Q. and A. Chapter 5

Wiping the dust.


The two people lied down next to each other on the bed, soaking into the afterglow of sex.
Their hands stayed connected. Even though there was enough space, Mii still recklessly clung her voluptuous body to him.
Having the squishy sensation of her huge breasts pressed against his chest, he unintentionally turned his face away in embarrassment.

「You don’t have to be shy, you know?」

The black haired girl whispered so with a smile.

「Since I’ve already become your bride, and I’m pregnant with your child, too」

「What, that can’t be true」

「I wonder if it is…then, won’t you kiss me again?」

He was gazed at with playful eyes. Her long eyelashes looked like they were specially exquisitely made. Then the face of the young man being reflected into those eyes slowly became bigger……

「A~ra ara ara ara, what a lovey-dovey couple we have here」

The voice of a third person resounded from somewhere.
Stayed blushing, Ren separated his hand from his wife as if tearing himself away. He looked restlessly around the room the find the source of the voice, but the figure of the person couldn’t be seen anywhere.

「I’m over here」

Once again, it was a teasing voice of a girl. He immediately moved his line of sight, and saw an unbelievable spectacle.

「Greetings. I’m a Mirror Fairy」

A short-haired, pointed ear person.
Her body was wrapped in clothing that looked like layers of fabric piling on each other, she was a different type than the typical Japanese style Mii and is now waving her hand towards this direction.
She was inside the mirror, of all things.

「Wa-WAIT! Kamira! You promised you won’t peep at us!?」

So she rebuked, but as she was doing so while hiding her huge breasts with both arms, her dignity as a Demon Queen was nonexistent.

「No no. You gasped so hard like he was breaking you, I couldn’t just NOT hear it at all even deep inside the mirror」

Grinning broadly, the fairy called Kamira mimicked a flirty voice. From the look of it, she seemed to be Mii’s subordinate, but she didn’t show  much respect towards her superior.

「Y-Y-You, you are……!」

Overwhelmed by anger and embarrassment of having her lovey-dovey love making time peeked at by a third party, the girl’s naked shoulders trembled.

「You gave me a Flame spell as a present so I repaid with a little prank, it’s fine to forgive me right? Did you really intend to attack me back then? It could’ve been troublesome if I got blown out through the window」

「Uu. Well, sorry for that」

「Look, your husband got utterly confused. Is it fine without any explanation?」

Being urged by the fairy, Mii unwillingly turned towards this direction.

「I’ll punish her later so…… Ah, err, my fairy was being rude. Even so she’s quite an influential person, she helped with summoning Ren-sama but…she has this habit of playing pranks」

「Not only I helped with the summon. I also gave out 『Fairy’s Blessing』. Thanks to that I got exhausted and couldn’t leave the mirror for a while, you should be thankful」

Kamira puffed out her chest in triumph. Appropriate to her 15cm height body, her chest was almost flat.

「Fairy’s Blessing?」

「Yeah. Things like auto-translation for the sake of mutual understanding, increase in resistance against disease and magic, well there are some more conveniences, it’s a blessing-type magic that’ll help you live well in this world. You can converse with me also because of that」

He showed a “I see” expression and realized there were some questionable points.

「Eh? But I think I understood Mii from the beginning」

Mii herself answered this question.

「It’s because my origin is from the 『Sakura Kingdom』. Japanese is my mother tongue」

「There’s that kind of country huh」

「Yes. Other than that, there’s also beastmen’s 『Beast Kingdom』, Kamira and the fairies’ 『Green Kingdom』, technology developers’『Machine Kingdom』」

「The Demon Queen is a child of a succubus and a Samurai from the 『Sakura Kingdom』. If you’re going to become the Maou then coming to greet the succubus’ 『Inma Kingdom』 is a must. With that being said, come here」

He had some difficulties understanding because he wasn’t used to her language yet, so she beckoned him by waving her hand. Not really understanding what’s happening, he got dressed and stood in front of the mirror.

「Kamira! Stop it! It’s me and Ren-sama’s time to enjoy our lovey-dovey newly-wed sex life!」

As if knowing what was going to happen, Mii screamed out loud but it was too late.
The moment he grasped the fairy’s tiny index finger, Ren’s body was pulled in, sinking into the mirror surface.

「From the mirror to the mirror, guiding your way~」 (TN: It’s a chant, but I suck at TLing it, so let’s just leave it like that)

His field of vision became silver colored.
Still not understanding anything, Ren was kidnapped to a different dimension for the second time today.


「Good grief, what’s gonna become of my life」

In the middle of a grassland, Ren is walking on a poorly paved road.

「If we go straight, we’ll see a river. Once the river’s in sight, we just need to walk straight upstream. Then we’ll see a huge residence……or we should」

After getting kidnapped by the mirror fairy Kamira, he was already here in this old cabin.
There was only one room with a bed full of spiderweb and a full-length mirror inside.
Near the pillow put a letter, directions to the succubus stronghold were written in there, together with a message in the style of 「Come greet us」.

「Worst case scenario, we’re done if we get lost」

Was it because the transfer took time, or was it because he fainted for too long, whichever it was, when he woke it had already been dark outside.
There were 3 servings of food inside the bag. In any case, he ate dinner and went to sleep that night, then he had breakfast in the morning and departed. That made his food serve dropped down to only 1 left.

「This is an otherworld, I can’t just call for help with my cellphone if I get lost…」

The dazzling morning sun seemed even bigger than the one from his previous world.
While being attacked by an indescribable anxiety, he continued walking, without knowing how much time had past already.

「Heeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeee」

It was a girl’s scream. But then the scream was overtaken by a silhouette with a stormy speed.
The moment he realized, a lovely girl was already standing in front of him, all out of breath.


She directed her wet blue eyes at him. She wore a cute, well decorated dress, her wavy blond hair softly entangled her trembling shoulders as she gasped for breaths.
Is she the daughter of some kind of wealthy family? In any case she wasn’t an ordinary person.

「Wh-What? What happened?」

When he asked, the girl spoke with a desperate voice.

「Something was hiding in that bush! It deceives people coming from behind! I beg you!!」

「Eh? Ah well, I don’t mind but…」

The moment she received his consent, the girl slipped into the bush as nimble as a squirrel. She curled up her back as much as she could to hide from everything.

(Hm!? Wait a minute, are those…black bat wings on her back? Don’t me she’s a succubus)

Or so he thought, but then got interrupted by the flapping sounds of wings.

「Haaah? Where’s the princess… Did she just run off…」

「Ahh, what a shame. Hm? But isn’t that kid over there…a boy?」

「Hee……looks delicious……fufufu」

He turned back as there were 3 voices coming at him from behind.

「! ?」

He was dumbfounded before the unfolding spectacle. There were 3 girls that resembled the one earlier with bat-like black wings swooping down from the sky, they were all wearing sexy panties.
They easily landed as if they had no body weight, then the 3 succubus girls smiled broadly while looking at him.

「Nee~ Onii-chan over there」

The youngest girl among the 3 succubuses briskly stepped up towards him.
Her breasts were a bit small-ish, but were full of flexibility, they softly shook along with her cheerful footsteps as she walked. They were like some kind of milky white jelly.
At the summit of her breasts were two cheekily pointed tips with a pale pink pigment color. He unintentionally laid his eyes on those nipples of hers, which were shaking and pointing here and there.

(Wait NO! Even if this world doesn’t have policemen, staring at a girl’s naked skin is a little……NOPE, it should be her that would be arrested if the police came, shouldn’t it?)

While he was thinking about those kinds of thing, the girl made a daunting pose right in front of him at point-blank range, making a straight glare this way with eyes like those of cats.

「You see. I’m obviously aware that you’ve been staring at Ichigo’s breasts」

Her tone and speech were full of despise. It seemed like Ichigo was her name. It’s really suitable with her hairstyle as her hair color was strawberry-like red, braided into a twintail style.
In any case, the fact that he stared at this girl who called herself Ichigo was undeniable. Ren panicked and turned his line of sight away, properly apologizing.

「Hmp. Well that’s fine. Then if you want me to forgive you for staring at my bare skin, let us three violate you, how about that?」

「Eh? Eeehhh! ?」

The way her logic works was also extreme.
As the young man was dumbfounded, the other 2 succubuses also put on a suspicious atmosphere as they drew near.

「We thought we could rape the princess to release some frustration but as you can see… We found a boy instead, ain’t it our lucky day? Ah, my name’s Melon, by the way. Treat me well~」

Showing a soft and comfortable smile while talking with a warm and slow voice was a glossy black haired beauty who called herself Melon.
Her explosively huge breasts were generously exposed while she let them lean on her crossed-arms. They look pretty heavy in mass.

(S-Same size with Mii……no, even bigger! ?)

Her two ripened giant melons really had impact. Suitably, her areola were also large, her flesh beans were standing erect as big as the size of a pinky’s tip.
Her deep cleavage created a deep shadow that would endlessly suck in any man’s line of sight.
While Ren was fascinated with those huge breasts, the last one of them timidly stepped up and introduced.

「……I’m…Sumire. I’ll make you feel good, so don’t resist……」

Her beautiful blue hair looked like a blue sky being combed into strings. Her hair braids stretched to her fragile shoulders.
She looked older than Ichigo but younger than Melon.
Her bust size was also a perfect average between the other two, they were so well shaped that one would think of her beautiful breasts as a refined article made from sculpting, their color was also fantastic.
The three distinctive beauties had surrounded the bewildered young man before he even realized.

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♦ The chapter turned out to be longer and harder to read than I expected.

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