Grasslands’ Law Chapter 2

Short chapter, sorry for the delay.

Teaching the younger brothers

I’m teaching my brothers about this grassland’s laws.
We’re taking care of the horses and sheeps’ pasturage in the grassland.
Our tribe Ronga is an average tribe when it comes to strength.
The organization of the tribe is

Great Warrior
Moderate Warrior
Moderate Fighter

Divided into those.
This is also somewhat the same to other tribes.
Of course being on the top is great.
Depending on the tribe there’s also Great Fighter, Great Chief and Moderate Chief over Chief.
First, Warriors
These people are Ronga Warriors’ wives’ children and above, when matured they receive this social standing. (TN: Wife and Slave Wife are different)
They’re allowed to have one wife and 3 slave wives, they’re also allowed to ride the horses when fighting other tribes.
Then Fighters
These people are Ronga Warriors’ slave wives’ children and above, or Fighters’ children, when they grow up they’ll receive this social standing.
They’re allowed to have one wife and one slave wife, they fight as infantry soldiers.
Only slave wives’ children can’t become fighter’s wives.
Then they also aren’t allowed to take care of the pasturage of horses and sheeps.
They work for my brothers, uncles, and nephew

Moderate Fighters, Moderate Warriors, and Great Warriors are people whose strength have been tested and acknowledged
The test has two parts
Birds and Wolves hunting
If you complete either one of those, you’ll be recognized as Moderate Fighters or Moderate Warriors.

Birds Hunt is when you use a bow to shoot down birds in the sky before the crowd
By the way I already succeeded in doing that. Well I’m not an adult yet so I didn’t become Moderate Warrior
Wolf Hunt is when you alone go hunt for 5 wolves
My father completed this so he’s recognized as a Moderate Warrior.

Then if you complete both you’ll be raised from Fighter to Moderate Warrior. But, no matter how hard a fighter tries he won’t be able to achieve that.
Aside from that Warriors will also be promoted to Great Warriors the same way.

Moderate Fighters are allowed 2 wives and 4 slave wives.
Moderate Warriors are allowed 3 wives and as many slave wives as you’re able to support.
Great Warriors are allowed 5 wives and as many slave wives as you’re able to support.

Chief and Warrior Chiefs are chosen through a discussion between Great Warriors as their Leader.
The number of wives and slave wives are the same to Great Warriors.
There’s no need to explain about Patriarch
You can have as many wives and slave wives as you like

Next, regarding families

Let’s talk about the roles in families.
First is taking care of the horses and sheeps, that’s us children’s work
Horses are for wives’ kids to take care of, and slave wives’ kids are in charge of sheeps.
Then respectively there’s one eldest male being in charge of this.
I’ll be an adult soon so I’ve started teaching my young brothers since last year. They also seem to have reached the point where they can handle themselves.

Drawing water, cooking, laundry and cleaning are the girls’ job
This have nothing to do with the wives, slave wives and their kids.

Then about the girls’ difference in social status
First they’re not taught about the difference between wives and slave wives until they’re 12 years old or older.
It’s mainly the night of the couples, but the grassland law states that girl’s marriage age is 12.
Besides we’ll be gathered and taught about it, so when that time comes I want to listen.
Then the difference between wives and slave wives’ kids is marriage
Wives’ kids can’t marry Warriors or above.
Slave wives’ kids, with the exception of being a slave, can marry anyone.
But slave wives’ kids when married to Warriors or above’s sons will become a slave wife but not a wife.
If they’re married to Fighters or Moderate Fighters then they can be wives.

Besides if we lessen our focus on pasturage our houses will be closed down and we’ll have to perform a Great Migration.
During that time, wives and their kids can ride on mounts while slave wives and their kids have to walk to accompany us.

There are also other various things, but if you want to hear in details then go listen to someone like my sister

Then that’s it for today. I’ll explain more next time

9 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 2

  1. “Wives’ kids can’t marry Warriors or above.” –> this would basicly mean that warriors don’t have wifes… from their own tribe… that would be just rediculous….that would mean their status isn’t higher than that of the slave wives kids. (only if married to another tribe it would be higher…)


  2. Damn,is it me or it’s just hard to understand the whole thing. All I got was the unlimited harem goes to cheif.


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