Kininaru Chapter 18

This is the last chapter of the day, and it’s full of bullshit lmao. Don’t think normally when reading this series, you saw the author stated that this is not for pure hearted boys…

One Grassland and probably one Kininaru tomorrow, Nymp out.

Miyu’s first love

I woke up at the coldness.

My body is sweaty, the bed is wet.

It’s 5 AM

I felt something heavy on my butt and turned my head, Sakimori-san was sleeping burying his face into my butt.

Since moving would wake him up, so I decided to stay still for a while.

This person, he did terrible things to me yesterday, yet I don’t feel too much hatred. (TN: Hahaha. Let the bullshit begin)

Rather, deep down in my heart I felt calm being with him if I relaxed. (TN: Let’s count this. 2 bullshits)

Sakimori-san did my body many times since yesterday.

This person likes these huge breasts that I hated, he sucked and buried his face into them countless times.

He also hugged me tight, and kissed me a lot…

Even if I was such a sweater while having sex and became soaked he didn’t show a hateful face, it’s the same with when I pee’d, he just kept on doing me.

In the bathroom I also had a horrible appearance, yet he embraced me even more.

My…lo, love juice too he drank a lot…

When I think about it again this person have accepted everything of me, it feels rather sweet. (TN: How many bullshits have it been? lmao)

Sex is something performed when there’s mutual love.

This might perhaps be just a misunderstanding after we piled out bodies countless times.

This person raped me.

I didn’t hand over my life to this person.

But, this feeling is unmistaken my first love. (TN: Omg hahaha.)


I opened my eyes and my face was still buried in Miyu’s butt.

It was soft so I had a pleasant sleep.

Miyu’s already awake and she’s looking at me. Somehow, the atmosphere around Miyu was different before I went to sleep.

I lied on Miyu’s lap and rubbed her nipple. Then chewed on her nipple again


Miyu writhed.

I’ll send Miyu home today, before that I have to seal her mouth with the pictures of her in the bathroom.

While I was thinking such things for some reasons she pressed her tits against me.

I licked it once, and then decided to take Miyu to the bathroom.

I didn’t say anything and stood up pulling her hand, then led her into the bathroom.

I felt uneasy that Miyu didn’t resist.

If it’s in the bathroom then there should be Miyu’s trauma but…

Certainly there’s something strange. (TN: “Yahari Lululie wa okashii” hoho~)

18 thoughts on “Kininaru Chapter 18

  1. This is what I personally (maybe someone else has the same idea) calls Stockholm Syndrome Rape.

    Rape ’em well, until they fall in love with you. That’s about it.


      • Thanks for the chapter.
        Mind break + self underestimate + Rape non stop and not care about the smell = Stockholm Syndrome Rape.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The rape part might be somewhat rarer, but there’s probably someone out there who atleast came to terms with their situation and accepted it.

        More common, is that someone who might not have originally been extremely fond of someone, after a few times of extremely pleasant sex, are then fond of them.


  2. … It’s not rape if they enjoy it afterward, it’s love…
    … I’ve read a lot of hentai, but this is one of the most bullshit reason to fall in love with the rapist I’ve ever seen…
    It feels like the stream of upload was just so the translator could show us this bullshit chapter earlier. The translator must have been like “Whoa… I have to show it to the other soon!”


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