Kininaru Chapter 21

One more Kininaru and then expect one Grassland. Thanks Blanny for the donation.


「That reminds me what about Suzuka?」

「Ah、if it’s about that person then…」

As Miyu said so Suzuka entered the room.

But, Suzuka seemed to have told Miyu not to tell anyone about the incident this time around.
When Suzuka’s incident becomes clear, the things about Miyu getting violated by me would also reach her family.
Suzuka promised to not tell anyone.

「So don’t worry and take your time resting ne~」


The girl who I raped until this morning is now nursing me. (TN: Pfffft)
What a strange situation this is.
But, this is the best thing one could ask for.
It saves me the time to threaten Miyu and Suzuka.
In summary Miyu has turned to like me.
Listening to her story, it seems like Miyu isn’t mistaking.
I’ve been violating Miyu many times since yesterday.
Then, she didn’t recognize the fact that a person she met for the first time violated her many times, and got under the impression that I’m her loved one, then her mind turns to accept having sex on her own, that was what I thought.

Finally yesterday when this virgin middle school girl was forced to have sex being covered in sweat till morning, and she couldn’t accept the fact that I made her cum repeatedly.



「Ano…so、sono…are you not cold?」

Miyu face turned red while she tried to asked hesitantly.
I answered guessing Miyu’s intention.

「It’s cold。 You warm me up」

Miyu got into the futon.

「Hey、did you contact your house?」

「Yes、I called and said I’ll also be staying at a friend’s house today」

「Wasn’t it suspisicous?」

「Mama asked which friend so I gave out a friend’s name」

「Is that fine…」

「It’s fine。 I kind of arranged it beforehand with the person」

Miyu said it’s fine, but as one would expect, it’s suspicious to her parents that she went out 2 days consecutively.

But, they have not the slightest bit of imagination that their loved daughter got raped and fell in love with the rapist himself.

「I’ll sleep again today」

I buried my face into Miyu’s tits and sniffed her scent


The milk-like delicious smell of a girl spread in my nasal cavity.
Sniffing this smell makes my heart pound, this is probably a man’s instinct.

「If my physical condition gets better I’ll embrace you lots」


Miyu fidgeted her thigs mojimoji. Don’t tell me she got wet with just those words… (TN: LMAO)

I thought of checking it, but assuming that she’s wet, I’ll have to put an end to her desire won’t I. But my physical condition isn’t good now.
It couldn’t be helped so I went to sleep.

「Oyasuminasai」 (TN: It’s more cute keeping the romaji, it basically means ‘sleep well’)

Miyu murmured

I hugged Miyu while sleeping.





Keeping my words from yesterday, I’m doing Miyu.
The sides of Miyu’s crotch is already stained with lots of love juice.

「Do you know what position is this?」

「I、I idon’t kn…aan♡…you’re sucking my boob again…」

「Kukuku、This iiiis、the Mating Press you see!」

As Miyu floated her body from the bed greatly I poked in my penis

「Aaaaa!W、Waaaait!I’m leakiiiiiiiing!」 (TN: Do you remember when she struggled? I don’t either)

「Oraa、leak it out!!」



Miyu’s urine hit my abdomen, the bed got wet.

「This is just the beginning!」

After a very short break I continued my piston.

I licked her areola while moving my hips in high speed.

「Ann!Ann!That、it feels good!!」 (TN: Okay……I can just laugh right now)

I crawled my tongue from her areola and licked her nape, then stole Miyu’s lips.
As I kissed her Miyu’s vagina overflowed love juice.
Miyu might actually was serious when she said she likes me.

As we twined our tongues while I piston, Miyu clung tightly to my back with her hands.
Being given the pleasures, the middle school girl Miyu was tossed about in an unintended way.

Then, as I approached the need to ejaculate I sped up, Miyu’s insides contracted tightly. Seems like she came but I also can’t just stop. I continued to piston into Miyu wet-with-juices secret place.
Having that place stimulated after becoming sensitive from cumming seems painful, she raised a voice that seemed like a shriek from under me.

Byurururu !  Byuru !

I ejaculated and Miyu’s insides trembled.
I heard that there’s a component in semen that makes the vagina shrink in medical studies.

Miyu looked up at me with a powaa face.

「Did it feel good?」

「Ye…Yes…my head…turned completely blank…」

Miyu answered while gasping for breaths.

「I’ll make you feel even better in the bathroom」

I whispered into Miyu’s ears while carrying her in princess-style.

Miyu’s face turned feared in an instant, and her body stiffened.

「Being seen by onii-san in that appearance、I don’t want to after all…」

「Your cute look、show it to me more」

「Eh? Cute?」

「Yeah、you’re cute。 Whatever appearance it is you’re still cute。 」 (TN: OK, what is this sudden vanilla?)


「Yeah、that’s why leave your body to me。 I’ll make you feel the best」

Then strength left Miyu’s body, she entrusted herself to me.
She’s really easy to deal with.




「Then、see ya」


「Oi oi、going home with that kind of heated face would expose you had sex」

「B、But because…onii-san did that much…」

As she said that her face turned bright red again.

Well, if it’s that then it’s just natural…

What an evening it is

But, it doesn’t mean that I just have sex all the time.
I straddled Miyu and sucked her nipples, then kissed her and it took that much time.
Miyu was delighted so I overdid it.

「Let your face cool down a bit then go home」

「Y…Yes、that’s right…」

I saw Miyu off to her house.
There’s school tomorrow.
That reminds me what happened to Suzuka I wonder.
She even told Miyu not to tell anyone
What kind of face would she make when we meet at school
I can’t help but look forward to it.

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  1. ….. Can i kill this rapist ? Even though those rape victims still give him a warm shoulder he still thinking of threatening this two girl. What a bastard !!!


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