Conspiracy at Ayakidou

One left after this one.

Upon entering Ayakidou, the store owner spoke to me with a smile.

「Quite a presence you have there。
Being like this、means that your hunter life’s going well am I right?」

「Err、well yeah」

I sat down on a chair I was offered and took a sip of coffee.

「Today、I have something to discuss with you」

「What is it?」

「Thanks to you、I was able to enjoy Dorahun Cross more than anyone else」


「But……no matter how strong has you become in the game、you’ll get tired of it sooner or later right?」

「Well yeah」

「But、I came across 「people I don’t want to forget」 inside the game Dorahun Cross」


「Please asnwer me honestly、can 「people」 inside the game be brought out into the real world?」

「It’s possible」

The owner casually said so.

「If you got the consent of the higher up、you can bring anyone here。
If you bring a person back from inside the game、reality will also be changed、from family register to residence certificate、automatically、all those things like that will be arranged」


「If you’re asking this、then it means that you wanna take girls out here、but how will you support their daily lives if you bring them out?
Your saving account has 60 million yen。
It won’t be enough to support several human lives you know」

「……that’s right but……」

I took out an advertisement from the game shop, and pointed at a 「certain game software」.

「Is it possible to go into this game?」

「Fufufu……it sure is」

I gulped down my saliva.

「Please sell it to me……how much is it?」

「It’s expensive、10 million yen」

For one game to cost 10 million was indeed too expensive, but for me, I just thought 「That was cheap」 feeling disappointed.

「Can I pay with a check?」


「……other people can’t use 「this game software」 right?」

「My shop’s customers aren’t interested in cash you see。
Well、there are also customers who are interested in architecture and gold、but nobody’s interested in a cheap thing like 「money bills that came from trust」」


This shop and its customers’ true nature are somewhat the same, was the conclusion that I drew, but I couldn’t move my mouth to speak.
That is one of the 「things you don’t need to know」 the owner said before.

I gave him a check and obtained ‘that’ game software.

「Next time you come to this shop、check out some antiques too OK?」

「Right……I should also do that too」

「Wholesale is my priority、see ya~」

I dearly held the game software against my chest and left the shop.

On my way home, I encountered a group of three yankees I knew quarreling somewhere, I went easy on them so I wouldn’t break their bones by lightly kicking and poking them on the forehead.

The yankees cried 「pigiya!!」 and 「igi!!」 as they fainted、in order not to hindrance the way of passerby I left the yankees on the edge of the street and returned home。

Then I set up the new game 「Legend of Kintaro」 on my 3PS.




Legend of Kintaro, popularly called 「Kintetsu」 series is a popular old series among the boardgame-type genre, it’s the type of game where you go all around Japan on a train to buy things and increase your assets.

I set it to 99-year mode, then picked 3 weak NPCs and played from reality, then at the end of the game where it announce your property, I went into the game and took all the property out into real life.

And in that way, since I only played with gold, I became the richest man in Japan with a total asset of 3 billion yen.


3 thoughts on “Conspiracy at Ayakidou

    • Because it’s 6,000,000 Yen, and 100 Yen = 1 dollar, roughly (or in other words, 1 Yen = 1 cent). So for rough estimates, take two digits off any yen value when converting to dollars. 6,000,000 yen really is 60,000, roughly. That’s still a lot of money, but it’s not THAT much. However, that 3 billion yen? That’s 30 million dollars, basically. More than enough to live off of casually.


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