Betrayed Hero Prologue

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「Good grief、where on Earth could it have gone so wrong that it became like this, I wonder──I’m begging you, so someone please just tell me。 There’s a limit to being utterly confused, you know──」

In the heavily down-pouring rain, the figure of a single man could be seen climbing the steep mountain, talking to himself.

He looks to be around 20 years of age.

His height is short, and he’s wearing rough and tight clothing, but that doesn’t seem to matter in this downpour.

No, even if the rain wasn’t heavy, the blood dying red stains on those clothes would have led to the same result.

「……dammit。 I never goddamn wanted to become a hero just to end up running around like this……I just wanted to defeat the Maou to save the world, and then get surrounded by women!」

The man’s name is Yomawari Meguru

Being summoned as a hero, he, alone, shouldered the hopes of the people to fight the Maou.

And then, right now, Meguru is running away.

Running──while fighting.

What is he running away from? What is he fighting against? Even though the Maou was defeated?

Meguru himself understands all too well. The enemy he’s going against, he knows who──but the reason for that, he has not a clue.

Just a while ago he was fighting a life-and-death battle with 10 Knights clad in armor, and yet he had not the slightest idea about the reason why they fought. However, there is one thing he understands, on the chest of those armed Knights, the crest of the Kingdom, by whom Meguru was summoned, was carved.


──why me.

──一why in this goddamn wide world, do I have to become like this.

While trying to kill each other, by those thoughts, he vented out his full killing intent.

But even so, even when Meguru annihilated all the Knights, by no means it was the end of all that. On the contrary, it was only the beginning.

During a long period of time, the same thing continued again and again.

It became something that happens on a daily basis.

It also had long reached the point of turning into Meguru’s daily life.

Lately, it’s been going on continuously. Every single day, without break.

「No surprises……this is just too tough……」

His irritation is reaching its peak.


Even so, he continued to run. The reason he ran is clear as day. It makes him feel at ease, even just a little bit more than when he stopped his feet.

There’s not even spare time to think about whether they stopped pursuing after he had killed so many of them already.

「Ah、damn。 I even defeated the Maou、why the hell did it turn out like this──ッ!」

That moment, sensing someone’s presence beyond the bush, Meguru stopped his legs. He already used up all the weapons he had for the battle earlier. If by any chance, the thing beyond that bush is an enemy, he has no choice but to have to fight barehanded. There’s no spare time to delicately be preparing magic either. Meguru stiffened his body, but soon relaxed.

It was not an enemy. No, to be exact, it was a former enemy.

The thing that made its appearance, was the Maou that Meguru should’ve defeated, Pearlnight “Resurrection” Halwehi. A touch shorter than Meguru, the girl in mini-skirt too, was dyed in blood stains just like Meguru himself.

Pearlnight “Resurrection” Halwehi. (TN: ハールヴェッヒ I gave up on the name)

The girl that was formerly dictating the world, and should’ve been killed by Meguru.

「Pearlnight……。 You lived……」

Fuu–Meguru heaved a sigh.

「Even though I surely thought I killed you。 You’re still living huh」

His whole body and soul trembled incomprehensively.

「Thy too、because of trying to kill me、you made enemy out of the world」

Pearlnight broadly grinned. However, those words carried no nuances, it was instead that of an exhausted tone of voice.

Because unclear words would only get washed away in this downpour, that voice gave a tired impression in this kind of situation where one has to make his or her voice stand out.

「How many……have you killed?」

「Who knows、I know I don’t。 I didn’t even care to count after 100」

To Pearlnight’s question, Meguru answered while shaking his head.

It was a situation where Meguru had to kill the people that he was supposed to protect. He doesn’t even want to think about it.

「What the hell is actually happening。 This is the first time I’m so blind about everything。 Just what the hell kind of things I’ve got caught up into?」

「Well。 I know not of the details. However、it really is not just thy and I who don’t comprehend──」

Shrugging her shoulders, Pearlnight said so.

「The country that summoned thy、and those Demon-race countries not under my control seemed to have joined hands to plan an overthrow on both the Maou and the Hero。 They formed a non-aggression treaty。 I thought it was really a dream when humans and Demon-race actually joined hands to achieve one common goal. It’s something that even I, after hundreds of years, could not do and yet thy hath done it easily with thy gigantic powers」

「Hahaha、in the end、it turned out to be a good thing didn’t it」

Meguru laughed, mocking himself.

「Good grief、I actually did think I would be surrounded by lovely onee-san’s while living carefreely, but in the end it turned out like this」

「If thy want onee-san、then there’s one right here」

Pearlnight smiled with those words.

「Naah、I’m not interested in a washboard onee-san that shows no signs of growing」

「Self-centered, aren’t you. My vagina is that of a rare artifact, you know. Look at me, don’t you want to violate such a lovely lady?」

Even in this kind of situation, Pearlnight lifted her short skirt up to the very limit.

「I’m not kiddin’」

Even though Meguru cursed like that, his crotch reacted. During this several months, Meguru hasn’t been able to “react” as he has been being chased.

「Even though you said that with your mouth、your body is honest。 How about this、let me give you some oral sex」

Saying so, Pearlnight felt up Meguru’s penis.

「Ah、oi。 Wait、…………ッ!」


When the two people were about to commit into the act, some foreign sounds were heard nearby──this time it’s definitely an enemy.

They were the pursuers that had been chasing Pearlnight.

Just like Meguru, she has been fighting and running. Even though Meguru got mixed up into this situation when he could’ve escaped──he didn’t complain. Rather, he has a plan.

「Pearlnight、if we escape I’m gonna bang you。 It’s not worth my effort if I don’t do that」

「Kufu、that’s the best discussion I could ever ask for。 I too, have been living decently all these hundreds of years。 My hymen also recovered。 If it has come to this、then let’s quickly kill these fellows and go to my castle。 It’s going to be amusing if we join hands and make the world our enemy, don’t you think?」

「That’s if we killed them first。 I feel like we’re not gonna make it, but there’s no choice but to fight。 By the way Pearlnight, do you know what happened to the party members that were waiting for me?」

「Who knows。 I heard rumors about them receiving positions and money from the Kingdom when you were betrayed。 I don’t know the details, though」

「I see、so that’s how it is。 Gotta dish out my revenge on them too。 Making me fall into this situation, I’d be damned if I didn’t fucking at least make them my sex slaves。 And they even fucking said that they liked lovey-dovey romantic sex with me!」

The two of them, without hesitation, walked straight up to the bush from where they heard the sounds were coming.

They’re not going to run anymore.

This time, it’s all about counter-attacking.

If it’s the combination of the strongest human and the strongest demon, they surely will win.

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  1. Jeez… The sex is already in the prologue? The author should really just do straight hentai if he can’t be bothered to even sketch out the fantasy start without a sexual service scene?
    The idea is good (if not exactly original) but it’s the barest minimum of a fantasy story sketch before the author concentrates on just getting sketchy…lol


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