Grasslands’ Law Chapter 16

Pregnancy ga kitaa

Calming daily life

Daily life at the grassland is unchanged.
Taking care of the horses, finish training, and occasionally train a new dog

Then embrace my wife and slave wives at night.
As I sank my fingers into the squishiness seizing her waist, my thing was tenderly wrapped as I savor Lucci’s insides.


Then when I moved my hips while seizing the trembling tits crushing them, Yesu’s insides squeezed down tightly on me as I tasted it.

「Master、if do do both place、both place、my mind、my mind will go blank。 」

Loche likes to be done violently so I slapped my hips and banged it into her the way she loves it.

「Master、harder、please do me harder。 Aaaa」 (TN: Hahaha idk why but it’s so hilarious)

…is what she said but oh well, naturally I came twice inside Lucci and once in each Yesu and Loche

「Master、I’m pregnant。 」

「Master、me too。 」

「Jumuka-sama、a baby is also dwelling inside me。 」

This is the result.
The three of them stroked their belly while reporting so.
The three had friendly smiles so I told them 『Good job』.
Nothing like a loincloth was used when they were on period so I was convinced almost instantly.
I asked Ichiyu indirectly but, I was told that on their first menstruation before marriage or after giving birth, with the exception of women over 30 years old, the girls do use it but it was embarrassing.
They can’t catch their husbands’ seeds like that.
They can’t have sex with their husbands.
Or so is what I heard it seems.
It’s good that the three of them weren’t embarrassed.

As they get pregnant, the girl sleep facing the southeast of the house, which is the direction of the sacred mountains.
In order for the child in their belly to receive the aura, a husband like me can’t sleep with them.
I went back to sleeping along again.

As the three became pregnant I spent everyday worrying about saving the daily child-making for later. (TN: In other words he can’t have sex and he’s upset)
Because all three got pregnant there’s no one who’s not pregnant left so I need to seek another slave wife.
I’m a little troubled, but honestly, from the number of sheeps I have left, it’s not a good plan to take more slave wives.
I tearfully refused.
As I was lonely and worried, spring soon came to an end and summer came.

I received a blessing from the Patriarch. I became a Great Warrior.
I’m the youngest Great Warrior of the grassland.
A Great Warrior is celebrated by the whole tribe.
The kids who will soon become adults look at me with sparkling eyes.
For my same generation, the ratio for respectful eyes and jealous eyes is 7:3, but a considerable number of the older generation people have jealous eyes.
Now then, I wonder what will happen next

Winter went by, Spring came yet again.
It’s the season for another Great Movement.
But before that it’s time for the three to give birth.
The very first one to go into labour was Yesu.
As I was training with my bow Jumel came running to inform me.
I kept training with my bow.
When it comes to wife it can be that as it may, but it’s no good to be flustered when a slave wife is giving birth. …or at least it seems so.
Honestly I wanna break out running to her side right about now but I gotta pay attention to the eyes of my surroundings.
For a while I missed the circular part on the target.
Yesu gave birth to a girl.
After that it was another girl for Loche.
Two girls consecutively made Jumel and company sigh.
The last one to go into labour was Lucci.
I stopped training and went back to Lucci’s side.
I stood waiting in front of the house.
Before long a baby’s voice could be heard.
I came into the house and rushed over to Lucci’s side.
Lucci was cuddling with the baby.

「Jumuka-sama、please take a look、it’s a boy I gave birth to a boy。 」

Lucci show be the best smile with her tired face.
I received the baby and carried him.

「Delivered! It’s a spirit! My child is blessed!」 (TN: I feel so fucking goddamn cringed because of this part ringing me bells on the Prologue. Please author, don’t do something weird with this kid that would make me drop TL-ing this)

♦I intended to get done with Arc 1 of Grassland at the end of tomorrow, but that last part of this chapter just made me cringe so hard that it might take more time before I get back to Kininaru, sorry about that in advance.

18 thoughts on “Grasslands’ Law Chapter 16

      • I think that this is reference at culture when a boy is born, he is blessed and consider a spirit or higher being than a girl. This explain why Jumel and Co sigh when girls was born. It’s like ur household is not complete if a boy isn’t born, more yet if you are a great warrior with strong blood. Do u understand me? I tried explain with my best.

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  1. But I agree with the translator. I have a bar premonition of something weird going to happen with that Boy. Maybe since the little sisters couldn’t have him they’ll go after his son? Or maybe something even weirder. I don’t blame you if you stop Tling but so far so good I guess?

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  2. How so? Are you worried the baby turned out to be a reincarnated person like Jumuka?

    I’ll just ask to be sure but I take it obvious spoilers aren’t welcomed here, right …. ?
    I think it’s always best to find out yourself but if it can help to regain some motivation/drop it decisively ask away 🙂

    Thx for the great job as always, forget to comment the last few chaps but it’s always appreciated.


  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Wait, wasn’t that last sentence the first words he heard after he was reincarnated?? Please don’t have a reincarnated person give life to another reincarnated person…


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