Q. and A. Chapter 2

Mii is such a cutie…and predator?

I’m pretty sure this chapter’s translation is quite bad, if I do say so myself, because I TL-ed this a long time ago, I wasn’t as decent at Japs as I am right now. I’ll do my best to improve in next chapters though.

Cute Demon Queen and Child Making Part 1

Sitting seiza on the bed, Mii gazed at him with a serious face.
But after saying a request that sounds like a proposal she became embarrassed, with the sunlight from the window melt into her moistened eyes, they become slightly red.

「T、To impregnate? Mii?」

「Yes! Is it……no good?」

There’s no way it’s no good. To be able to do ecchi things and make a child with this beautiful girl is such a dream comes true. If you’re a man then you can never shake your head at this.
It’s just that, though he already accepted to impregnate monster girls, the rapid development of suddenly saying 「Please violate me」 is just unexpected.
Before the bewildered young man’s eyes, the girl unfastened her sash and took off her yukata without hesitation.

The rustling sounds of clothes resounds.

「Wawaa。Underwear、you don’t wear undergarment」

「Yes。 Because I’m wearing these clothes。 It should be the same in Japan」

Gulps, he swallows a large mass of air in his throat.
The blue coating was removed, and the girl’s snow white soft skin was exposed.
Even when yukata is a relatively loose clothing, her ripened fruits were still cramped and restricted. The summit of meat was released from the cloth’s restriction, showing a jelly-like texture more appealing than with the yukata on top like before.

(A girl’s bare tits! It’s a whole different impact to photographs and videos)

In contrast to the voluptuous breasts, her waist was squeezed in slenderly. But the softness of a woman wasn’t lost, on her motherly abdomen flesh, there was an oblong navel like there was a finger tracing it.
In addition, if you drop your line of vision, jet black pubic hair could be seen concealed in her crotch. It was like a black flower garden hidden between her plump thighs. Thinking that there’s a crevice hiding deep inside makes saliva wells up in his mouth without being able to stop it.

「You have one hell of a figure there」

「I’m honored to hear your praises。 If I become your bride、then these boobs、my lewd body and everything will be offered to you」


「Yes、everything will be Ren-sama’s possession」

Though being tormented with shame, Mii suppressed the urge to cover her breasts and private parts with her hands, fully exposing her voluptuous naked body temptingly.
The huge swellings of fat stuck out as if to repulsing even the men’s gazes.
Even with just a slight touch on her body, and her pudding-like breasts, blessed with the charm of softness and flexibility, shook tayun tayun.

(My possession means that、touching、or even fondling、anything is fine huh)

In contrast to her bust size her areola was quite modest, and on top of that were the dark cherry blossom nipples standing erect waiting to be teased by the man.
White breast skin and lewd pink erect nipples.
It was a shocking scene for a virgin, he stretched out his hand and traced its shape.


Her feminine body twitched, she reacted to the stimulation and shivered like a flower.
However, like an insect attracted to the smell of honey, the inner part of his finger lewdly licked Mii’s pink circle, he devoted himself to relish this first sensation.
To the trembling bump flesh, he slowly traces his hand and caressed her. When his finger reached the summit, he flicked her tip.

「Hiyauuu! M、Mou。 Please don’t just tease my nipple」

Mii’s beautiful face became more appealing with her almost weeping voice.

「You want me to fondle your boobs too?」

「You’re so straightforward……please don’t say those things straight up to a girl!」

He pulled his lips away from any further lewd actions, and sank five fingers into her meat fruit.


The degree of softness of those voluptuous bunch of flesh was surprising.
When he scoop them up at times, the breast meat spilled in between the gaps of his fingers. His palm feels pleasant from the heat and weight, no matter how many times he massaged it he never got bored.
Sucking on her moistened with sweat breast skin, Ren was in a daze with his fingers swimming in the sea of flesh.

「How’s it? Feeling good?」

It was his first time doing ecchi things to a girl’s breasts, so he was slightly anxious and tried asking her if she felt any sexual pleasant.

「I、I don’t really know。It’s ticklish、but my body feels light」

「Is that so」

It’s probably Mii feeling it.
For now he knows that she’s not in discomfort, so Ren increase his bold rubbing on her huge fruits.
Below the breasts and her underboobs, also the curvy contour, he crawled his fingers to make sure. Occasionally, to make her leak some sweet breaths, he grasps the the bunch of flesh, and tramples on the symbol of women.
In addition, his left hand also joined the fun. Pinching her nipple, he tormented and stretched it, making the girl’s body jump back and leaked a short scream.

Worried about his rough way of handling her, he pulled back his fingers, this time she sobbed with a flirty voice.
Dominating a whole body of a woman with both his hands, somehow Ren fell into a pleasant mood.

「Fuwaa。 Ren-sama」

「Hm、what is it?」

Like hanging a wreath of flowers on his neck, Mii reached out her hands and clung to him.
Hanging her breasts she looked up at him.
As their eyes met, he was quickly melted away by the sweetness. It was like a hot summer night sky. Her mimetic muscles defenselessly relaxed, her smile was like inviting the man to violate her.
Even without any word spoken, Ren was able to understand.
Drawing his face closer to her flirtatious face, he pressed his lips against her wet, lovely and clean lips.


His first kiss experience was, it just felt tender and warm.
Two people’s mouth met, and their mouth cavity became one. He was attacked with such delusion. Mii’s jaw that seemed to be exhausted, surrendered and her lips weakly opened. From there a liquid-like breath as thick as honey was poured into her mouth and drenched her lungs with obscenity.
Those small lips, in contrast to its shy look, was greedy for sex. They were also coated in sweet saliva as they coil with his lips bringing him pleasures. Their lips unraveled.
If this continues I’ll be on the defensive side.
Thinking so, he decided to bring out and try the so called French kiss. Shutting his tongue, he made the tip of his tongue becomes sharp, and slipped into the girl’s mouth.


With her eyes wide open, she clung to his head and her arms stiffened. But there wasn’t much resistance.
Still surprised she entwined her tongue confusedly with his, she was about to push his tongue back, but her nipples were pinched violently making powers left her tongue and she almost leaked her voice.
The red watchdog which enjoyed pleasures on the flesh obediently hung its head.
Ren’s tongue fully enjoyed raping the defenseless mouth.
When he traces the rows of teeth that looked like a work of art, Mii shivered with a chill being sent to her back by an unknown sensation.
Licking the membrane of her inner cheeks, he stirred up her saliva and her tongue, then tasted her palate.
Being pressed by the french kiss to an abnormal degree, and have her breasts fondled pleasantly, the black haired girl’s body flushed a pink shade as she became completely excited.
Until it becomes hard to breathe for both of them, they separated their faces, and soon Mii’s abundant womanly flesh was reduced to a slave of sensuality. Her slender shoulders rose up and down as she grasped for breath heavily.


「Haaa。 Haaa 。 Ehehe、my first kiss、was offered to you」

Mii spoke as if talking to herself in a dream. Immersed in the sensation after the kiss, her mouth was half open, and from there a thin string of drool was streaming.
Peeking through the gap of this beautiful girl’s mouth, a healthy color of red could be seen.

「That was also my first time。 I’m happy that it was with a cute and beautiful girl like Mii」

He didn’t intend to make her glad. It was his honest thoughts from the bottom of his heart.
Even so, Mii’s face was dyed in an autumn red color from one ear to the other, the surprise attack of being praised makes her writhe in embarrassment. Her tender naked body swaying was impulsively charming, it stirs up lust in men.

「By the way the ‘chuu’ just now、it’s all Ren-sama taking the lead」

「I was just in a trance。 That can’t be call taking the lead」

「But as I thought, I still feel regretful! I’m in the wrong unless I service you」

Saying so Mii got on all fours and sidled up to him. Her rocket-like tits shook in the air, two fiery sparkles were shot this way.


「Please stand still okay?」

He was too late on realizing the strange atmosphere. Releasing the strength accumulated in her limbs, the girl nimbly leapt at him like a beast.


「It got hard under your trouser、so let me offer you some comfort」

On the opposite side of her white plump ass, a sugar-sweet voice could be heard arousing the excitement.
That’s right. It’s the so-called 69 position, being pushed down to the bed, before Ren’s eyes, the sexy fragrance of a woman poured into his nose making his groin reacted.
Her dark colored pubic hair had some beads of sweat making them shiny and glossy. Burning the image of that black grassland into his mind, a white land of flesh swelled before him.
And then the valley amidst of that swelling of meat, is a vagina shamefully gasping for breath. The squirming labia opened up a little bit, the wet salmon pink flower is bilateral-symmetrically blooming fully.
At the summit of the slit is a spherical pearl peeking out. Compared to her feminine plump body, this one is being wrapped up cosily in its foreskin, the size is cute.

(This is ‘that place’ of a woman! Uncensored……well that’s obvious。 Anyways sugoi!)

It’s completely visible up to her silent pink anus. It’s his first time seeing a woman’s secret place, on top of that it’s at point-blank range, so the scene was pretty impactful.
While the excitement that struck his brain rendering him unable to move, with her noodlefish-like fingers she unzipped his pants, with a little clumsy movements she took Ren’s meat stick out.


First time facing a man and seeing his genital the girl’s eyes turned nervous, before her an aggressive-looking lump of meat was fully exposed.

「Hyaaa、it、it’s so big」

「Is that so?」

「I’ve never seen other ones、but I thought it would be a little bit smaller……this、umm、is it really going inside me?」

Stretching from the pubic hair, a rough tree of meat is standing with the glans swelling atrociously.
The spearhead of the blunt weapon, his red and brimming with life force glans was covered with her hand, and that alone seemed to burn her skin with heat. She thinks the crack on the glans as a crater.
Average men don’t think of this as really big, but to a trembling virgin girl this volume of flesh is more than enough.

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