Kininaru Chapter 41


Deja vu

「Hey、why did you do these things with me?」

「Why you say、that’s…」

Yuki crawled up with her face burying in my chest.

She made eye contacts with me at point blank range, almost touching my nose


Yuki put her hands on both my cheeks and kissed me. (TN: Aiiight. No grassland tomorrow guys, because Translator-san died of diabetes, my imouto will take over and make this a Makeup Tips and Tricks site)


「Sutoppu! I wanna hear what comes next when Sakimori’s kun memories were back…」




I returned home from the hospital.

It’s been a while since I’m home but the me right now has no memories of living in this house before.

For the time being I looked around my own room.

I found a strange thing in the bathroom. (TN: HAHAHAHA imagine you lost your memories and learn that you yourself made a dildo as you hobby…pfffft…)

It was a thick, rod-shape machine with many bumps growing on it.

I flipped the switch and it revolved while vibrating.

In addition I also gathered some other things with various shapes.

I don’t know what they are used for, but next time I’ll ask Yuki. (TN: Pffffffttt…!!)

I exited the bathroom and entered the bedroom.

There was two bedrooms, but I entered the one with thick doors and a single-sized bed.

I was tired because of the heat so I decided to lie down and get some rest.

I fell onto the bed facing-down

Then I noticed a smell that wasn’t mine from the bed.

Seems like I used to sleep on the other big bed.

But as I sniffed the smell of this bed my heart raced.

I got an erection.

I wonder what is this stained smell?

I was bothered so I sniffed that smell for a while.




I became horny. My stiff penis is pushing up my trousers.

I wonder why I became like this.

I don’t understand how a smell from the bed made me this excited.

Right now, if there’s a girl in front of me I’ll probably attack her.

I thought about other things to distract myself…


The interphone rang.

This timing is bad

I thought about pretending to not be home but I decided to confirm the person’s face through the camera.

It was a girl.

She was wearing T-shirt and hotpants, the level of exposures were high.

She’s around middle school.

Her face is cute, her stature is small, and her breasts are huge.

She seemed to be sweating outside, and seemed like she’s bothered by her own smell.

I felt like remembering something, looking at her face, but nothing came to mind.
However, instead of memories, a strong feeling gushed forth from inside my heart.

I want to violate this girl…

I didn’t fight against that impulse but let it grow bigger

I want to kiss her
I want to suck her tits
I want to taste her love juice
I want to violate her

I decided to obey to that desire.

I walked towards the entrance, and opened the door.


I seemed to be saying something, but I grasped her hand and dragged her into the house.

「Eh! Please a moment…it’s Miyu…」

I gagged her mouth and locked the door into the entrance.

She looked at me with the eyes that wanted to complain about something

I hugged her tightly from behind, rubbing her huge breasts on top of her sweat-soaked clothes

My other hand went into her hotpants and tampered with her womanly place


「You’re feeling it? Then I’ll make you feel even better」

I carried her on my shoulders and took her to the bed.

She’s small so I carried her on my right shoulder, she should be scared after being dropped down from high above, that would make her unable to resist.

I felt deja vu from seeing this scene right now
But I didn’t mind it and brought her into the room.
I want to quickly see this girl’s naked body.


She tried to say something, but I’ll listen to her after thoroughly violating her on the bed. (TN: He lives up to the title)

That’s when this girl is still conscious after I’m satisfied…

♦ Well done, Author-san, yet another cliff.

12 thoughts on “Kininaru Chapter 41

  1. i… don’t understand. first, he used toys to mess Miyu but he doesn’t know the buzzing bumpy rod thingy? then he was sane for a bit, “i need to distract my thoughts or i’ll be violating a girl” but when he saw Miyu he snapped, and not even recognized her.
    first half, excessive sugar and the later half became vodka-coffee?
    what the hell is going on?

    and thanks for your hard work, please refrain from vanilla stuffs from now on. look for NTR instead *devilish whisper*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure but I don’t think he should forget what vibrators are.
    It’s somewhat common to lose memories after trauma but forgetting knowledge (I think knowing what vibrators are fits) isn’t really normal.

    I could be wrong though, not like I have extensive knowledge on the topic.


  3. his brains had amneaia but his dick doesnt (it has a mind on it own sayning “this is how i rape this girl then this other…) like two mind one body lolx

    Liked by 1 person

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