Healing Semen Chapter 1

Imouto saikyou.

The hospitalized little sister due to incurable disease (No ero)

My little sister, Fuemi has been spending her time in the hospital since childhood.
Because of a disease that makes all of her muscles unable to move, it’s a cruel case where she can’t even rise from the bed.

Because both of our parents are working, they entrusted her to me since elementary school
I’ve been living a life of talking to my little sister in the hospital while doing homework.


「Hn? What is it」

Today Fuemi’s condition since morning was good, so she was risen from the bed while we talked.

「In the future、what does onii-chan want to do?」

「A doctor、but perhaps it’s difficult for my grades、
If it’s impossible then、I’ll go to a pharmacy college and become a person who manages medicines or a nurse、that’s what I’m thinking」

「Hmm、is that so。 You’re not going to become what you like?
Like sports, music, or games」

「If you try to make those into your job、you’d need talents, efforts and luck too。
I don’t particularly have something I want to do anyway」

I usually play basketball and badminton with my friends
I played games when I got home too, but that’s just for killing time.

「Me……I wonder what can I do」

「There are PCs these days、so even if you’re home or in the hospital you can still do work。
But then Fuemi doesn’t really need to work。
We have insurance、if something happened to our parents there’s still me。
That reminds me、you began writing a novel online lately right?
If it becomes a hit you’ll be an author won’t you」

「Ahaha、I’m just writing what I like
There are only a few people who read it」

「Even if that’s the case it’s probably still good for you、it’s OK」

Next time I go home、I have a request、is that fine?」

She made a slightly uneasy face, staring at me.

「Yeah、anything’s fine。 Is it about sweets from a shop somewhere?」

「I want that too、but that’s not it。
I’ll say it when you go home。 If it’s onii-chan then I’m sure you’ll be able to do it right away」

「Hm? That so、then that’s fine、but you don’t need to hold back」

「I won’t hold back this late in the game you know。
Then from now on、can I have you do a massage?」

「It’s OK it’s OK。 Now then ojou-sama、I’ll move you to the bed」

「If I go to the bed I~ will~ sleep~。
Butler onii-chan、hurry up and carefully rub my body」

「Certainly, Lady Fuemi」 (TN: Ojou-sama)

With Fuemi lying face down on the bed, I rubbed and loosened up her shoulders.

「Ahaha、it’s ticklish but it feels good、Onii-chan」

In thus way, I spend the day with my little sister until the Sun goes down, this has been my daily life for many years.

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♦ About Q&A, I’m waiting for my Editor’s answer whether we would still work together on Q&A since he’s got another TL project. If we end up separating, I’ll turn back to do Q&A immediately without waiting for Brothels.

♦ Anyways, do also expect Yandere on Pun’s site later today. I’ll go edit the chapter after I’m done posting.

3 thoughts on “Healing Semen Chapter 1

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!! LOL, I am already liking it as something just below Kininaru on the greatness scale. Although, we’ll see how this novel goes,


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