Grasslands’ Law Chapter 0

So this is not the big new series I was talking about, this is a side project I picked up out of interests. My next big project would be coming in a few days… Enjoy!


I’m strong.
I started to stand out at an ancient Japanese martial arts dojo run by my grandfather’s best friend when I was 5 years old.
That dojo didn’t just teach barehanded fighting, but also swords, spears, truncheon, bow, and horse-riding.
As I grew up my body got bigger and nobody could match me anymore. No, I wasn’t able to beat my grandfather’s best friend even once before he fell to illness.
I was told 「You’re banned from using martial arts until you can beat me」 so I focused on studying hard.
Then when I turned 18 he called me over and asked me to marry his granddaughter and succeed the dojo.
His granddaughter was older than me, she was 20 years old, but since her face and her body were all to my liking I quickly accepted.

In college I got a job as a sports instructor to save up money until I’m 25 to get married with the uncle’s granddaughter.
At that time he suddenly got confined in bed. (TN: He’s sick)
In order to reassure him I worked hard to save money.
Three months after my wedding he suddenly passed away as he was assured.

His granddaughter told me that we won’t have sex before marriage.
I just thought it couldn’t be helped.
Three months after our wedding we still didn’t do it since uncle’s condition turned dangerous.
Half a year after our wedding we still didn’t do it because we had to mourn for uncle.
Then my wife was pregnant.
It was a blessing, but I was dumbfounded.
I asked my wife, and she quickly confessed.
The girl in her belly was the Assistant Instructor’s child.
Honestly, I thought I was able to keep a good relationship with her in this decided marriage.
But, it seems like I was the only one who thought that.
I broke up with my wife because of our mismatch in child’s education.

I only work and train everyday.
One day a student asked me if I’m going to the ■-like amateur sports program so I went and conquered one. (TN: That word is censored)
Somehow I became really famous and was invited to a lot other programs.
Without letting people know that I was using ancient Japanese martial arts,
I cut through a paper being hung in the air with a Japanese sword.
I also performed a professional soccer free kick with an arrow
And pierced a baseball thrown by a baseball player mid-air using a spear.

Making my techniques into exhibition shows is a little offensive, but my fame skyrocketted.
One day, I planned to go overseas and visit a certain tribe in Africa.
There was a fighting festival in that tribe. Then I participated and completely defeated the best Hero of the tribe.
That night, many women in the tribe approached me, the interpreter was nowhere to be found, so I couldn’t understand a thing they said. But, I knew that they were approaching me sexually, it wasn’t a bad offer.

I left the tribe, went to the airport and entered the plane.
I was sleeping when the airplane started to shake.
The surrounding passengers were confused and panicking.
I looked out to the window and saw fire was emitting from the engine.
The plane shook even more violently.

I shut my eyes and let destiny decide my fate.
Hm?Am I still alive?
Perhaps I was miraculously saved?
Why am I feeling like I’m floating?
I don’t really understand.
My body isn’t moving very well…

「Delivered!It’s a spirit!My child is blessed!」
(TN: Seirei = spirit)

Wait what?
I looked at the scenery around me.
Within my vision was a grassland dyed in snow everywhere.

16 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 0

      • He was into it. He didn’t pursue her but he wasn’t against it. All the while he’s being faithful and looking to the future and she’s playing the innocent card and screwing behind his back. Sucking off a guy he knows then coming home and kissing him. How does he wasn’t really into it in the first place mean anything?

        If the bitch wasn’t interested she should’ve broken it off and then sought out the other guy. It was arranged so it wouldn’t of been too big of a thing. What she did was f’ing disgusting. Needlessly unpleasant story start.

        Liked by 3 people

  1. There is a serious issueof the novel-comunity who are using NTR too broadly that it’s incorrect. The arranged marriage participants didn’t even love each other. The only way it would’ve been NTR is if the MC got the wife to fall in love after the reader was made known that she was in a relationship with the assistant.


    • This. There’s a difference between NTR and plain cheating. In this case, they didn’t even have a pretense of loving each other. At the most, the MC was committed to the prospect of the relationship. Neither character had any major love for each other that would constitute netorare.


  2. it does’nt matter if ti’s NTR or cheating. The thing is that the poor guy got duped so it gotta hurt his feelings a bit. it’s unpleasant nways


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