Game World 9

Caught up with author.


Shalleze-san smiled sweetly.

「M、Mother、did I wash him properly」

With a tensed condition, her face was a little red because she felt uncertain.

「Not yet you see。 Please watch。 」

Shalleze-san drew near, and sat down.
She pecked her lips on my cheek gently, reaching her hand to my meat stick.

She soaked her hands with saliva, wrapping me up with both hands.

I got excited, and it got big.


Shalleze let out a small laugh.
It’s a bit embarrassing.

She moved her wet hands slowly up and down, peeling the skin bit by bit.

It wasn’t peeled too much, but the head already came out a little.
The bright red glans exposed its tip.

Sitting next to me with great interests, Rim turned her line of sight towards my crotch with a serious expression.

「It grew big…」

She was amazed.

While tracing her hands slowly, the lewd maid dripped saliva on my meat stick and spread it with her hands.

She tormented me slowly and carefully. I came to the thoughts of this young and sensitive meat stick would finally burst out.

「Ren-sama sure is cute」

Feels so good. I’m not ejaculating, but I was attacked with the pleasures alone.

She played with me for quite some time with her fingers carefully stroking me.

「Rim, want to try doing it?」

「Yes、I also want to do it like Mother。 」

「Then move your hands like this…」

With Shalleze-san attentiveness, the small palms wrapped up my meat stick.

It felt different than the inexperienced hands earlier. It’s not on the level of Shalleze-san, but it feels good.

The young girl’s soft hands stroked up and down.

Shalleze-san didn’t make any gesture with her empty hand, instead she massaged the bottom of my balls.

I was massaged with a warm feeling, meanwhile the soft small hands are stroking me up and down.

Since I didn’t ejaculate, the pleasant kept on going.
Somehow it felt like it would continued forever.

If anything, I want it to continue forever.

I drowned into pleasures.

Her long hair hung over her ear, Shalleze stopped the movements for a second.
And as if cooperating, Rim also stopped her hands.

「Let’s stop here today okay」


Rim responsed.

I want more. Is it already over?

「It、It felt good、more more」

「Fufu、I’ll do it everyday。 So let’s leave it here today」

She bowed her head, kissing my meat stick, which got big, with her lips.

「Now、let’s enter the bath。 」

I can’t be helped, I entered the bathtub.
If it’s like this then I had no choice but to obey.

The three of us submerged into the bathtub, the water vigorously overflowed.

Using the fact that I’m still a kid, I sat on top of Shalleze’s lap.

「It feels nice isn’t it」

The bath was really warm with the most suitable temperature.
Also, entering with these two people is fun.


Rim quietly nodded, leaning her head on my shoulder.

「Right、the three of us entering the bath is really pleasant isn’t it」

Shalleze-san gently patted mine and Rim’s head.

Feeling the fatigue of the whole day, I sensed something pressing against my back.
It felt soft. I felt the voluptuous breasts from across my back.

Rim anxiously looked down and said.

「I’m、going to the Imperial capital huh」

She’s leaving the arms of her parent, living a solitary life. It’s harsh even in normal circumstances, much less for a 6 year old.
It’s a serious decision.

If she enters the school for Imperial knights, I won’t be able to meet Rim for several years.
She’s arranged to join a female knight school.

Up until now she hasn’t been able to play with kids her age aside from me.

Will she be influenced by the kids in the same generation in a good way?
For some reasons, I was worried.

Rim is strong-willed, her pride is high, her sense of justice is strong.

Yeah. From my experience, I think this is quite a thorny path.

There’s a great difference when it comes to me whose mind is weak, with no pride and sense of justice, so perhaps she’ll splendidly adapt herself. Somewhere inside my heart those thoughts popped up.

However, if it’s her then it’s okay.
It’s baseless, but I thought so. Perhaps that was too irresponsible.

「It’s the path Rim chose so it’s okay。 I already set my heart on magic、so next time we meet Rim must become the strongest swordswoman okay」

While Rim polished her sword, I’ll focus on magic. I spoke with those feelings.
With her high pride, she’ll get even more fired up if there are rivals.

Honestly, Rim’s future is influenced by my words.
Rim was born and is living as my servant.

It can’t be helped that she doesn’t have any freedom and is tied.
At least I want her to do what she likes when she’s still young.
I think I want to let her move on the paths she chose as much as possible.

「Right。 If it’s Rim then it’s okay」

「Thank you。 Still、I’m going to the Imperial capital。
I’ll also become much stronger than Ren and protect you。 Got it?」


I nodded.

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♦ We’re finally caught up with the author, he’s not updating new chapters though. When I first found this series he was updating daily.

♦ Anyways, I’ll probably do The Girl From Yesterday tomorrow, then get back on Grassland and maybe a new series.

13 thoughts on “Game World 9

  1. umm… this is just a suggestion
    can you make character intro sometime in the near future, cos if the updates takes too long the characters are sometimes forgotten


  2. Yeah~ I can easily see why the author isn’t updating – Because he has started the ERO stuff way to early and left himself nowhere to go in story and pace without becoming full on hentai in the next few chapters!?
    The dodgy skinship and short flashback to serious childhood trauma and violence in his previous life was just too sudden and too fast paced for a proper story development (not to mention a tad creepy) and I partly blame every author for copying that certain character (Rudeus Greyrat ) in regards to early development and cultivation nowadays?
    They don’t ALL have to be 6 or 7 year old supermen for Pete’s sake…! In fact it’s started a bit of a dumb trend in web novels for wonder babies, which is getting a little creepy when you put a grown mans libido in there and don’t think ahead about the ramifications of doing this?
    I mean who really wants say, a 14 year old teen with the mores and manners of a sleazy middle aged man? That would become harder and harder to identify with as time progresses!
    I have seen loads of authors start like this on Royal Road and then quit because they corner themselves through lack of any plot planning…


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