Curing incurable disease with semen

Curing incurable disease with semen ~I was wished for by the unfortunate beauties~

精液で難病治療 ~薄幸美少女たちがエッチを求めてきます!~

Author: 多嘴処占

I have a little sister that is hospitalized because of an incurable disease
But one day, by her request, we did sexual things.

But since then, my little sister got better, and finally she completely recovered.

Does doing ecchi things with me cure sicknesses?
I was doubtful at first, but then I also had sex with other female patients who’s incurable.

Because all those female patients achieved complete recovery,
I cured incurable diseases behind the scenes and became the Founder of a sect, on the outside I’m a person who supports incurable diseases and assumed the office as a representative.

Then during many years, I had sex with women that had incurable diseases, then after they’re cured I impregnated them.
I was called “Founder-sama” and looked at with respectful eyes by the women, this is the story of how I became so.

Table of Contents.

Sequel-like Prologue ~Me who became the founder of a sect will also fill up beauties with my semen today~ ※ (Multiple women、Kiss、Breast milk、Cowgirl cum inside、Missionary cum inside)

1.  The hospitalized little sister due to incurable disease (No ero)

2.  Fuemi’s determination (No ero)

3.  Fuemi’s request is ecchi ※ (Kiss、Sit on face、69 cum、Younger sister)

4.  When the request was fulfilled ※ (Ejaculate in missionary、Deflowering、Younger sister)

5.  Improvement (No ero)

6.  My little sister’s friend is a blind Ojou-sama (No ero)

7.  The Ojou-sama wished for semen. ※ (Double Handjob、Nude with Panties still on)

8.  The situation afterwards (No ero)

9.  The first time a man’s semen reflected in her eyesⅠ ※ (Double Kiss、Double Handjob)

10.  The first time a man’s semen reflected in her eyes Ⅱ ※ (Ejaculate in Missionary、Cowgirl consecutive ejaculation、Deflower×2、Ojou-sama、Maid)

11.  Business (No ero)

12.  Nurse ※ (Handjob、Paizuri fellatio、Nurse)

13.  A damaged body, at the best place ※ (Opposite-sit position、Deflowering、Cusco’s speculum、Cowgirl、Ojou-sama)

14.  Kayari-san’s request is my first job ※ (Sleep-rape、Deflowering×2)

15.  The blond Ojou-sama wants to play piano again (No ero)

16.  The blond Ojou-sama wants to play with the penis ※ (Kiss、handjob、fellatio、tsundere blond ojou-sama)

17.  The melody of an angel (No ero)

18.  「This is how I love」 or so、she said ※ (Kiss、cowgirl、deflower、blond tsundere ojou-sama)

19.  Rumors’ influence and counter-measure (No ero)

20.What’s the kouhai’s sickness? (No ero、problems)

9 thoughts on “Curing incurable disease with semen

    • Interesting… I totally didn’t realize that!! haha!!!

      It seems to be those stories where ‘I’ is literally you. At least for me, the conversation was done so naturally I didn’t find it weird lol!


  1. Sad news from the author:

    Due to my convenience, I have decided to remove 『精液で難病治療』.
    To the people who have bookmarked and rated this novel, I am really sorry for doing such a thing.

    The main reasons are
    – Due to busy schedules for work and study, I do not have the time to spend it on writing.
    – Even if I tried continuing it, the chances of it being published is pretty much zero.

    Finally, I really wish to thank everyone who read it deeply for.
    Because of your bookmark and rating, a male ex-hikimori is now able to devote himself into work. Truly, Thank you very much.

    (Translated to my best efforts)

    Liked by 1 person

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