Kininaru Chapter 52

5th chapterrrr.


「Wh、Wh、What the heck are you doing!?」

Yuki said to Miyu who’s straddling over me.

Miyu looked at Yuki while gluing her ear to my chest as if listening to my heartbeat.

「What’s with you, too? This is my good moment。 Please don’t get in the way。 」

Miyu quickly turned back to me and smiled cheerfully.

So cute…

Miyu kissed me just like that.

My consciousness soared. Without thinking, I let Miyu do me as is.

「Get away from Sakimori-kun!」

Yuki tried to pulled Miyu back by the shoulder, but Miyu clung to me too tightly and didn’t let go.

Miyu suddenly sent a side-long glance towards Yuki.

She showed the face of a rebellious, cheeky girl. A face that she never showed to me.

The inside of her vagina kept squirming, making my penis regain its hardness again.


Miyu’s back muscles trembled with a shudder and she began moving her hips.

Miyu’s kiss became more passionate.

The saliva pouring down from Miyu rushed into my throat, but Miyu kept up the kiss.

It was painful that tears welled up in my eyes.

Yuki further misunderstood the situation seeing that.


「Don’t do terrible things to Sakimori-kun!」

Yuki hugged Miyu’s waist with both her hands, then she fell backwards, pulling Miyu like plucking vegetables from the ground.

Both Miyu and Yuki fell on their backs.

Miyu’s breasts shook greatly.

「Please don’t get in the way! We’re making love here!」

Miyu pushed Yuki away from the bed.

「Kyaaa」 (TN: CATFIGHT OP!!!)

「Theen、let’s continue。 Sakimori-san」


「Aaan! Feels goood」

Miyu jolted her breasts on purpose while shaking her hips

Seems like she’s aware that I’m excited.

Miyu held my both cheeks inside her breasts. I couldn’t bear it and crawled my tongue in the valley, sensing the sweet milk-like smell coming from Miyu’s body odor.

I was wrapped up in Miyu’s smell and cum who-knows-how-many times over.

Byuu byuuu

「Please let out a lot、if you do that we can always be together…I love you! Chuu…」

I felt as if I was going to lose consciousness to this white pleasure before me.

Miyu also endured the sensation of semen being sent towards her womb entrance.


「What a terrible thing to say…let Sakimori-kun gooo」

From where Yuki is right now, as expected she’s not seeing me crawling my tongue on Miyu’s valley, she must’ve been seeing this as Miyu one-sidedly attacking me.

「Don’t worry about m…mnnnn!」

Seems like Miyu doesn’t have any intention of letting me rest, without ceasing she lust for me.

「Sakimori-san’s saliva is really delicious…。 Please drink mine too」

Miyu’s saliva entered my mouth.

cough cough…」

I’ve always taken the lead so I’m not used to drinking saliva. It got into my trachea.

「Please drink all of it」

She poured even more in.


Right now Miyu is kinda strange. It’s as if the fact that Yuki came fired up her desire to monopolize me.

However, I was also drowned in the pleasures given by that Miyu.

「This time you properly drank it。 Sucking my boob is good too, y’know」

She brought her nipple to my mouth. When I opened my mouth a little, she put it inside my mouth to the extent that her whole areola was covered.

「Aahn! You’re like a baby!」


Seems like it feels unbearably good for Miyu to be touched by me.


「I’m a little sleepy」

「It’s fine。 You can rest…but is it okay if I do as I like while Sakimori-san sleeps?」



Miyu’s eyes shone with happiness like new moon. She really is cute

「Good night。 Sakimori-san」

I fell asleep while sucking Miyu’s breast due to the fatigue of ejaculating consecutively.

Only Miyu and Yuki are left in the room…

♦ Oh god……are you ready for catfights???

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