Grasslands’ Law Chapter 3

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I straddle the horse and it took me to the watering place.
This time I’m an adult so I brought along my younger brother to guard the horse

「Hold on Jumuka」

I turned my head.
It was my half-older-sister (child of a wife) Rin, and half-younger-sisters (child of a slave wife) Shirley and Sharon.
Rin climbed on her horse and approached me.

「Today we’re off from housework、so take us with you」

‘That’s decided’ was what I felt like so I told them.

「「Brother Jumuka(ani-sama) may we also come with you?」」

Shirley and Sharon cutely begged.

「OK、let’s go slowly then」

I signaled my pet dog and started to walk the horse.
My pet dog and my brothers’ pet dog walked behind the horse to make sure they won’t get lost.
It took more time than usual to arrive at the watering place.
I ordered my pet dog to stand watch the surrounding and hopped down my favorite horse then removed the saddle.
Sitting down at the grassland I took out my bow to tune it while feeling the winds.
My brother wasn’t used to it so he couldn’t stop looking around restlessly.
Him keeping stiffening up is a proof of inexperience, it was a pleasant thought to think that I was also like this in the past1.
Shirley and Sharon, who couldn’t catch up to us, finally arrived.
The three girls let the horse drink water and moved to a further spot and started taking off their clothes.
Those three came with me this time to take a bath.
Me, without putting off my guard of the surrounding, directed my eyes towards them.

The three of them took their clothes off without hesitation.
There’s no bra or panties in the grassland
Once they took off their clothes their lower halves are naked.

Recently Rin’s tits are also getting bigger, her face is also prettier, her ass too is bigger. She would come out to be a pretty nice bride.

I thought Shirley and Sharon are still kids but they’re starting to have hair down there, their breasts are also swelling.

I gazed at my sisters being nude and taking a bath.
Since the three of them got to the middle of the lake I got back to watch the horse.
All the horses are healthily running around eating grassing and drinking water.
My younger brother is still restlessly watching the surrounding as always.

「Cam down a bit」

「I’m sorry, nii-sama」

「It’s fine here so you too, go take a bath。」


「It’s fine, just go」


My younger brother arranged the other three’s clothes and took off his clothes shortly after that.
He jumped into the lake2 with all his might and started swimming.
It’s one of the best day to play around isn’t it3.
I looked at my brother with warm eyes and went to watch the horse.

After a short while he rose from the water.

「Nii-sama、you go ahead and bath this time。 I’ll watch over this place。」

「Hn? I’m good already」

「I’m fine by myself here。 So nii-sama, please go ahead」

「No、I’m fi-」

「Please go ahead」


「Please go ahead」

「Got it、then I’m going。」

I went to the lake and checked, the other three’s clothes are still there.
They must still be inside the water.
I left my bow and sword behind, took off my clothes and slowly entered the water.
It’ll be winter soon so the water is much colder than at the beginning of summer.
I slowly got my body to become used to it and went to a deeper location.
It was hard to walk when I got to where the water is at my hips, there seemed to be something under the water.

「Puwaa、Nii-sama (ani-sama) you came、please let me wash your back。」

Shirley jumped at me from under the water.
The right side of my stomach was hit with a bulge of her breast and on my thigh is her still very young vagina pressing on me.
Whichever it is, it was still soft and pleasant.

「Shirley that’s not fair、I’ll wash Nii-sama’s (ani-sama) body」

Sharon clung to my left side.
Both sides are still developing, but they were both soft sensations.

「「Nii-sama’s (ani-sama) robust chest and arms are the best。」」

The two of them rubbed their cheeks against my chest like spoiled children.
I used knowledge from my previous life and trained my body to become more splendid than any other guy.
They liked this body so they rubbed their own bodies against me.
Honestly I’m kind of scared when my thing reacted.

「You two, let go」

Rin ordered them and they immediately separated.
That was a real help

「I’ll wash his back and Shirley will wash his right arm and leg、Sharon will wash his left arm and leg」


The three of them glued to me and washed my body with a cloth.
Wives and slave wives are supposed to dry the husband’s body, but they’re not any kind of wife. They’re just my sisters.
My back was hit with Rin’s still growing4 breasts.
Both my legs were continuously pressed on with Shirley and Sharon vaginas.
Being rubbed by three of them, I could only give up and laugh at myself.
Because of that my thing is standing up piercing the heavens.

「「As expected nii-sama’s (ani-sama) thing is huge。」」

「Yeah、I also want a husband with Jumuka’s size」

The three of them stared at it while I feel like I lost something important.

By the time we dried ourselves the sun was already setting.
My brother’s dog started to slowly gather the horses.
I returned home and trained at the usual training ground then finished eating.
While beddings were prepared Shirley and Sharon approached my arms.

「「Today is cold so nii-sama’s (ani-sama) surrounding needs to be packed」」

At night us siblings gathered into a lump to sleep.
My sides were a popular location among the siblings.
The two were a slave wife’s kids so normally they don’t get to choose where to sleep.
So that’s why asked my permission to be my neighbors.

「Un、well just today is fine」

As I accepted the two of them jumped happily

「That’s no good、Jumuka」

Father came in answering.
The two’s joy instantly vanished.

「Today、I’ll teach you something。 So stay up for a while after everyone went to sleep。」


The two of them walked totteringly to the end of the beddings and hug each other to sleep.

When all the siblings went to sleep at night, me, Father and Ymir sat facing each other.
Somehow Ymir looked pretty excited.

「Everyone slept、alright、Jumuka、now I’ll give you adult education。 Got it?」


Saying so Ymir took off her clothes.

  1. 肩肘張ってがんばっちゃうのはまだ慣れてない証拠、初期の俺を見ているようで微笑ましく思った。 
  2. 思いっきり水場に飛び込み泳ぎ始めた。 
  3. まだ遊びたい盛りなのだろう。 
  4. 背中にぴとりとリンの七部咲き成長のおっぱいが当たっている。 

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