The Girl From Yesterday Chapter 1

Okay guys, I’m bringing something new to the site.

First of all, this is a published novel, NOT R-18. It is not Japanese, but it’s Vietnamese, which is my mother’s tongue so I don’t need any kind of MTL, TLC, ED, or PR.

The tags for this is only Slice Of Life/Romance/School Life. No action, no ecchi, no intense shits.

I translated Chapter 1 to see if anyone would read this kind of Slice Of Life thing (of course the main thing for this site will stay as R18). Tell me in the comments if you would like to read more.

The story is about the MC hitting on a girl at school and him remembering about his past as a brat with a childhood friend.

The Girl From Yesterday Chapter 1

Vietnamese raw title is Cô gái đến từ hôm qua if any of you is interested.

6 thoughts on “The Girl From Yesterday Chapter 1

  1. hi, change your blog. if you start mixing adult and non-adult novel’s, it will mislead us, pervert readers.
    it sad that you are translating a romantic and boring for us, perverts!
    well is your choice!
    thank you!


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