Grasslands’ Law Chapter 4

Okay people, your wish has been granted. I should’ve posted this yesterday, but some things came up.

Our MC is obviously better than his daddy at sex lol. Ymir lost it.

Also I gave up in doing HTML anchor lol it’s too painful for me.

Training for adulthood

「Hora、Jumuka also take your clothes off」

Urged by father I also became nude
As I took off my clothes Ymir raised from sitting on the pelt.
Ymir sat on Father’s lap and he embraced her then started rubbing her chest.

「Hou、you got quite the thing there」

「Yes、Jumuka-sama’s thing is pretty splendid。」

With her cheeks red Ymir stared at my crotch
Father grasped her breasts with all his might


With that pain Ymir’s smile vanished and her gaze left my crotch.

「I think you already understood but this is child-making training、you’ll soon enter adulthood and become a Moderate Warrior。 Then if you survive the first battle you’ll be recognized as independent。」

I silently nodded.

「So we will now start your training for after you became dependent。 Listen、first、the difference between wives and slave wives、in summary…」

It was lengthy so I’ll explain this in simple terms.
It was already taught when we were 12, so it’s mostly just a work of confirmation
The difference between wives and slave wives are the same to what I knew.
There’s an agreement of the night, it’s when I have more than 2 wives, I can’t embrace multiple of them in one night. That being said.
I can embrace multiple wives and slave wives in one night.
But in this case, I have to embrace my wife first.
Embracing a slave wife before a wife is prohibited.

「That should be enough、then let’s move on to actual combat。 Ymir、pray」


Ymir faced the sacred mountain direction and entered a praying pose.

「It’s the scent of spirits from the sacred mountain、from now I’ll perform unchasity。 But this is training、please forgive me。」

In this grassland, wives and slave wives who don’t ask the husband before doing unchasity will be charged with a serious unspoken crime and they can’t complain even if they’re killed.
Of course, if the husband died of sickness, battles, or accidents then they’re allowed to move on in marriage.
After Ymir’s prayer father got behind her and spread her legs.
Ymir’s twitching vagina was exposed before my eyes.

「Listen、you use your meat rod and stab deep into this vagina and the child will be implanted inside、that’s a simple way of saying。 But、the position to stab it in is different between wives and slave wives。 Ymir、horse」


Ymir got on the floor and spread her legs on all fours.

「This is the horse-position。 Normally this is only for wives but this is a special case、alright Jumuka put it in」

I was struck dumbfounded at the sudden order to insert.

「You don’t understand?、first get behind her」

「I’、I’m fine。」

I got behind Ymir.
I put my hands on her ass and put my finger in.


Ymir reacted to my finger.
Lowering my line of sight from Ymir’s springy ass, the image of her flower-like vagina plunged into my eyes.
Ignoring the flower part, I stared at her vagina.
Ymir’s vagina was damping wet.
In my previous life I was training martial arts until 18, then until I divorced with my wife (without having sex once), our limits were hands and mouth.
In other words I have no experience up until now.
I grabbed my hard erect thing and met it with Ymir’s vagina.
Me pushing forward and Ymir’s juice mixed together created watery sounds.
I move my hips forward and the soft meat of her vagina opened coiling around my thing.

「Ahn、it’s in。 Ahn、horse position、to be in this position is such dream comes true」

At Ymir’s happy voice my thing was ushered in.
I’ll know about this later, but it seems like Ymir, as a slave wife’s child, was brought here to become a slave wife, so she’ll never get to do it in horse position. Though it’s just for training me, being able to do it in horse position was joyful to her it seems.
Ymir’s insides wrapped firmly around me.
From that sensation I remembered the Ymir from yesterday.
It was only halfway in but my thing already leaked semen.
I panted heavily as my ejaculation ended.
Honestly it felt beyond just good.
‘I want to taste Ymir’s vagina more’, I thought.
My thing immediately regained its hardness.
When I tried to move my hips, father stepped in and separated me.

「Horse-position training is done、next Ymir、dog」

Ymir reluctantly moved from horse position, and lied down face-up opening her legs in M-shape laying her arms above her head.

「This dog-position is for slaves and slave wives、you should understand from looking but this take the form of an obedient dog」

So the so-called missionary position, as in my previous life, is for slaves and slave wives huh

「Alright、Jumuka、try inserting」

As permitted by father I plunged into Ymir from above.
As I recalled the sensation of a woman’s vagina I once again got to taste that feeling.
Grasping her hips I inserted my thing into Ymir’s vagina.
The angle was different than the horse-position as she wrapped around me tightly.


Ymir’s tone turned erotic as her breath was thrown into disorder.

I just came earlier, so I was able to keep a bit of composure.
I slowly and slowly push myself into Ymir’s depth.
I bumped into Ymir’s depth.


I once again struck Ymir’s deepest part.


As Ymir’s depth was knocked she kept on 「Ahn」 and 「Ahn」 and 「Ahn」 and 「Ahn」.
(TN: Seriously, that’s how the raw went lol)
Ymir’s voice hit my brain directly. ‘I want to hear this voice more’ was what I thought.
After who-knows-how-many times of hitting her depth, father’s fist dropped in. (TN: I might be wrong here – 何度目かの最奥叩きで父に拳骨を落とされた。)

「Get over with it geez、Ymir too、you felt it too much、remember about tomorrow」
(TN: So I think our MC did single thrusts one by one to try tasting but the girl ended up feeling it too much lololol)

As father dropped his fist in I recollected my composure.
I looked at Ymir and saw her body completely flushed with her enchanted face looking at me.
Her tits were moving up and down as her breath trembled *furu furu*.
On top of her tits were a pair of pretty colored nipples pointing out claiming their existence.
I removed my hands from her hips and reached out to press on her nipples.


Letting out a voiceless cry Ymir’s insides tightened up firmly.
Drowned in that tight pleasure, I couldn’t endure it and ejaculated instantly inside Ymir.

I pulled my thing out of Ymir’s vagina and let go of her.
An intenses fatigue ran through my body.
But somehow this fatigue feels very pleasant.
Ymir wiped my body (including my crotch).
I put on my pyjama and went back to where my siblings were sleeping and fell asleep.
I have to wake up early tomorrow so I picked the open spot next to Rin, who grabbed my arm to sleep.
She’s a “big” sister in various ways, yet still just a spoiled child seriously.
That same day I took my favorite dog, horse and hawk out hunting with my little brother.
As I felt the wind while hunting, I caught something big.
That night Shirley and Sharon said they’ll come over, so I went to sleep with both of my sides being hugged by the two of them.
At night, Ymir’s loud voice could be heard, but I didn’t look that way, no fucks were given as I fell asleep. (TN: I’m just kidding. The actually line is “I paid it no mind and slept” lol)

21 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 4

  1. Holy cow!! Seriously what kind of a father teaches his son to have sex with his…. slave wife?
    Is that legal or I’m just the only one not normal here.
    I better check with my psychiatrist to make sure I’m still normal after reading this.
    Anyways thanks for the update

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  2. Well kids, this is the “real” Sex-Ed, not like where in school they teach you how it works, but for this novel, it’s real “knowledge”!

    damn it! I want that!

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    • That’s the appropriate reaction, yes.
      For a story that skips out on almost everything (even magic, wtf?) — the sex scene was way too detailed, way out of nowhere.
      What the actual fuck, indeed.

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  3. I would have absolutely refused. Fucking messed up. Also wtf the sexual positions are enforced of how you can have sex with your own wife too? The fuck is that. Also does that mean his dad will screw his daughters to show them as well? Probably not… regardless there’s just so much wrong with this chapter.


    • Haha it seems you misunderstood this novel. The setting is “tribe” which means our so called “Morality” didn’t exist. Even here on earth there is a tribe that which has this similar thing when they teach there son’s how to have sex and it was there own mother who will do it so this tribe is much more fucking messed up than this novel’s tribe XD


  4. I kinda didn’t get the part at the start of the rules. There’s an agreement you can’t embrace multiple wives on the same night when you have 2+ of them, but then again you can embrace multiple of them in one night. So which is it? If it’s that you can fuck 1 wife and multiple slave wives then it’s a whole different thing and should be “can embrace a wife and multiple slave wives”.
    Or I’m just a horny monkey that can’t english good.

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