Kininaru Chapter 46

More stockholm hue~

A summer day Ⅴ

When I was done asking everything, her vagina was as red as Miyu who got violently violated.

「Hic! Please forgive me alreadyyyyy!」

The girl named Akane is still sticking her ass out on all fours as I ordered.

「You don’t have anything you didn’t spit out left?」

I hugged her from behind while gently patting her vagina, whispering into her ear.

「Hiiii! There’s none! Please don’t slap my pussyyyy!」


Love juice dripped out from Akane’s pussy and stuck to my finger.

I licked my finger with my tongue, showing it to Akane.

Akane was so scared of me that she didn’t resist me doing anything to her.

「Stay like that and spread your legs more。 I’m gonna lick your important place」


I slid my head under her wide open crotch while she was on all fours. Then I stroked her smooth thighs while sticking to her secret place.

「No wayy! That place is! Kuuuuu!」

「How about this?」


When I put my finger in and rubbed her G-spot while sucking on her clit, her hips jumped.

「Noooooooooo、that’s no goooooooood!」 (TN: Dameeeee, rameeeee)

「Don’t run、if you lift your pussy away from my mouth even just a little I’ll fuck you all night like Miyu over there」


Then I pressed my face into Akane’s labia. Seems like she endured it.

I pitited the foolish girl who fell into my trap.

I continued to do cunnilingus to Akane.

I’ll eventually put my penis inside her pussy hole once it got wet by me licking it anyway.

Jururururu! Zuzo! Zuzozozozo!

Immediately after that, Akane’s shriek and disgusting pussy slurping sounds resounded the room.




After an hour, Akane fell flatly down.


Twitch twitch

Her pussy hole convulsed and twitched

「Uguu! Uuu! Uuu!」

When I thought Akane was going to cry she burst out in soundless sobs.

She got her pussy teased by a man she doesn’t even like for a whole hour, that should be an unbearable thing for a girl in her sensitive age group.

I took Akane’s hand and stood up. When I thought she was staggering, Akane’s face turned bright red as she covered her labia with her hand.

When I looked at her as if asking what’s wrong, from between Akane’s fingers something slimy fell down the floor, stretching a string between her secret place.


「This is…n、not what you think…」 (TN: LOOOL don’t gimme that shit! Stockholm already!)

「Lick it」


「Lick what’s sticking on your hand」

「It、It’s dirty」

「Hurry up and do it」


She was frightened but Akane licked the liquid on her hand anyway. That figure of hers was terribly lewd.

She put it in her mouth but didn’t have enough guts to gulp it down.

I hugged Akane from the front and got down to equal height of sight with her. Akane’s feet separated 20cm from the ground.

Then I separated her lips, putting my tongue into her mouth.


Surprised, she flapped her feet which were floating above ground, resisting. (TN: He lifted her up)

I embraced Akane’s slender hips so tight she could break and continued the deep kiss.

「Stop! Nmuu!」

She pushed my chest, trying to escape but the strength of a girl couldn’t help her

I licked her tongue at various angles, entwining it with mine

Akane’s ears were dyed bright red

She’s an innocent girl so it’s just a natural reaction

「Noo…amuu! Nnnn!」

After a while, her flapping feet turned obedient. All her consciousness already got invested into her mouth, it seems

I found out that her heart was beating violently

Seems like she doesn’t have experience in things like this


Akane rubbed her thighs together while having shudders around her body

Her response turned in to be heated even further


She circled her hands around my back. It felt too good she did that unconsciously, it seems


Her love juice ran down her thigh and dripped down from her toe.



The deep kiss ended after around 15 minutes, I let Akane down and she collapsed on her ear, sitting flatly down on the spot.

Seems like it felt really good that Akane wasn’t frightened like before anymore.



Miyu looked at Akane with cold eyes. (TN: LOLI YANDERE GA KITAA)

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  1. The site’s header image is the same as my avatar xD
    By the way, does anyone remember where it’s from?
    I forgot the name and I’m too lazy to try and find it.


    • Even if u got amnesia, your memories arent deleted. You just arent able to recall them. I think that guy have got some trauma from the older sister of Suzuka. Subconsciously he remembers it and that is a part what making him what he do.
      Ultimatly you dont have to loose your complete personallity if u “loose” your memories.
      An complete change can only happen if he get set back to the mind age of a child. Furthermore his personality would only keep changed if he never remember anything of his old self ever again.

      Sorry for not perfect english, cause its not my mother language

      friendly greetings from Germany ^^

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