Updates – The Month of May

Alright, here’s a couple quick updates:

  • No more Healing Semen, since author deleted the raws. However, if any of you want to continue translating/reading, you can hop on Pun’s server and contact Yoshiro (thanks for the heads up again Yoshiro).
  • Kininaru is also a lost cause because author has deleted more than half of the chapters, leaving us with only the first 17 chapters in raw, which I’ve already translated. Not sure what does he wanna do, but welp…
  • That leaves us with Yandere and Betrayed Hero as the main thing of this site, if you’re still visiting this place at all. I’ll be alternating between the aforementioned series.
  • It’s May and I don’t have school anymore, so I can translate everyday.

Nymph’s out.