Summoned as a Hero, but I got betrayed

Yuusha toshite shoukansareta kedo, uragirareta node.


Author: 無断欠勤。


Yomawari Meguru was summoned to defeat the Maou.
After struggling all the way to where the Maou is and finished the job, Yomawari Meguru was betrayed.
Being chased by the ones that he protected, casually betrayed by his comrades, he was forced to flee.
But he met the Maou that should’ve been defeated by him, Pearlnight.
And then, he swore. To make an enemy out of this whole world.
The strongest Human and the strongest Demon.
They’re going to punish the comrades by whom they were betrayed.

Table of Contents.


Chapter 1: Maou and Hero, at first it’s by mouth  ◆

Chapter 2: Maou and Hero, grasping the situation

Chapter 3: Maou and Hero, Night-creeping  ◆

5 thoughts on “Summoned as a Hero, but I got betrayed

  1. just a note, i’m pretty sure it’s called night-crawling not night-creeping. but since i could not find a reference for either i can’t say for sure, night crawling is something i’ve heard youbai being translated too before at least, never heard night creeping.


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