Q. and A. Chapter 1

This is one hell of a chapter, at least as long as Loli Manko.

TL by Nymph
TLC/ED by Weslykan

Absolute Pregnancy Ability

The young man who was kidnapped is Yakumo Ren. He lost his parents at young age and has no relatives.
The inheritance left behind was limited, his uncle’s family who took over it was kindhearted so he wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, he lived with them until he entered college.


When he graduated from high school and college, his uncle smiled as if it was a blessing.

「It wasn’t really that joyous」

The young man muttered behind his uncle’s back.
Pursuing what is almost low-class college courses,  to be used as the foundation for becoming a low-class person in Japanese society, carrying this weight until you can’t anymore and you collapse. What’s so happy about that future.
It would be different if they were his real parents, but to honestly speak his mind to his foster-parents would annoy them.

「Thank you for raising me until now。 I’m really thankful towards uncle。 I’ll also try my best to repay my parents’ debt」

Something like that.
All the things he had said since birth seem like what one would write on the answer sheet of a Japanese language test.
It’s shamelessness for security. It’s because he’s an intruder in someone else’s family.
Such an everyday life is tiring, recently he doesn’t try as hard to find a job anymore, and just lays around alone in his apartment.
Then suddenly a beautiful girl came out from a dimensional crack, and used magic (drugs) to gallantly kidnap the young man.

「Wake up、please wake up」

Hearing an insistent voice and having his shoulders shaken, Ren slowly woke up from his deep slumber.


「What now! He’s not waking up! That medicine was too effective。Th、This is like in legends。 The princess kiss…」

The shadow that covered his field of vision split and divided, the world reappeared.
Groaning while regaining consciousness, the young man saw the beautiful girl who kidnapped him drawing close to his mouth with her face flushed red as an apple trying to kiss him, his drowsiness was blown away by the shocking sight.
His eyes wide open from waking up, they faced each other eye-to-eye. blink, a pair of eyes that look like that of a cute pet blinked.
One moment later.



Both people flinched away.

「What the hell was earlier……!」

Invading his room from a dimensional crack, and mashing a suspicious drugged-handkerchief over his mouth. Then trying to steal his lips, there’s a mountain of things he wants to object to.
But before he could say anything, the girl did something unexpected.

「I am truly sorry for the confusion! Please forgive me!」

It was a splendid and artful dogeza.
By placing the tip of her nose between the gap of the letter ハ made by both hands, her intention to apologize was clearly shown.
Her back, covered in a white obi that was wrapped around a navy blue cloth, drew a thoroughly pleasant curve.
Her long black hair seems to shine as if it was wet, and became like a curtain that hid her face. Because of that, he could not see her face, and could only imagine that she had an extremely sorrowful expression.
It the same reason with why Venus de Milo lost both arms for the sake of perfect beauty. In fact, not seeing her face makes her dogeza seem to belong to the realm of God.

「Awawa、it’s fine you don’t have to go that far、raise your head。 Okay?」

「No! I can’t be satisfied with just this」

Even when forgiven, her reservedness doubled. Far from just completely forgetting about his anger, now Ren seemed like he was bullying the sincere girl.

「Gosh it’s fine。 It really is fine」

Putting his hand on her shoulder, he forcibly broke her dogeza pose.

「Thank you very much……ehehe~、you’re so kind」

Wiping her teary eyes, the girl seemed to be moved by the unexpected forgiveness.
He was  kidnapped from his house, so he probably had the right to be more angry than he was, but grasping the situation is more important than being angry.
After this kind of slapstick noisiness, he finally had enough time to get his head in working order.
First he needs to know where he is now.

「This room is quite big isn’t it。 It’s your bedroom?」

「Yes。 You were sleeping deeply、so I moved your body here to let you rest」

It’s around 10 meters in length. The tasteful brown brick walls covered all four cardinal directions, with quite some distance between them. There was a huge window over there which caused the room to be filled with warm sunlight.On the other hand there was very little furniture. There was a dresser and a desk with a pile of yellow papers on top. There’s also a full-length mirror and nothing scattered on the floor.
And then for the remaining space, the main thing that occupied it is a bed.

「Amazing。 A canopy bed、you can’t see it anywhere other than in manga」

「Right!? A bed like this is romantic isn’t it。 It is because it’s custom made by the dwarfs and fairies」

The two of them sat face to face on the soft white bed. Four black curtains with rings were arranged around it, and a cloth of the same color covers the ceiling at night.
It feels like hiding inside a tent, it made him feel excited like a child.

「It’s good yeah。 Things like this。 But fairies? Dwarfs? What do you mean they made this?」

「Ah、that’s right。 For now I’ll explain various things」

‘Gohon’, she cleared her throat and began her unbelievable story.

「First of all。 When I appeared from that rainbow-colored space, it was a dimensional crack openedby magic」

「Then that means、this is a different world?」

「To be precise、it’s a different star。 Then、this star has a bothersome trouble」


「Since old times the number of men has been insufficient。One theory is that magic sources greatly reduced the chance of giving birth to boys……、anyways、for that reason women scattered to various races、and struggled for the evolution of those few men」

Being small in size, the fairies assaulted men in groups.
With voluptuous body and pheromones, the succubuses that can use their wings to take off to the sky.
The overwhelmingly charming and diverse in magic, fox spirits, and the cat, dog demi-human girls with explosive powers and excellent reflexes.

A wide variety of monsters that shouldn’t exist anywhere other than a fantasy world, are prospering on this star, was what the girl said.

「The struggle for existence is very harsh、10 years ago、human men were finally confirmed to have gone extinct」

He finally catches on to what this is about.

「Then that means men from other stars、in other words me, are important people」

「Yes。 Earth’s environment and ecosystem resembles ours here、we’re also relatively easily linked by magic」

But there’s still an issue.
For this kind of purpose they should have probably brought a more robust and excellent human. Why did they especially pick a mediocre young man who’s only average in strength and wisdom?
He tried asking that question, and the girl answered with a somewhat excited manner.

「That’s the point! Humans by nature always possess a peculiar magic、and your ability is truly splendid」

「? No、I can’t use any magic」

「There’s no magic sources on Earth so you can’t show your peculiar magic。 Ah、about magic source」

The girl snapped her fingers.
A pale scarlet light bloomed, shaking the atmosphere.
Before his eyes a vigorous whirlpool of thermal energy emerged, it looked like a bunch of transparent red snakes trying to eat their tails.

「Wh、What is this!?」

He opened his mouth in shock.
The whirlpool’s speed multiplied, and it got deeper. Suddenly a flickering light like that of a shining knife was released, he reflexively covered his eyes, that moment…


The girl yelled with a proud face.
Her finger drew out an invisible course and the hot flaming ball flew along it. Then,


The pitiful full-length mirror, that she aimed at, released an agonized scream.

(Eh? A scream?)

The girl used fire magic, the mirror got burnt.
Obviously this world where he’s been until now is completely different to Japan. He couldn’t help but to admit that this is a different star which, until now,  he only thought of as complete bullshit.
You should’ve shown me this magic instead of that fake trick. That was what he thought for a moment, but he thought back upon the fact that there was no magic source on Earth so it couldn’t be helped.

「In this manner heat and cold、no、all substances can be changed and controlled。 That’s what magic is」

「A、Amazing……you’re really not just some crazy woman」

「Ehehe。But humans do excel in handling basic magic sources you know。Then、about your peculiar magic」

He gulped and held his breath while waiting for the answer.
In his head, he was already thinking of a development where he can freely use magnificent magic and set off on an adventure as an important figure. From a dull young man to powerful wizard. Fireball、Lightning、and Freezing abilities to mow down monsters……。

「Absolute Pregnancy Ability desu~」

But reality is heartless.


「I said、it’s an ability that、will make the partner pregnant no matter what their race is」

「Hundred percent?」

「Hundred percent」

「That’s it?」


He despaired.

「U、Umm、please wait a moment。 The secondary ability is something that makes you peerless」

Seeing his dejected expressions that said ‘it’s the end of my life’, the girl panicked and said something else. But it wasn’t of much consolation.

「In other words、I can’t wish for adventurers like in fantasy and obtain invincible powers、subjugating monsters one by one、or take down the demon king with my comrades」

「I’m a demon lord woman to begin with、so I’m troubled by that」

He looked up to the sky, lied on the ground, and let his tears drop like a waterfall.
Though he’s not that disappointed, he certainly heard that when one is brought to another world he becomes some kind of protagonist and chases after his dream.
With that fantastic dream gone, Ren drooped his shoulders.

「If only I had a cooler ability」

Sighing from the bottom of his heart, he muttered.
Then the black-haired girl looked into his eyes, and said some encouraging words with a strong voice.

「Not at all! I’m repeating myself but、that ability is really amazing。By all means、you can use that ability to impregnate us monster girls」


「Though monster girls seduce men、for the sake of survival, all kinds of beautiful girls will  present themselves! While you stay on this star、se、sex……umm……if you cooperate in child making you definitely won’t regret it!」

She hesitated to say embarrassing words, but in the end, she seriously affirmed the situation.
If you really think about it, it’s not a bad offer.
A world where only girls exist, this whole star is like a harem for one. Not just monster girls but one can freely mate with as many girls as one likes. Moreover all the girls are attractive and inexperienced.
Though it’s hard to throw away the dream of swords and magic, this offer is also just as attractive.

「Un。 Okay」


She was surprised at the quick answer.

「Wh、Why are you surprised」

「B、But、you won’t be able to see your parents and friend for all eternity! The rift that was used to summon you will stay opened for half a day。It’s still possible to go back now」

「Nope、my parents are in debt、it was a good-for-nothing life。I’m not particularly attached to it」

He wanted see the last episode of his favorite manga.
He wanted to play a game then leave without buying it.
He wanted to eat a whole cake.
He wanted to try raising a cat.

If you forcibly asked him, he could only name some silly desires When comparing those to this life in a different world just waiting for him where he can live to the fullest, he leans towards this new world.

「I’m relieved。 I don’t know what to do if you refused、I’ve been worried since the day we decided to summon you」

「Is that so、then please take care of me from now on。That reminds me, we don’t know each other’s names。I’m Ren、what about you?」

「So it’s Ren! I’m the demon leader、the Demon Queen who stands on top of everyone。 Kamomiyu・Sakuragi……if it’s too long then just Kamomiyu is alright。 If that’s still difficult、then just Mii is okay」

「Mii huh、that sounds cute」

After the introduction, he examined the girl once again. It’s been one thing after another so he didn’t have time to appreciate her looks, but now he can see that Mii is quite a beauty.
Slender and well proportioned nose, with large, sparkling, and lovely eyes. Her lips were moderately small, there wasn’t any lipstick on yet they were still brimming with a red feminine color.
Her skin was white as if she was covered in moonlight, the contrast between that and the color of her lips made everything looks sexy.
Just that beautiful face is already enough to attract eyes, but her special characteristic is that waist-long black hair and those huge tits swelling up from under the yukata.
Squeezed right below her collarbone were two voluptuous mounds of flesh, her white breasts were daringly exposed.
Her waist was slender as if when you let out all your breath, creating a sensual line moving down to her hips.
If she’s in a class there’s no doubt she’ll hog all the men’s gazes with her perfect body. She grew up in an environment where there are only women, and she always has this neat and elegant yukata on. Even if this wasn’t a different star, she was the type that would be popular even among girls.

(Actually、if we’re in the same class in high school I wouldn’t be able to even talk to her。The level difference is too big。Love letters in shoeboxes are just in manga、but if it’s Mii then that would easily be reality)

Despite this being a different star, he recalled the words 「Yamato Nadeshiko」 upon seeing her appearance, but a different nickname might suit her better.
But that innocent look in that yukata. It’s as if she has a kitty-nature as another character, and the nickname 「Mii」 actually fits pretty well.

「Then……immediately from now、I’ll depend on you for my request」

While fidgeting and squirming her voluptuous body in embarrassment Mii said so.

「Your request?」

「I told you、umm、the impregnate business」

「Impregnate who?」


Her face turned bright red as if it would explode, Mii squeezed out her shaking voice. Though her voice was reserved and somewhat pleading, the contents were quite shocking.

「Please make me pregnant and become my husband、and Demon Lord。 Then I also want you to impregnate the monster girls, my servants, thoroughly……the request I mentioned earlier、is what I just said!」

Everything starts from this speech.
The boring and gloomy life of the young man, with this moment as the starting line, is about to change in this wonderful world of different species.

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Important note: This is it for the teasers, next chapter will only come out when the edited version of Brothels is done on RTD. I did this chapter to wipe the dust and inform the people who liked it that it ain’t dead yet, just not yet to be alive hahaha.

♦ We’re really close to concluding Brothels already, but Mr.Editor will be on vacation after his exams, so may be a bit late.

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