Q. and A. Chapter 3

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Cute Demon Queen and Child Making Part 2

「Uu。 It looks so scary, as if it’s threatening me。 It’s not sick or anything right?」

「Yeah。 It’s a common reaction for men」

For the first time, she used her timid fingers to lightly grip the pulsing meat stick. The cool sensation of a girl’s hand with just enough pressure was pleasant on the hot erect skin. He unintentionally leak out a breath.

「Would it be okay like this……?」

While gliding her thin and flexible fingers along the grotesque meat stick, the black haired girl asked.
She’s surely keeping the politeness in her tone of voice, however that voice carries faint trembling sexual excitement.

「Yeah。 That feels really good。 Masturbating can’t be compared with this at all」

「Fufu。 Being told that makes me happy。 I’ll try my best!」

Mii who received praises suddenly showed eagerness, gradually the cylindrical force of her hand sped up. From movements similar to stroking, it changed to a dirty way of using her hand to wring out semen.
Each time her soft palm made a round trip, he soaked into the pleasant feeling similar to a burn being healed.

「Your cock is twitching。 This is the proof that the man is feeling good right」

The girl seems to be only enjoying her first experience in onanism.
Like the tail of a cat getting into a daze because of a toy, her womanly meat chamber shook.  The gaze of the virgin young man also got led about in confusion. His eyes unintentionally chased the defenselessly exposed meat crack.
While not giving up on looking at the red flattery flesh of her vagina, he let the black haired beauty who would make anyone turn their heads stroke his meat stick. It’s a situation where he can’t help but doubt if this is a dream. The fap fap hoarse sounds are also lewd.

(Really though、it won’t end with “it’s just a dream” right?)

However, if this is undoubtedly reality, then the proof for it is this rich womanly smell making the root of his nose feeling numb.
Though it’s characteristic of girls to carry sugary-ness, the air filled with fresh fragrance of the reproduction organ is stimulating him to the point of making him nervous. Using his nasal cavity, when his lungs swelled, filling the depth of his body with the very Mii herself, an excitement similar to heat was carved into his heart.
He rejoiced in delight as the embodiment of lust, his swelling meat shaft, is being rubbed by a graceful woman’s fingers. That excitement rapidly accumulated at the depth of his crotch.
Even himself understood that his throbbing glans where young blood gathered would explode anytime soon.

「Awawa。 Something transparent and slimy is dripping from the tip」

「That’s called precum、it’s like a foresign of ejaculation」

「Eh。 It somehow looks like drool。 But、even though it’s also a transparent liquid、this here gives off a more ecchi feeling」 (TN: Duh, it’s coming from a dick, girl!)

Scooping the liquid spilling from the tip, her hands moved up and down to spread it throughout the meat stick. Her smooth fingers that got wet fromt he lubricant, efficiently gave the flesh satisfaction.
Bringing the erect stick really close to her beautiful face, Mii enthusiastically serviced it. From the wet sexy lips that had only kissed recently, feverish breaths fluttered, soaking into the mucous membrane of the tip.
With sharpened sensitivity, even a caress as thin as a silk cloth would bring pleasant stimulation to it.

「Mii、if possible umm」

「Yes? What could it be。 If there’s anything unsatisfying please instruct me!」

Carnal lust made her thoughts not pass through as she spoke with shameless desire. It’s not that he’s complaining, but if he’s going to have a woman make him cum for the first time, might as well

「Would you lick it」


「It’s fine if you don’t want to though」

「N、No、I understand。 If that makes you feel good then」

There was only a moment of hesitation. Without making the reluctant face towards the ill-mannered request, the girl first sent a greeting kiss towards the towering meat tower.


Not being able to bear the pleasure by the sweet electric shock at his glans, he leaked out a miserable voice.
Just being touched by the red flesh fruit-like lips that’s packed full of juiciness, the need of ejaculation welled up from his abdomen. Pushing out from the glans entrance, opaqued liquid overflowed from the tip.

「Hau、chuu……ish quite a lot……」

Knitting her eyebrows, the black haired girl was bewildered by the infiltration of a man’s taste towards her lips.
Her well shaped nose made sniff-sniff sounds. Even if it’s just the smell, she wants to ascertain the part she didn’t know about huh, thought Ren.

「The smell is strong、I’m feeling dizzy」

Traveling through her nasal cavity, a man’s pheromones landed a direct hit on her brain, Mii somewhat got into an intoxicated mood.
Her well-ordered face now seems to be shining with a flushing color of sexual excitement.
Charmingly leaning her young and ripen body coquettishly against Ren, she pressed her huge breasts on his abdomen while pushing her lips against the meat stick, separating them up and down. Just like that she held the glans in her mouth, then boldly dropped her head downwards.

Zuruuri !

Clad in saliva, the study meat spear pierced through her flattery face in one breath.

「Uwaa……the inside of Mii’s mouth、it’s warm、and slippery」

The young man murmured while being deeply moved because of the sensation of inserting into a beauty’s mouth.

「Nmuu! Coughcough……your cock、I ate all of it」 (TN: She’s speaking in broken accent because dick in her mouth, but im not even gonna try and word that shabby speech bruh)

At the same time, Mii struggled to breathe while speaking with a teary voice of being choked.
Her lips that draw a beautiful line is now miserably wrapping around the swelling meat stick. Overenthusiastically swallowing the tower deeply into her throat, her facial expression changed to anguish.
However, without spitting it out, the girl twined her tongue and began fellatio service.


Coiling her fresh and warm body around the erection, saliva splastered up as if she was licking an ice pop. When the tip of her tongue touched his glans, which is packed with pleasure sensitive nerves, his body shivered trying to hold down the excessive pleasures.

「Does it feel good?」 (TN: Again, dick in mouth, but I ain’t going to try wording that in broken english)

Mii asked the raging cock inside her mouth pussy. (TN: Fun fact!!! This author censored lewd words while posting the story on the R18 section of Syosetu!! I LOL’d)
Ren who continued to receive tongue service felt the premonition of climax with just the movement of her mouth jar alone.

「Kuu、n、no good! Coming!」

「Please don’t hold back and ejaculate lots of semen milk!」 (TN: Pffff semen milk LOL)

Knowing that the meat stick is nearing its limit, the girl emptied her mouth and glued to his mucous membrane.
Shutting her cheeks, she made a dirty face while moving her head and her black hair up and down.



It was as if a cramped flesh-made washing machine is washing the man’s stick.
Her hot mucous membranes inside the mouth embraced him tightly, her rotating tongue was devoted to chew on his erect skin. He had no idea if it was on purpose, but the vulgar vacuum sounds are driving his carnal lust mad.
Her beautiful face peeking through her long hair, rather, her well-grown body is getting lively.
Pressing her ripen breast fruits on his abdomen, her white voluptuous butt shook back and forth before his eyes.
Mostly with just instinct, like a bull facing the red flag, Ren jumped into the valley between that pair of flesh mountain.


A surprised shriek surged out from the lips that she devoted to do fellatio.
This is his first time having sex, furthermore this is a different star than Earth. As he thought that it might be bad manner to interrupt the partner’s service, anxiety crossed his mind.
Hell, that thought was instantly washed away when a flood of womanly smell surged into his nasal cavity.
Opening her somewhat fleshy genital, it was like flower petals repeatedly lining up. Her flattery red flesh was wet with love juice, it glittered and threw at him a thick smell of sexual excitement.

(A girl’s smell of that place……。 It’s bittersweet、I can maybe get used to this)

Stretching his tongue, he tried tasting a little bit of those embarrassing honey.
Instantly, the flesh of the woman leaning on him convulsed from sensitivity.

「Afuu、Re、Ren-hyama! I’m servicing you and yet!」

「Mii’s body is my possession right? Then it’s all good isn’t it。 I’m making you feel good」

「Uu、that’s true but」

Forcibly doing as he pleases, he rudely used his tongue to lick the lewd juice from her vagina flesh. His nerves were stimulated when he tasted the saltiness that contained some sweetness, his brain became numb.
Her fat buttcheeks shook in delight.

「If we’re making each other cum……juupaa……I won’t lose!」

Declaring so, Mii resumed the vacuum fellatio as if indulging in lust.
Gently tightening the flesh of her lips, she moved up and down and bewitchingly made the meat stick shine with saliva. (TN: 肉根を緩く締める唇肉が、上へ下へと這いまわり肉胴を唾液で妖しく輝かせる。)
Being wrapped up in mucous membranes of her mouth, his meat stick was melted by her body temperature. She furthermore used her slender and graceful fingers to rub his seminal vesicle, urging the creation of semen.
The boiling lustful juice is now on the verge of eruption.

(This is unbelievable technique for a virgin! There’s no way I can endure this)

Mii belongs to the race that specialized in ensnaring men, a mixed of half succubus and half human, a 「Majin」.
Just making a virgin young man cum, it is but easy even if she has no experience because the techniques had been driven into her genes. However, that also means her body is weak to sexual sensations.


The Demon Queen who pinned the man down and was supposed to torment him had her pair of eyes opened.
Peeling the foreskin, a beautifully erect pink colored lewd bean claimed its existence. Ren’s mouth glued to that spot.
Waving her voluptuous body, she writhed intensely trying to escape from being teased at the clit. Crawling accordingly to the running vagina, his face is now already wet with honey juice.

「Mugugu。 Don’t struggle」

Seizing her narrow and charming waist, he inserted his tongue into her center while she couldn’t resist.
As if wanting to at least tease the man’s rod, sometimes she used her teeth, and sometimes she used her mouth cavity to apply suction, the black haired girl went into disorder, satisfying herself.

「Fuwaa、I’m、I’m feeling it too much! That spot is no good!」

Seems like she doesn’t have the margin to do fellatio anymore.
The tail of her beautiful black hair sprang in disorder, her heavy breathing melted together with her scattering saliva, she’s no longer a Yamato Nadeshiko existence anymore.
She became a silly female animal rejoicing in sex on top of a man.

「Cummiiing、ahn! My clitoris feels so good! Cummiiing♡」

It was like flesh of fruits exploding.
Like poking a string through a needle hole, her pee hole bulged up. That moment hot liquid gushed out, it hit his nose bridge and cheeks, and on top of that, a small quantity got into his mouth.

(Pee!? No、it’s not。 This is the rumored female squirt isn’t it)

It was a superbly lewd scene only seen in ero manga, the young man became absentminded.
Having the service being interrupted, his rod’s still searching for an outlet as it stood towering.
With the manly penis in front of her, Mii acknowledged her defeat and her head collapsed.

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