a girl this year though.
Watching father and Ymir and their violent act my thing became hard.
However the siblings around me were still sleeping.
I felt anguished so I decided to not look anymore and went to sleep.

It’s morning so I went outside, the girls could be seen started going out to gather firewood and water.
I performed maintenance on my sword and bow.
Morning is gradually getting colder.
I’ll be 15 soon this snow season huh…
Then I’ll also mature huh…

Just in case, calendars from the southern city were imported to this grassland, but we don’t use it too much.
Grassland people’s calendar is split into 3 parts.
Spring season, summer season, and snow season.
Spring season goes on from when Ryun flowers bloom until when Roux flowers bloom.
Summer season goes on from when Roux flowers bloom until the first snowflake falls.
Winter season goes on from when the first snowflake falls until Ryun flowers bloom.
Everyone ages all at once when their born season comes.

While having breakfast I was able to sit there and stare at the legs and butts of the girls come and go to draw water.

Grassland people’s clothing resembles the Manchuria bandits. In other words, china-dresses.
Slits are the best.

15 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 1

  1. So the girl basicly likes being a slave…. She was abducted 2 years ago and now she does it with pleasure? <– Isn't there something wrong here? Even if the child gets recognized… her status wouldn't go up much (If that is the reason)

    It would be a little bit different if she was brought up as a slave, but that isn't the case…


    • You have to take into consideration the timeline and setting of the story.

      ‘Some kind of Mongolian equestrian tribe’ would probably mean that they were a primitive culture, and we can only guess as to how harshly women or ‘individuals of the inferior sex’ were treated at the time. Ymir was simply doing what she thought she needed to do to survive in a world that quite obviously had a pecking order – and a patriarchal one at that (as evidenced by the dinner scene).

      Also, we can only view it as ‘wrong’ because of our modern values. For people who lived in that era, their actions would’ve been quite the norm.


  2. the author really did a poor job in his research

    「But、on the battlefield where you sit on a horse it’s more difficult to attack isn’t it?So you should perfect your skills when you’re standing on the ground -> it has already been proven that different parts of the brain works when you aim and shot while moving and staying still (and we are ignoring the issue of killing and just hitting a target.)

    well it is an author XD, thanks for the job


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