Henceforth Chapter 0

Another one of my original novel, I think I’ll be serious with this one, unlike the last one, probably.
It’ll be R18, there will be sex scenes so please be careful, and while waiting for my next project, maybe, maybe, maybe you can use this as a make-shift, no?……Really no? Okay…… T___T


Akatsuki Shuu, 19 years old, good at kenjutsu, average scores at school, slightly good-looking…

That’s me.

Because of various reasons, I’m a third-year high school student despite being 19 years old.
There isn’t any thing particularly special about me, except that a minority of first year girls in this school think that I look kind of cool when I use my sword.

Well, that’s the only thing I’m especially good at anyway, I’m not a popular dude with all the ladies surrounding me, that role is for the guy in second year whose name I forgot.

I’ll say this once, I’m completely normal despite not being interested in any girls.

‘Then how the hell is that normal for a young man!?’ is probably what you’re retorting right now but, yeah there’s a ‘but’, I do have my reasons.

Today I went to the rooftop during lunch break to eat as usual.
And also as usual, I dozed off and rested my eyes a little after the satisfying meal my older sister prepared.

“Yo, you’re early, Yuki……”

“Hehe~ I just want to see Shuu-sama that badly”

A beautiful grassland spread out infinitely, and there’s a beautiful young woman standing gazing up at the blue sky. There was no clouds, just pure blue, a scene that cools your heart off.

This is the world inside my dream, a realm where there’s just me and Yuki.


“Fufu~ Why are you staring at Yuki? You fell for me~?”

“I already fell for you since the first time we met, but……”

Yeah, the first time we met was 8 years ago, also in a dream.

Of course, at that time I laughed it off like a simple dream, but the next night I went to sleep she came and played with me in this infinite grassland again.
And as expected, I still laughed it off as a fun dreams, but then it got more and more strange as I told her stories and she returned next night in my dream remembering all the things I told her.

Usually, a dream like that would just end quickly after a few days, but somehow she stuck to my sleep for 8 straight years.

We always meet every time I go to sleep, so though it’s unbelievable, I got used to it and came to accept that she’s connecting to me from a different dimension or world.

More than just that, she grew up with me in our dreams.

I remembered Yuki being quite short and plump when she was younger, but right now, the beauty standing right in front of my eyes is slender and curvy, in a very sexy manner.
Her tits are quite large, I don’t know in details but I’m guessing they’re bigger than 80 cm. Her ass is also sticking out all curvy and tempting.

I can never forget her long silver hair flutter in the pleasant wind. Yup, though it’s a dream, I can still feel the wind, that’s why I said I accepted this as reality.

“……but I said I love Shuu-sama too, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but somehow when we said it in my sleep, I can’t help but feel a little upset……”

“Hm, we can meet, but it’s really dangerous, I don’t want to put Shuu-sama in danger”

She already told me this countless times, but I still can’t help but want to risk it.
I mean, I don’t see any real value in my life here on Earth, assuming that Yuki is from a different world.

Maybe, just maybe, but I think I’ll……

“I’ll risk it. Let’s meet, I wanna see Yuki in person”

She widened her eyes and stared at me with great shock, her mesmerizing blue eyes seemed to gaze into the deep corners of my very soul.

“B-But……hm?……please give me a second……”

Yuki closed her eyes and went silent for a while, this is a common occurrence, sometimes she just does that and then got back to be energetic again. But somehow I got a bad feeling this time……

“……what is it? You just turned pale”

“U-Umm……Shuu-sama, this is really bad……”

My intuition was on point, is it because I have mastered the sword and gone through countless fierce battles against my merciless father? I have no idea, but I’m kind of happy that my intuition is good.

“A group of high class wizards called Rosa I told you before, they’re trying to pull off a dimensional summoning spell”

“Rosa huh……they still haven’t given up on that”

I have no idea what world Yuki is in, but she told me many, many tales about her place. From daily life there to politics between countries.

“I, I can’t stop them, the Council already passed through this plan……”

“Hm? Are you an important figure of some sort?”

“E-Eh……I can’t explain that now, I’m sorry Shuu-sama, b-but I have to go now”

“No, Yuki, listen up. Can’t I help you this time around? You’ve been cheering me up my whole life……”

I lightly embraced Yuki, she looked up at me with bewildered eyes, then smiled gently, a smile of a goddess.

“Shuu-sama is kind as ever, then this time around, please let me depend on you, though it’s going to be extremely rough……”

She’s still somewhat hesitant to pull me into this mess. I do know that this is something really big to get entwined into other worlds, but somehow my heart kept telling me to get involved, do I actually like Yuki that much?

“……here, see? My heart is jumping because I’m nervous, no, I’m scared, but this time around I have a feeling I’ll go no matter what, so let me help you with your troubles”

I pressed Yuki’s ear against my chest, it was extremely embarrassing and shameless, I felt like I was some kind of galge’s protagonist, but that doesn’t matter, I want to go to where Yuki is……

“……I got it……then we’ll meet again soon, this time, in person, then please become my sword once that happened”

“Understood, I’ll cut all your troubles into pieces, so let me help”

I saw Yuki’s smile once again and woke up on the rooftop of my high school. That night I didn’t meet Yuki in my dream, it was really lonely for some reasons.

The next day, I went to school normally, but in the middle of the day, the space in the classroom was distorted, everyone panicked.

Then suddenly there were dimensional cracks everywhere around the school. Many people ran outside and escaped, but the majority of students and staffs were sucked into the rifts opened up from nowhere.

To others, this is a disaster.

To me, this is the first page of my story, the story of a wandering swordsman and the Holy Princess of Helra.

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