Kininaru Chapter 53

6th chapter…okay im really done…

My important person

My junior…firstly this undoubtedly middle school girl is sweetly hugging the sleeping Sakimori-kun.

「How long…have you been doing this?」

She licked Sakimori-kun’s body like a cat then began to count on her fingers. But half-way through…

「I forgot。 Anyway, you’re getting in our way so could you please leave?」


「I’m not going。 Sakimori-kun just got into an accident。 I can’t neglect him」


She hasn’t shown any interest in me up until now, yet turned this way hearing that.


「Who are you to this person?」

「I’m……right、Sakimori-san’s girl-friend」

I apologized to the two of them inside my heart


「That’s a lie。 ‘Cause he said he loves me a lot」

The girl clung to Sakimori-san while saying.

「He got his head hit during that accident so he lost his memories。 That’s why he forgot about me right now」


After thinking about it for a bit, she began to lick Sakimori-san again.

「っっ!Are you not listening? That person is my…」

「But right now he loves me。 We’ve been doing this for several days already。 He sucked on my boob lots because he loved it、my pussy is already shaped like Sakimori-san’s penis、if he does it with me he’ll shoot right away。 We kissed to the extent of melting、I even became really skillful in kissing」

Having that said, she kissed the sleeping Sakimori-san. From a glance she seems to be really used to it.

Moreover, I knew that Sakimori-san likes her from the bottom of his heart.

「『EX』girlfriend-san please go home。 I’m happy with just the two of us。 」 (TN: This loli too savage LOL)

Saying so she began to lick Sakimori-san’s nipple.

As she acting spoiled like a kitty like that, even a person of the same sex like me thought that it was cute.

Her breasts were large, her face and her behaviors were cute too, her charm made me think that being captured by this girl would make all kinds of men not being able to escape.

This room really reeks of sex-smells. It’s filled with the smell of a girl, this girl.
Perhaps they had sex here all day everyday for several days.

While I was thinking that, she rubbed her genital on his leg and began to masturbate.

「I love you…we’ll always be together」

Sakimori-kun’s leg shone with wet love juice.

She seems like she already forgot about my existence. She only looked at Sakimori-kun.


But I understood this.


I must separate these two. This girl seems like she hasn’t come home in days already, I think they’ll seclude themselves in this room if I leave them.


This girl forcibly did Sakimori-san.


Imagining them doing this for days made me really jealous, but even if Sakimori-san final choice isn’t me it cannot be just this girl.


But I don’t think she’ll listen no matter what I say.


I think this girl got excited and attacked Sakimori-san first, but considering their difference in stature it wasn’t possible.

Probably they were making love with the consent from both sides.

Just thinking about it makes my heart throb in pain.

In any case, is there really no way to separate her from Sakimori-san?

What if I make him fall for another girl? The images of my classmates and my volleyball clubmates floated inside my head.

Girls with big breasts, cute girls, girls with beautiful skin

『You’re the worst!』 or so I heard my own voice yelling at me.

But I’m the same with this girl who is masturbating on top of Sakimori-san, he’s also the most important person to me.

♦ Okay……what a streak, I did it……6 chapters a day……

♦ And I have a feeling she’s gonna pull Suzuka (the first girl) into this!!!

♦ Also we caught up with the Author, so we’ll have to wait for the next chap.

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  1. At this point I think they are just emotionally unstable after all the fucking for days in a row and used I love the guy raping me as a coping method since they couldn’t get out of the situation.

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