Kininaru Chapter 49

2nd chap of the day.

A summer day Ⅷ

「Haa haa…kuuu!」

My vaginal depth is constricting while my body trembled in pleasures.

My womb is itching because of the deep knocking earlier.

I hid while frantically trying to endure not touching myself there.


『Hora hora、you wanna continue right?。 If you come out I’ll do all your favorite things yo。 You love kissing while having your womb knocked right?』


I couldn’t deny it.

I was thoroughly trained to the pleasures earlier.

I was about to give up to the temptation and came out, but the last bit of reasons stopped me.

I wonder what will become of me if he catches me. He did the same thing to Miyu-chan I think. He surely did her for hours without her being able to escape.

As my body throbbed my heart beat faster.

「Just a little…is fine I guess…」

I couldn’t take it anymore and finally slowly put my middle finger inside my secret place.


When 2 joints were already in I slowly began to rub my vaginal wall.


I must hold my voice in…

I tried to rub this rough spot on the front.


A sweet numbness was sent down my thighs making me unintentionally let my voice out.




Suddenly it became bright in front of me.


「Found ya」


Of all things, I got caught while fondling my own breasts and putting my finger into my pussy.

「Ahh…etto…this is…」

I got flustered and turned my head around.

He saw my palm that got wet with love juice.

「Can’t believe you masturbated in the closet」

Without any resistance I got out of the closet.


He made me sit on his lap.


My face got hot and I felt embarrassed when our bare skin touched even when it’s this late into the game already.

「Wha…What are we doing?」

「I’m teaching your body that my hand feels better」

He grabbed my breast and put 2 fingers inside my pussy.


Sweet stimulation was driven into my body, the muscles along my spine trembled as I leaned my back against him.

「Welcome to the most pleasant chair in the world」

He began to nibbled on my ear while rubbing my breast and stirring up my vagina.

「っ! Cumminggg!」

I almost cum instantly to the stimulation at 3 places simultaneously, but somehow I endured it.

「Please understand that you will not stand up from this chair until you cum」 (TN: Sakimori is using humble speech as if talking to a customer)


At the same time when he inserted his fingers to the root, scraping out my love juice with violent rubbing, he rolled my nipple around with his finger.

「Don’t do my boob at the same time!! Noo、that place is no good!…Nooooooo!」


Something sticky spurt out in large quantity and scattered on his legs, but I had no room to spare paying any attention to that, I just sat on his lap and satisfied myself.






When I moved Akane who sat on my lap aside, a transparent string stretched from under her.


I observed Akane’s butt and pussy while she slept on her side.

Her white vaginal secretion foamed out, stretching a string. Her labia that got a bit swollen was pretty too.

「At a glance, this is quite a juicy and delicious pussy isn’t it」

I buried my face into Akane’s butt, and glued to her crotch.

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