Betrayed Hero 5


Chapter 5: Maou and Hero, Meeting the Rabbit

Awakened by the sunlight shining through the window, Meguru opens his eyes.


Beside him, Pearlnight is sleeping soundly. Seeing so, Meguru strokes her hair, making her leak out a soft moan, but she doesn’t seem to wake up at all.

Tucking her lower half in the bed sheets, Meguru gets off the bed.

As he hops off, the bed slightly shakes.


Pearlnight calls his name in her dream.

That puts a smile on Meguru lips as he quietly leaves the room.

While thinking about the future, he exits the castle.

Since he doesn’t know the interior of the castle really well, he comes outside. It’s probably a good decision, but, in the Linaria garden just outside the castle, Prism’s figure watering the flowers can be seen.

Meguru intends to say hello. However, as if having guessed it, Prism turns around just when Meguru’s about to call out to her.

「Good morning, Yowamari Meguru. You sure were enjoying yourself last night」

Saying so, she bows deeply.

Meguru’s face twitches as soon as he hears those words.

「Ara? What’s wrong? Are you telling me that, even after you’ve taken my Lord’s, Pearlnight-sama, chastity, you’re still not happy? Right, you’re that kind of person after all. You’re not taking this serious while disregarding Pearlnight-sama’s feelings, right? I wonder why Pearlnight-sama wanted to make the whole world her enemy with you; I just don’t understand. Oh well, I don’t care about Humans, they can go burn themselves, but you hate your own Race, right? Or maybe you just dislike those of the same sex? Whatever, whichever is fine, but, at least, next time you have fun with Pearlnight-sama, make sure to keep your voice down. Also, do tell me about Pearlnight-sama’s adorable reactions after; that’d be much appreciated」 [TN: Translator ded]

He’s further cornered by Prism.

「Go-Good morning……」

That’s the only thing Meguru could squeeze out.

「Pearlnight-sama is still resting?」

「Hm? Yeah, she was still sleeping when I got up. She’ll probably wake up soon. If you need something I can go wake her up?」

「No, thank you. Only death awaits those who disturb my Lord’s precious rest time. I’ll go prepare breakfast for now. ……It irritates me, but I’ll obediently let you be together with Pearlnight-sama. That said, I still have not forgiven you. Please understand that. Now, I’ll go prepare our meals, despite the change in the number of servings. Please come to the banquet hall later. Please excuse me」


Meguru murmurs.

He doesn’t think they can get along at all. If anything, he’s surprised that Prism greeted him; Meguru believes that they wouldn’t even be able to converse.

In the first place, they were enemies.

It was the kind of relationship where they would take each other’s life.

However, in the past, when Pearlnight’s subordinates appeared before Meguru’s party, they were somewhat going easy on them.

They defeated them, but never did they want to seriously take their lives.

For that reason, despite how many times the Hero’s party had fallen into disorder, none of them ever died.

Then, why didn’t they kill the Hero and his party?

The truth is plain and simple.

Pearlnight ordered them not to. 『You must not kill the Hero’s party』, so she said.

Naturally, Meguru is oblivious of this fact.

No matter how one looks at it, this is the only conclusion they’ll reach.

For that reason, Meguru stops thinking about pointless things, takes a stroll around the garden and heads back to the banquet hall.


◆          ◆


It’s a masterpiece.

On the seven meter long and one meter wide table, the dishes Prism made are lined up.

In Meguru’s previous world, this is called a full course meals of Japanese, Chinese and French cuisines. At any rate, it’s too much for 3 people to eat.

As soon as Meguru enters the room, his mouth is clogged upon seeing this scene.

However, after a couple tens of minutes, Meguru is even more surprised.

「Haa~ Prism’s cooking is superb as always, I could just keep eating」

「Th-Thank you. Aside from combat, I’m only good at doing this and setting up defensive barriers……」

「Don’t be so modest, your capabilities in combat and defensive barriers are beyond top-class. On top of that, you’re also this good at cooking, I wouldn’t expect anything more than this. If anything, it’s a shame that you can’t live somewhere better than this place, since you’re not good at craftsmanship」

「I’ve sworn to do everything for Pearlnight-sama since that day when you saved me. That’s why, please don’t say something like that and let me be by your side」 [TN: Cough, I’d like some intense yuri action later, Author-san]

As their conversation goes on, Meguru is more and more surprised.

All the food are stuffed into Pearlnight’s stomach neatly.

It’s a bit exaggerated to say “everything”. Except for 2 dishes which Meguru ate, the rest went to Pearlnight.

No matter how much he tries to comprehend, it’s still not making sense how she’s storing a volume of food which exceeds the size of her body.

Meguru even imagines something as rude as a blackhole inside her stomach.

「Then, what do you plan to do from now on? Just sitting around doing nothing like this wouldn’t work. Let’s say we’re aiming at the Holy Maiden as you’ve said, but, without a proper plan, it’s no good, right?」

Suddenly, Pearlnight brings up the main topic.

Prism has already disappeared even though she was conversing with Pearlnight just now. It seems like she went to clean up the tableware.

「What are you gonna do from now on?」

Pearlnight repeats herself.

「From now on, huh.… For the time being, we need a weapon supply, then we’ll also need to grasp the enemy’s war potential. If possible, I’d like to clash with them head-on, but Saint Aria would dispatch the Imperial Guards to protect the Holy Maiden. Well, if that doesn’t work, then we just need to switch to sneak-attacks」

「Fumu, weapon supply, is it? There’s a big town a few hours of walking away from here. If we look there, we might find some good things. I’m also out of threads, so we have to buy those, too. Usually, it’s best to get the threads directly from the Arachne, but, now, I have no clue where they are…… And then, we’d best leave the investigation of the enemy’s strength to Prism. Prism, come here for sec!」

Hearing those words, Prism appeared behind Pearlnight out of nowhere, asking ‘How may I help you?’.

「Yeah, there’s something I want you to do. Investigate Saint Aria’s war potential. I’ll head over to Halshion city with Meguru to do some shopping」

「Understood. Then, please forgive my impudence, but we also need to buy some ingredients sold at Halshion…… Today’s breakfast was too heavy on our stock of ingredients……」

Prism says with an apologetic face.

Pearlnight just smiles.

「What, if it’s something that trivial, then don’t worry about it. I have a luggage-holder right here. Don’t hold back, just tell me everything you need」

Saying so, she looks at Meguru.

Meguru is indebted to Pearlnight in various ways, so, if it’s just that much, he easily accepts it with a shrug.

「Is that so? Then please give me a moment」

Having said that, Prism disappears to somewhere, then she returns with a piece of paper. She hands that paper to Pearlnight.

「This is a list of all the things I need. I’ll ask for your help on this. Then, about the investigation of Saint Aria’s war potential, I believe it’ll take at most three days. I’ll contact you if there’s anything unsual」

She says, bowing deeply.

「Got it. Now then, Meguru, let us go without delay」

Saying so, Pearlnight stands up from her seat, followed by Meguru, also standing up.

Just like that, the two walk outside.

Behind them is the figure of Prism saying ‘Please be careful’.


◆           ◆


Inside the forest, a figure of something running can be seen.

「ーーhaa, haa, haa……」

Gasping for breaths, it’s running away from the pursuit of something.

It weaves its way through the gaps between trees left and right, sometimes even destroys a tree.

While making itself harder to pursue with many techniques, it properly maintains its speed.

It could be called a perfect escape. A flawless escape which leaves no room for mistakes.

However, there’s no composure on the face of the bunny girl who’s carrying out this perfect escape. If anything, it’s the opposite. Her face is all sticky with tears and sweat, her eyes filled with anger and griefs.

「Mom……Dad……El……I’m sorry……」

She keeps running while murmuring so.

She doesn’t know how long must she keep running, but she simply has to run. Because the distance between her and the pursuer is shrinking.

「Why……why do I……keep seeing this place……」

She falls into a delusion of having run in a circle.

No, the truth is, she has been running around in circle this whole time.

She was lured into running in circle.

However, the girl doesn’t realize that.

The one who pursues the bunny girl has intentionally surrounded her and manipulated her escape route, then slowly closes the distance between them.

They’re extra careful about eliminating errors and raising the chance of success. They was trained to be like that. They were programmed to be like that.

That’s why, they’re good at chasing their preys.

They only need to chase the bunny girl around until both her body and soul are exhausted. They simply need to wait for the moment.

The girl keeps running. She’s running from the one chasing her from behind, and she’s avoiding the ones who block the path before her. She frantically looks for a route to escape.

Then, finally, fatigue takes over her.

In order to let her escape, her father sacrificed himself, and her family was captured.

However, she still runs.

She stares fixedly at the path before her.

Her heart stands strong and unfaltered.

She simply runs.

Even if she has to drag her slender body on the ground, she runs with everything she’s got.

However, it’s already the limit of that wounded body of hers.

Even though her heart is not faltering, her body is giving out, making her collapse at an empty area.

Seeing such an opportunity, her pursuers surround her, cutting off all escape routes.

Having realized that much, the girl regrets stopping her feet.

Though, it’s pointless regretting it at this point.

The pursuers show themselves.

There are three of them.

Surrounding the girl, the three of them emerge from shadows.

As they activate their bracelets, each shoots out a sharp, naked blade.

That moment, from their bodies, mechanical noises of a machine reverberate.


Upon seeing that, the girl learns that her pursuers aren’t humans.

Though, it’s already too late.

On the outside, they’re covered with a rustic, machinery appearance which is barely humanoid. Each of them is a moving lump of machineries. Maybe it’s better to think of them that way.

「「「We shall not harm you if you give up on resisting. Obediently following us is highly recommended」」」

Synthetic voices echo from all around her.

(Ah……this, this is……the end of me…… I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, Father. I’m sorry, Mother. Even though all helped me escape, I’m sorry, El. I wasn’t being a good big sister…… Ahh, is there anyone……)

As despair slowly surfaces in her eyes, the girl decides to raise her voice the best she could, clinging to a frail hope that someone will show up.


She screams with every last bit of strength left in her.

Deep down, she keeps wondering why this has to happen to their family.

As she desperately ponders about such things, she screams.

Immediately after that…

「I ain’t no damned God, but imma save you anyways!!!」 [TN: BAHAHAHAHAHA]

It wasn’t the synthetic voices of the Machines, but it’s a young man’s.

「Good grief, you’re such a stupid trouble-magnet, oh well, it’s fine. I’ll use this opportunity to test out my new Spider Threads」

After that, it’s the voice of a girl.

Reacting to those voices, the bunny girl opens her eyes.

Within her field of vision, there’s the figure of a black haired young man a bit shorter than herself in height. Standing next to him……is a sakura-color haired girl.

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