Updates – The Month of May

Alright, here’s a couple quick updates:

  • No more Healing Semen, since author deleted the raws. However, if any of you want to continue translating/reading, you can hop on Pun’s server and contact Yoshiro (thanks for the heads up again Yoshiro).
  • Kininaru is also a lost cause because author has deleted more than half of the chapters, leaving us with only the first 17 chapters in raw, which I’ve already translated. Not sure what does he wanna do, but welp…
  • That leaves us with Yandere and Betrayed Hero as the main thing of this site, if you’re still visiting this place at all. I’ll be alternating between the aforementioned series.
  • It’s May and I don’t have school anymore, so I can translate everyday.

Nymph’s out.

God damn it!!

So. . .yes, I am now back. . .

You know what, not even gonna make an excuse. . .I’ve just been lazy as fuck. Been binging reading novels and there’s college, too LOL. (totally not related to osu!)

But OKAY. I’ll start translating again, you peeps are murdering me with sense of guilt, rubbing this humble translator where he hurts cough cough.

Bad news is that Betrayed Hero raw got stuck at chapter 10, author overworked during Bon festival and got sick. . .he is yet to come back. . .but it’s been months already so he’s probably just not, uhh, updating. . . orz

But anyway, please stop imagining that I’m dead, you peeps see me lurking in Pun’s server!!

(Announcement) Grassland Law

Yeah basically I’m saying Bye to Grassland.

If you’re in Pun’s Discord, you should already knew, but I want to make an official post to announce the drop of Grassland.

It will now be open as a free project, anyone wants to pick it up, please do so if you’re interested.

For the reason why, simply because it gets quite stupid in future spoilers. If you’re curious please check somewhere on animesuki, I heard spoilers there.

I’ll focus on Q. & A. and Healing Semen for now. Speaking of which, will post 2 chaps of Healing Semen today and I’ll try to pull 1 Q. & A. tomorrow.

Enough slacking off, my new hobby kinda got rekt so I’ll get back to work now.

Also, Tachi is editing Yandere 6 on Pun’s site, it should also be up today or tomorrow. Yes, I just deadline’d him, if he slacks off like I did then go savage him!!


Grassland Law Light Novel

Guys, guess what? Grassland Law is getting a Light Novel this May. So do expect illustrations. That is if I have the money to get the book…so that means SEND ME COFFEE PEOPLE!!! (well I won’t make you to do it though).

Here’s a peep at Jumuka and possibly Yesu/Lucci.

This is featured at the very end of Asuka LN.


(Poll) Getting priorities straight.

Okay…so Kininaru ain’t getting love like Grassland does. That’s why I decided to do this poll, because, you know, what’s the point of TL-ing if not too many people like the project. I’d rather spend that time into Grassland or a new project.

So, I’ll explain beforehand.

For Grassland, it’s pretty long, it’s around the length of FIT on Pun’s site, so I can’t guarantee daily release, but I’ll try my best to get chapters out fast if we do end up dropping Kininaru.

For Kininaru, I know there’s some kind of plot going on with the “onee-chan”, but the bunch of sex chapters are getting more and more dull for the readers. As a translator I also work through the sentences to study Japanese, so it’s not too bad for me, but when I come read it as a reader it’s getting tiring because of constant rape.

“Then why the fuck there’s no Q&A on the list, you scum!?!?”
Well I did mention earlier, that’s a teaser planned for future, it won’t be left to death.

Then lastly is that, I found a new interesting series. It’s brand new, only a few chapters in, some of you might say ‘cliché’ when you see it, but I can guarantee it looks more interesting than Kininaru at the moment.
If you enjoyed Frequenting Brothels and Living As I Please then you’ll like this new one (that’s if Kininaru is dropped)

Now, pls jump in and vote. Let me know what do you people want.