Betrayed Hero 2

Introducing the harem~

Chapter 2: Maou and Hero, grasping the situation

Hero – Yomawari Meguru

Maou – Pearlnight “Resurrection” Halwehi

Maou’s servant – Prism Riverside

As a team, this combination is quite unique, but if this team were to pick a fight with the world, it’s going to be a big problem──in the first place, they already planned to mess with the world, so despite the problem being big or small, it’s already there. However, these guys are the kind of problem that can be called “the first and foremost prioritized”.

Originally, if we listened to the one formerly fighting against the world, Maou Pearlnight then

「In the beginning, even though I didn’t plan to kill them when I freely roamed the world, the relationship between them turned bad anyway. Six countries joined hand and attacked, you know? Even if it’s me, it’s still impossible. That’s why I lost to your hero party. But that also means they needed the strength of 5 other countries to do that, you see」

that’s what she would say.

「Well, during my 800 years being the Maou before you came, the situation was at a deadlock without any improvement. However, it shouldn’t have just developed straight to a situation where 5 countries joining hands with demons」

「……hn? 5 countries? Wait a minute, wasn’t it 6 countries and demons?」

Meguru asked.

「No, only 5. The Beast Kingdom Zenofobia didn’t participated in this alliance. The relationship between beastmen and humans weren’t good to begin with.
That’s why the King, Riley Riot rejected the offer, it seems. 『Lending help to humans? Don’t make that kind of joke』 or so he seems to have said. It’s all just rumors, though」

「Nah, if it’s that old geezer then I think it’s likely. I only met him once, but he looked at me like looking at some trash. He only mobilized his personnel because of “a hero of a Kingdom”. That old fart, he really hates humans」

Recalling the time Meguru himself first met Riley Riot, he continued.

「Moreover, it’s good that we have one less enemy to fight right now. It’s just impossible to take on 6 countries at the same time」

「Six or five, same thing」

「No, I plan to attack them one by one, though. That’s why Zenofobia not being in the Alliance will work for our side’s advantage」

「Crushing them one by one……huh」

Pearlnight repeated.

「Even if you say to crush them, how are you going to to it? Kill the whole population of the country? Murder every single one of them?」

Asnwering Pearlnight’s terrifying words, without a single reflection of emotion…

「No, I don’t plan to kill the citizens. Only the King and the fuckers who betrayed me. Thoughtless murder isn’t necessary. On top of that, it’s a waste to kill all the girls, no? Well, I’ll make the traitors feel like it’s better just to die than live, though. Even if they beg for death, I won’t let them die. I’ll let them suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer so they know my pain」

…Meguru said so with a laugh.


Either Pearlnight or Prism know about that all too well.

They were the people that joined with Meguru as his hero party.

Holy Maiden – Anastashia Eularia

Sorceress – Cecilia Mavis

Holy Knight Leader – Sapphire Foltesimo

Shinigami – Sariel Hallone

An even more unique combination than Meguru’s current team.

A mixed of various kinds of people.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that all the people with greatest war potential from each country gathered in that team. With that kind of team composition, they could easily blow up a country. For that reason, in order to restrain that kind of power, it’s necessary to control each of them one by one.

Leaving that aside.

Relatively speaking, this world is full of enemies because it’s a fragile world.

In actuality, other countries feared that the country with this Hero who possesses gigantic powers would form an Alliance and invade them, so they forcefully formed this new Alliance when they heard the rumor that the Hero switched over to Maou’s side. Because of that reason, this Alliance is a weak one.

In other words, Meguru’s thoughts about crushing them one by one was perfect.

Meguru and Pearlnight don’t know about this fact, though.

「Since it’s safe to say that those guys joined the Alliance when the situation was at its worst, the fact that they aimed for our lives could be seen as utterly desperate for them but……」

「Nah, even if they formed an Alliance, it’s very unlikely that they’ll make a move together at this current time. They don’t trust each other anyway. Well, this is just a possibility, but Anastashia probably already called Cecilia to talk about it. Anyway, the status quo isn’t so bad, even if it’s at its worst」

「It’s all good if we can crush them before those two can join hands, no?」

Pearlnight spoke, confirming the situation.

「Exactly. That’s why our first and foremost target to crush is the Holy Maiden Anastashia Eularia of Sentoaria」

While laughing with a broad grin, Meguru began to think about how he would humiliate his ex-comrade.


◆              ◆


Anastashia Eularia was a Holy Maiden.

Of course, she’s the kind of legendary Holy Maiden that would come out to give speeches for attendant work.

From the moment Anastashia was born, up until now it has been 20 years. While accomplishing her work as a Holy Maiden, she was not allowed to be in a relationship with any man.

「Anastashia is, like, kinda wasteful」 (TN: He means that it’s a waste for her to not be able to touch men)

Him──someone that has been summoned from a different world, as a Hero, and at the same time as an enemy, spoke those kinds of words to Anastashia at every opportunity.

In the middle of a meal.

In the middle of her prayers.

Even in the bath, he said so.

「Such a waste. Really such a waste. That body, that hair, your everything is wonderful, and yet you’re trapped in this position of a Holy Maiden. It’s like you dug your own grave」

At first, myself was in denial.
So she thought.

For the Anastashia who continued to be a Holy Maiden, she feared that she’d lose the reason to live if she rejected the offer to become a Holy Maiden. That’s why, that time she was angry.

Such a waste.

Even until now, Anastashia lives on without being able to comprehend those words.

Probably it was just he himself that these words were meant to aim at.

If she thinks like that, this cloudiness hiding inside her head would probably become able to be cleared away even just a little.

However, right now she can’t even put up with just that.

He had now recognized this world as his enemy, on top of that, together with his former enemy. Even if it’s him, making an enemy out of the world would leave him no margin to survive, or so Anastashia thought.

For the first time, a man who talked to her became her enemy.

For the first time, the man she fell in love with, became her enemy. (TN: WHAT? WTF? I’M SORRY WHAT?)

But then again, Anastashia can’t do anything about that.

As a Holy Maiden, she carries the hopes of the people. She can’t possibly betray them because of her own feelings. For that reason, she betrayed him.

But for the first time, whenever she thinks about being hated by him.

Whenever she tried to conceal her earnest feelings for him, and thought about living on while being hated by him as an enemy.

She swore that she’d kill herself and become a puppet.


However, while recalling his words, she could only comfort herself. (TN: Yeah I think the chick is masturbating lmao)

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16 thoughts on “Betrayed Hero 2

  1. I think I know what happened. The kings of the five countries was scared of the combined power of the hero party, so they recalled the individuals to their homes and fed them lies about how the hero betrayed the rest of the world and joined with the Maou. Of course, this became a self-fulfilled prophecy, as these things usually do (the example that comes to mind is the prophecy of Oedipus, who was supposedly going to kill his father the king, so the king sent him to live away from Athens as an infant. The next time the two met, they were complete strangers who got into an argument, ending with the king’s death). Now, because they were so easily fooled, they’re going to be humiliated, tortured, and become sex slaves as well as watch their precious homes be conquered by the man they love. All because they were to stupid to even try and ask him for the truth.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Well there might be some of that but without seeing the others i’m not sure, i mean either the Holy Maiden put her duty as a Maiden to her Kingdom first before her love for the Hero which is why she wallows in regret or like you said they fed her lies and swallowed them easily.
      She’s the naïve,idealistic and pushover saintess so her getting fooled by the people she trusts isn’t that surprising but the other shouldn’t be that stupid and believe such a thing about the Hero their comrade for years


      • Your right, normally people aren’t that stupid, but people who take up the mantle of hero are usually fools who take everything they are told by the “good guys” at face value, and the only thing that fills their heads is JUSTICE. That, or they planned to do this from the start. There is a chance that the others planned to betray him from the start, but this alliance between the countries is too halfassed for that, what with there being absolutely no trust between them. So good money’s on all four of them being naive little fools who’ve been dancing to others’ tune like marionettes.


  2. Somebody bring a bottle of diluted Vi@gra in motivation for this man!! Quick, quick!!! (lol)

    Jokes apart, I still haven’t heard of slavery magic/collars/rituals… looks like fun times ahead (not for our translator, though…)


  3. lets see….
    Holy Maiden – Anastashia Eularia … will end up being a mind broken minion of the MC since he was the only man she had ever talked with and fell in love with…

    Holy Knight Leader – Sapphire Foltesimo … possibly the most gullible of the bunch especially if she’s the typical/usual blind follower of her kingdom

    Sorceress – Cecilia Mavis .. not enough info

    Shinigami – Sariel Hallone .. not enough info


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