Q. and A. Chapter 0

OK guys, this is my declaration that I’ll be picking this up AFTER the full EDITED VERSION of Frequenting Brothels is done on Raising the Dead. Of course, this will go the same way, that is, unedited version here on my site and edited version on RTD.

Now me and my editor are already working quite a few chapters into this, so I just want to let other people know that this is a teaser for a definite project and that we’ll be picking this up. I’m posting this Prologue as a teaser to kind of…well…claim this WN since we’re really liked it.

Of course, not that we can stop others from jumping in and do their own TL, but we’ll continue TL-ing this in the future no matter what.

You can find the Synopsis of this in the Table of Contents page on my site, it’s Q.Maou-sama A.Monmusu.

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