Healing Semen Chapter 8

Shota-sized chapter.

The situation afterwards (No ero

Reeking of male semen odor,
the fragrance of sexual excitement drifted from the naked bodies of the two beauties so I turned the sickroom’s ventilation system on.
Then I drank the soft drink prepared by Sylvie-san to replenish my body.
Then the tired Fuemi returned to the sickroom after the prolonged inspection.

「Fumyu~、Onii-chan」 (TN: You’ll understand the strange word after reading next line)

Fuemi clung to me and buried her face into my chest.

Is the smell of Kayari-san and Sylvie-san still around,
would the thing I put into my pocket get exposed, thinking about such things my heart raced.

「Fufu、you are really close」

Putting her hand on her somewhat glossy-skinned face, Kayari-san smiled.
Sylvie-san offered Fuemi a hot drink without changing her facial expression.

After that, I had fun chatting non-stop with the three girls until the end of visiting hours.
I was worried because Fuemi strangely showed skinship in front of people right after I had an ejaculation.

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♦ I have some errands to take care of for this college fall semester so I was, and will be, slow for this week in terms of chapters. Have a Chem placement test tomorrow, but when I get home I’ll edit Yandere on Pun’s site, then another Healing Semen if possible.

♦ Also, many thanks to the 2 people who donated. I didn’t hope to see any donation soon so I didn’t check my Ko-fi. Sorry if you were waiting for Q&A, but I gotta settle stuff for the semester before I can just chillax for the rest of July.

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