Hunter life with a partner

Three chaps left including this one, all will come out today.

We received the quest for hunting low-level Teacher Rooster at Saisho Village, then headed to the basecamp on a hill inside the forest.

Teacher Rooster, nickname Rooster-sensei, is the first huge monster players have to fight in Dorahun Series, beginner players have to fight this thing to get used to huge monsters, that’s where the name 「Teacher」 came from.

Since we arrived at the basecamp, let’s perform a review check.

「What’s your hunting style?」

「Ah、yes! I use Aerial Greatsword」

「Hmm……Aerial huh……」

If there’s an Aerial-style hunter who performs air battle, then I can aim at the monster when it’s in ‘down’ state.

「Then、Akane、I’ll sit here and watch first、you show me how you fight」

「Eh!? We’re not fighting together?」

「I’m the offensive type、so if I fight the Rooster-sensei would be dead in an instant。
I wanna see your skills first。
Don’t worry、I’ll choose the right moment to join you」

「Ye……Yes! I’ll try my best!」




Then, she ambushed the place where the Rooster-sensei is, she went around it when it starts flapping its wing rising on its feet.

Akane used the basic paintball-style crashing straight into it, then sent out a jump attack.

Though she had Swan Dragon armor on, her huge tits still rocked up and down every single time, so I enjoyed myself seeing that scene while watching how Akane fights.

Although she does back away sometimes, but she did jump back in and attacked the monster in its weak point.

If the monster got enraged, she doesn’t try to do unreasonable moves, but step back and evade its attacks.

Soon the monster entered ‘down’ state, it’s time for the finishing blow, she successfully hit its head so I called out to her with my proud Heavy Gun, Snake Emperor Mortar, readied.

「OK、I already understood、you’re good」

Saying so I launched three normal bullets, the Rooster-sensei miserably collapsed.

「Am……Amazing……! Just with 3 bullets……!」

「Well、that’s G-rank weapon for you……」

「G-rank hunter、that’s certainly amazing!」

「Well、that aside、let’s go back to the village to talk」





Going back to Saisho Village, I offered Akane a partner contract.

Akane was surprised and tried to decline, but I put an emphasis on saying she can go up even higher in the ranks, she blushed and consented to the contract.

Once the contract is signed I can give my partner my equipment to my liking to wear, so after I gave Akane a suitable greatsword, we decided to go challenge the special-named monster 「Snow Couscous Lord」.
(TN: I’m entirely NOT sure about the name of the monster)

Special-named monsters are just normal monster but they were strengthened and became bigger, their behavioral patterns also changed, to challenge it a ticket is needed.

Akane hesitated at first, but I said it’s OK and persuaded her, then we came back and forth to the snowy mountains to get Akane ‘Snow Couscous Lord’ equipment, it wasn’t reinforced but it was completed.

‘Snow Couscous Lord’ equipment comes with the lovely-looking bunny-ears, I’ve wanted to go hunting with a bunny-eared female partner so…

Akane also somehow said that this equipment set is cute and that she was pleased.

Once an NPC became my partner, I can take her on ranking-unrelated quests.

Thus I obtained a lovely decoy, and to make equipment that can be used Online, I decided to go take down the special-named monster 「Wild Claw Tiger Rex」.




Hearing that we’re going to fight special-named Tiger Rex, Akane’s face turned pale, she was reluctant but accepted as I persuaded her that I’ll take care of most of the work.

That’s understandable.

Tiger Rex is a terrifying monster in 「Dragon Hunter Portable Dos」, it’s a huge fear for players with its aggressiveness.

But well, I have G-rank equipment, I have practically no trouble fighting it, Akane can also separate from me and scatter its targets.

During the time when the Tiger Rex was running away using area change, there was enough of a time margin to embrace the full-Snow Lord armour Akane, and Akane also let out a pleasant voice while feeling satisfied.
(TN: Not too sure what embrace here means lolol Osura said so…)

After doing a series of quest Akane was tired so I let her rest, I went to visit the red-light district, Fina-chan and Primula, but Akane didn’t show any particular protests, seems like she already expected it to happen.




Since hunter-rank-release is needed to enhance Wild Claw Tiger Rex equipment set, when I reached a high ranking I went to fight the true form of Ostoderuwa.

In a Promotion Video for the game before, the talk about Ostoderuwa was always ‘Isn’t that a spider?’ Or ‘Isn’t that a snake?’, but who would’ve known its true form is ■■.
(TN: Yup, those were censored so I can just give up)

Well, I didn’t particularly have a hard time fighting it, so I didn’t think too much about that.

With that said, I released my Hunter rank, defeated the Wild Claw Tiger Rex and successfully performed my final enhancement, the Wild Claw set I made for the sake of playing online in the real world is completed.

Now that I notice it, since my Hunter rank was over 80, it was possible to receive the game’s Last Boss quest 「Sunewotorion」.

So, I took Akane with me to fight Sunewotorion 10 times, and obtained Dorahun Cross strongest heavy gun.

So while continued to hunt, a certain thought crossed my mind.

While cumming inside Freya-chan I decided that I’ll go back to the real world for once after a while to talk to the owner of Ayakidou.


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