Grasslands’ Law Chapter 6

Pheeeew……this chapter was fucking exciting. If you like Vorn Tigremund then you’ll like this one.
Also, I laughed too hard at the end of the chapter…fucking Jumuka…

First battle and Marriage

As I train and go hunting everyday, time passed just like that.
Grassland’s Ryun flower is in blooming season so it’s now spring season.
Us Ronga tribe is performing a great movement.
We’re slowly preparing for that.
Battle is an essential part of moving.
The great forces will compete for territory first, then it’s the medium-forces like Ronga tribe’s turn to determine their territory.
The Patriarch isn’t stupid enough to pick a fight with the Great forces.
But, since we kept winning years after years, Ronga tribe is only one step away from becoming a Great force.
We’ll declare our territory as a Great force.
Most Medium-forces have not picked a fight with Ronga and we’re starting territorial quarrel with the other Medium-forces.
But, three years ago Ronga tribe tasted hardship when Nan tribe started complaining about Ronga tribe’s territory.
The person who’s leading Nan tribe right now is the son of the previous Patriarch who died in battle, his father was killed, so naturally he became the next Patriarch.
It won the fight with other tribes in three years and it had taken pride in power before.

I sped up the preparations for my first battle.
My favorite sword, and my favorite bow whose arrows were made by Uruji with obsidian arrowhead
Leather armor, hat made from hide with a bronze plate at the forehead part
On top of the hat was a big pair of wings for decoration.
These wings are made from the wings of the birds I shot down during the Bird Hunt test.
I’ve already shot down many birds. But I decided to use the wings of the biggest golden eagle among those birds.
The number of people who shot down a 5m in width eagle when it spread its wings is very few.
By the way, people who successfully passed the Wolf Hunt test are allowed to use 20 eyeteeth to make a tusk necklace and hang it on their neck on the battlefield.
In other words, people who have wings decoration on their head and fangs decoration on their necks are people from Moderate Fighters, who was promoted from Fighters, to Great Warriors.
I had Ichiyu, Shirley and Sharon assist me in putting on the armor.
It’s normally the job of the wives but I have yet to have one.

「How’s it?」

I asked the three of them for impressions of me wearing the armor.

「「「It’s fantastic nii-sama」」」

They said in beautiful harmony.

「Then I’m off。 」

「「「For your fortune of war」」」

I left the house carrying the longbow, Jumel pulled my favorite horse over.
I received the bridle from him and mounted the horse.
Honestly my heart is pounding and the blood in my body seems to boil.
Jumel acted as the packhorse driver and pulled me to the meeting place.
I can feel the wind.
The horse-riding corps lining up looked magnificent
Obudai is also showing nervousness all over his face as he looked around restlessly.
I went straight to where father is.
My brothers and father are smiling while chatting.
As I approached them they immediately recognized me.

「Jumuka、that wing ornament、it looks good on you」

「Thank you very much。 Father」

「It’s your first battle so don’t do the impossible。 Watch your father and brothers’ movement closely is good enough」


At Muruaka-sama’s signal we all lined up at a specific location.
Ronga tribe’ Warriors, Fighters, Battle Slaves advanced to the appointed location.
The location of the grassland where we fight is mutually determined, our corps would go there, line up on the appointed day and then mutually begin the battle.
If you break that appointment other tribes would crush you altogether.

The grassland’s wind hit my cheeks.
I’m feeling more tingling than usual.
Nan tribe’s corps are unfolding 200 steps before us.
The battle formation doesn’t change.
The frontline are the Slave Fighters with shields and clubs.
A considerable distance behind that are the Fighters with longbows
After that are the horse-riding Warriors and their packhorse-driver Fighters
The initiation is the mutual statement of both Patriarch
Then the corps started to slowly advance, at 100 step distance the fighters started to engage with bows.
Fighters’ bows are made so that it can attack at long distance.
Most of the arrows are stopped by Slave Fighters’ great shields.
But, several fighters died of the arrows that sneaked through the gaps.
Us warriors mounted on the horse while seeing that.
We watched over the progress of the battle outside arrow range.
It’s not like it’s fine even if Warriors don’t engage in that bow battle. It’s just that there is a rule about “it’s meaningless if the Warriors’ arrows can’t reach”.
No, there WAS that rule.
My side is along the favor of the wind.
The statement was given a little while ago The distance towards the opponent Patriarch is 160 steps
String’s stretch, good
The feeling of this arrow, as expected of Uruji.
I set up my bow.
My brothers watched me in bewilderment.
I loaded the arrow with magic.
I can also feel the quality of Uruji’s magical craftsmanship.  (TN: No, you won’t surpass Godsuya Onii-sama)
It is said that you can’t remove the excitement that ruled your body.
I fired off my arrow.
The rotating arrow instantly soared towards Nan tribe’s Patriarch’s forehead and pierced through as if it was inhaled in.
Nan tribe’s Patriarch crumbled and fell down his horse.
Silence wrapped up the whole field.
The intense arrow battle stopped.
The people on my side didn’t understand where did that arrow come from.
Attention was collected on me by both friends and foes.
I took out another arrow from the quiver.
My target is the Great Warrior next to the enemy Patriarch
I fired another arrow.
That Great Warrior’s wing ornament fluttered in the air.
That Great Warrior had a face that said “unbelievable”. Then he fell from his horse.
Almost everyone saw before their eyes such marksmanship and held their breaths.


The Patriarch’s order to attack came out.
Ronga’s Warriors charged ahead on their horses.
Normally the opponent were supposed to respond to the attack.
But, the Patriarch who should’ve been the one doing that is already dead.
Because of Ronga’s Warriors shooting from on top of their horses, Slave Fighters, Fighters, Warriors all fell noisily.
Normally when the Patriarch dies the Chief is supposed to take over but that also isn’t functioning.
Perhaps that second person I killed was probably Nan tribe’s Chief.
Nan tribe’s Fighters and Warriors were in disorder as they got killed one by one.
A minority of them started to flee in that situation.
We don’t chase people who ran. That’s the grassland law.


A loud voice was heard from Nan tribe’s direction.
That very word was what they were waiting for as Nan tribe started to retreat.
I mentioned earlier that we don’t chase people who run.
In fact it’s a little different.
Retreated opponents might be exterminated later on.
In that case it means we’re declaring an old enemy. Or so is how it’s done.
It’s declared to surrounding tribes that the the opponent tribe is an old enemy.
When the declaration is done all male infants will be killed, women who can give birth are also killed except for those who are insufficient on that front, they will be dropped down to slaves or slave wives later on.
It just that, their defeat will fall rick back on their own tribe.
Losing against the one that you declared an old enemy is the biggest shame ever.
Ronga tribe doesn’t declare anyone as old enemy, they never got declared too.
Towards the Nan tribe, they’re running away so that is just that.

When a battle ends you have to be careful now.
Many birds gathered on the field for the corpses.
Many soldiers gathered here.
It’s the best chance to hunt birds.
Warriors and Fighters who are confident in their marksmanship fired their arrows towards the sky altogether.
One must be careful about the arrows dropping back down from the sky.
Nobody succeeded in hunting birds this time.

As the battle ends a messenger from the defeated came. It’s postwar meditation.
Compensation for damage varies according to how the other party lost.
This time we’re only slightly damaged, but Nan tribe’s Patriarch and Chief were shot down and that resulted in a huge defeat
This side got its way mostly.
Girls from 12 to 24 years old, 4 and a half guda (1 guda 12, 54 people) sheeps and horses, that’s the agreement we came to with 70% of Nan tribe’s possession. (TN: I give up on this 12歳から24歳までの女、4と半グーダ(1グーダ12、54人)羊と馬をナン族保有の7割で話が付いた。)

After the postwar meditation ended several messengers were sent to the enemy tribe.
They’ll bring the girls back.
It’s also to make sure that the girls, who are the compensation for their defeat, aren’t ugly and their body aren’t defected, and they’ll also make sure they don’t get robbed along the way.
During that time the achievement distribution started.
All the Warriors gathered at the plaza of the community.

「Jumuka、come。 」

I was the one who was called first.
I knelt before the Patriarch.

「This time distinguished war service, Jumuka is the one did the most。 Any objections?」

Nobody answered the Patriarch’s words.
The Patriarch nodded at the acknowledging silence.

「First、Jumuka、your independence is recognized。 」

「Thank you very much。 」

「Then、your rewards are 1 guda of horse and 3 and a half guda of sheeps。 」 (TN: Guda – グーダ)

The people around raised an astonished voice.

「Then、After that you’ll be given Lucci and 2 slave wives。 」

The cheers of joy quickly became loud.
There’s a large amount of cold sweat on my back.

「I’m thankful、but Patriarch-sama」

I called for an objection. Normally someone who have just become an adult shouldn’t do this but

「It’s not enough?」

「No、for someone inexperienced like me who have just become independent、I don’t have enough confidence to support 3 people」

You need to have confidence that you’ll be able to feed your wives and slave wives. So my complaint makes sense.

「Umu、certainly that’s correct、OK、then make it one slave wife、then I’ll add one guda of sheeps。 」

Un, indeed that alternative was perfect but, but… (TN: HAHAHA this guy’s scared of pussies)

「Thank you very much。 」

My first marriage was decided.

Lucci is the Patriarch’s daughter who turned 17 last snow season, it’s considered quite late for her to get married now, but it was said that she didn’t get married because the Patriarch loved her very much.
Her mother is also the daughter of Au the Great Force’s previous Patriarch and she’s also the little sister of that tribe’s current Patriarch’s mother. (TN: …my brain hurts)
Lucci mother died after giving birth to her and the boys because of a widely spread disease.
Her appearance is good. Her cooking is also good. Her character also draws men one step closer. Her ass is large too, which is said to be good for giving birth.
Honestly I think she’s a perfect wife in every regard.
But, I’m hesitant because of that figure.
She’s a little plump.
In the grassland gaining weight means you have the symbol of wealth, except for strength. (TN: The actual sentence was too messy I had to cut one or two words off)
So Lucci’s figure is one factor that makes people like her.
But I have previous life’s memories.
In my previous life my preferred woman body contains breasts that can’t be contained in one hand, narrow waist, and big ass, it feels like “muniyu・kiyu・bon” in katakana. (TN: Katakana is a kind of Japanese characters)
But, Lucci’d body feels like “bon!!・punipuni・bon!!” in katakana.
I heaved a sigh as I don’t understand everyone’s liking at all.

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  1. As they say in Brazil : “Pimba na gorduxinha!”
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