Q. and A. Chapter 4

It’s been a while.

Cute Demon Queen and Child Making Part 3

「Haa、Haaaa……。 Th、This cum contest is my lost」

Like a kitten being tired because of playing around too much, Mii lied horizontally next to the young man, resting her body that climaxed just now.
However her break lasted merely minutes. Hot breaths spilling out from her lips as the girl quickly raised her body and said with an admired facial expression.

「The defeated must be obedient to the winner。 By all means、please violate me to your heart’s content」

Placing her fingers on her trembling thighs, the lovely girl who lost to the man opened her beautiful legs on her own.
At the depth of her opened M-shaped legs, a flirty and meaty entrance stretched open, waiting for the man. Her glittering jet black pubic hair put even more emphasis on its border, which is her lewd salmon-pink colored secret place.
The love juice gathered at her flesh creases stickily spilled and scattered. It was as if the liquid licked her anus and the sheets, stickily and lewdly soaked them.

「Would you……go inside me、to the deepest parts?」

Her fleshy lips drew an arc.
Captivated by that extremely sexy smile, he unintentionally gulped down his saliva.
Moving his limbs as if controlled by carnal lust, he covered the girl with his body, which is bigger in size. Before he even knows he already had his hands placed on her slender shoulders, and by doing that he finally noticed the warmth of her body.

「Really though、it’s fine for me to take your virginity?」


As he looked down from above, their lines of sight met with one another.
Her sparkling eyes were like that of a small animal wanting to be spoiled by its master.
With her bust and hips brimming with fleshiness, Mii’s body possesses very inviting proportions, but upon looking at her like this, he has an impression that she’s very fragile. With these hands, if he put his strength in them, it felt like she was going to break easily.
It was probably because of her wonderful white skin and her Japanese-like beautiful face.

「Now……please violate me」

A whisper that seemed to tickled his eardrum. Hearing such an unrealistic word as 「Violate」, the sound of his string of reasons could be heard tearing off.



Having her shoulders pushed down, the lovely Mii who let out a hot voice lied flat down on the bed. As her charming long hair spread out sexily, it was as if those superfine black threads are fore stringing the two people together.
Dyed with a slight peach-color, her drooping breasts shook slightly like puddings.
He’s not concerned about this perfect girl whom he’s going to do as he pleases. Because of the fact that up until now he has no experience in pushing a girl down that his chest throbbed, and his erection is also getting to point of painful.

「I’m putting it in。 Don’t move」

Not waiting for her response, he teased her lewd white flesh with his full erect meat stick.
The moment the sensation of his glans touching her love juice, as if being swallowed, he filled himself into the girl.


Suddenly her flirty flesh glued to his glans, wriggling as if massaging it. Being attacked with a pleasure leagues different than masturbation, the paralyzing feeling spread from his uretha to his whole body.

(It’s hot……and slippery……just the tip and I already want to cummm)

Clutching his butt in order to not ejaculating, he sank his swelling erection into the sea of flesh.
The shape of her ellipse virgin hole that never knew of a man was slowly spread by his glans that’s pushing in. Burning this ferocious excitement from seeing that scene into his heart, Ren filled the muscles at his hips with full power.

「Aahhh! B、Biig……。 It’s going、inside meee!」

With the pain like that of piercing a hole through the flesh of a soft woman’s body, a moan of anguish leaked out from her white and slender throat.
However the trial for the virgin maiden starts here.
Digging the flesh road while advancing, his glans collided with something of faint resistance.

(So this is a hymen)

He made eye contact with the girl he’s pushing down. Though her eyes are slightly teary, they’re steady like that of a calm lake.
Those are eyes filled with solid determination.

「I’m going in」

He seized her slender waist, which is so slender it would make people worry if he clogged her internal organs, with both hands and plunged his meat spear inside with all his might.
*SFX goes here
A slight sense of popping something was sent to his glans. As the remaining membranes rubbed on her vaginal walls, the conqueror finally pierced through the narrow virgin cave.


Mii covered the anguishedly warped shape of her lips with slender fingers. But it was impossible to conceal her shriek.
From where she was pierced by a burly penis, lukewarm fresh blood quickly poured out.
He carved the proof of his existence into this beauty called Mii. The actual feeling of taking her virginity rose up inside his body, to the point of trembling joy. However the original sexual intercourse between a man and a woman still forces the pain upon the woman.

「It hurts、right?。 You okay?」

He asked the girl who had the corners of her eyes moistened, but she frantically shook her head.

「I’m not hurt at all……! Ren-sama please move、haah、as you like」

To her courage of going as far as lying just to offer her purity, the young man carved her affection into his heart.

「You don’t have to force yourself。 It’s fine to rest a bit until the pain is gone so…」


「Look、let’s hold hands? I heard that doing this can ease the pain」

Soothing her, he held out both his hands.
In an instant, the anguish on Mii’s expression got wiped away and vanished. In place of that, surprise filled her face, and as if white snow being shone upon by the Sun, her cheeks and nape flushed.

「……you’re so gentle」

Smiling broadly, the girl finally murmured so. Stretched out her white and smooth fingers, she entwined them with his like a spoiled child.
Holding both each other hands like that of lovers, he softly soaked into the high body temperature of hers.



「Right now、I’m so very happy」

Me too, said Ren from the bottom of his heart.
No need for violent movements, just being connected like this filled them with happy euphoria.
The dripping wet and hot to the point of burning vaginal cylinder gave his meat stick a filled-with-love embrace. It was as if his whole body was hugged tightly.

(Ecchi is、no、women are this kind of pleasurable creature huh)

He got befuddled and intoxicated for a while, but now is probably the time for giving each other a couple dozens of pulsation. Mii suddenly recalled something and said.

「Ano、Ren-sama。 I think I’m fine already」


「Yes! Thank you very much。 You can rape me to your liking now」 (TN: I died at this line so my parallel self is going to TL the next ones)

This time she’s not pretending to be tough. The penis that wanted to ejaculate more than anything throbbed in pain, its crave for ejaculation has reached critical point.
Holding each other hands as is, the young man gave into carnal lust and began to tick into the rhythm.


It was a flirtatious voice as if drawn out from deep inside her vagina.
Slamming his abdomen into her plump butt, panpan dry sounds resounded. As the lewd sounds of having sex sprang up like an instrumental duo, lust swelled up more and more inside him.

「Mii’s pussyy、feels so good!」

「I、I got into an ecchi mood too。 My pussy is spredi……aaahh!」

The tip of his meat spear poked at something that felt kind of hard.
Being bullied at the womb entrance, the girl bent her back like a grapevine. As her F-cup breasts spring up and down, sparkling beads of sweats scattered in the air. A remarkable high-pitched shriek surged up from within her curving throat.
I reached the innermost depth of this beauty! or so the carnal lust roared up inside Ren’s chest. As his heart beating fast, red hot blood was sent down to his whole body and his penis.

「Cummingg! Mii! I’m making you pregnant」

His manly instincts screamed.

「Pleashe cuum! Fill my womb with your baby……っ! Aaaaahhh」

Mixing tenderly with her womanly liquids, her flesh creases sucked on his cock like countless tongues’ licking while devoting to wringing his semen.
At the same time, Mii’s eyebrows knitted painfully, her beautiful face melted to her first time being satisfied through copulating.
With her mouth shut closed, her stuffy breaths nearly drowned her tongue as it crawled out seeking help. The figure of a rare beauty turning into disorder is very lewd.

(It’s like、there’s an ecchi living creature down there)

With an agonized expression befitting that of a young maiden, the bewitching and shameful gap of her genital was made love to by the young man, even though he had that kind of hallucination.
When he pulled his cock out, her flirty meat entangled it while the vagina hole softened up.
And then when he aimed at her womb entrance and plunged back in in one gulp, the pressure of her vagina changed to an intense grasp, not letting him go as if wanting to be spoiled.

「Yaaaa! Cum、I’m cummiiiing! A hot and huge wave、it’s、no I can’t endure it。 I want it together with Ren-sama」

The maiden on the verge of an orgasm let out a sickly-sweet shriek, shaking his eardrum and demanding his ejaculation. Their hands that were holding each other like lovers became damply wet with sweat as the girl put in a good grip with the best of her strength.
Seems like both sides are already at their wit’s end. As Ren recklessly swinging his hips, body fluids were scraped out from where the two are being connected. Sticky and watery sounds scattered.

「I’m、I’m! Aaaaaaahhhhaaaaahhh!」

Springing up her body and her flesh fruits, the girl raised an orgasm scream from the depth of her throat as she was pushed to her climax.
The glittering tip of her black hair danced as her toes clutched tightly mid-air.
Not reserving any of that fascinating body, Mii deeply expressed herself.


The flesh hole shut tightly, confining the cock as if fighting against it.
The moment he pressed his ready to ejaculate glans against her meat sack, a pleasure many times better than urinating sparked inside his brain.

「I’m comiiing、Mii!」

Byukuu! Doburururu!
As if drawing up a pump, boiling hot semen was shot out with terrific vigor. The girl’s inner-womb was dyed stickily white in a blink of an eye.
Doku, doku the pulsation never stopped, it was like his heart was down there. Matching that, baby juice infinitely spilled out.
Blind with pleasures, the blood vessels in his brain seemed to burn.

「Haaa……it’s so hot……this、I’m definitely getting pregnant with this~♡」

Gazing at her stomach that was filled with sperms, the girl soaked herself into the afterglow of climax.
Losing its strength at last, his meat stick was pulled out, cloudy liquid began to overflow from her. Her beautiful and well-organized flirty flesh creases are now left with fresh traces of being sexually disgraced.

「With this、I became Ren-sama’s bride」

Befuddled with the pleasant tired feeling, Mii confirmed happily.

「A bride、huh。 Kinda embarrassing」

At those words she became even more embarrassed. At the very least, he was able to connect with this shy girl in front of him, both body and soul.

「Ehehe。 That’s right。 『Maou-sama』 please treat me well from now on ne~」

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