Kininaru Chapter 15

I got a bribe donation yesterday so there’ll be more than 2 kininaru chapters today. This is the first one.

Miyu’s long night

I led Suzuka and Miyu back into the usual room.

Then, Suzuka said she wants another chance.

「Please。 Don’t do Miyu-chan too much…」

She was noisy so I tied Suzuka up on the bed, after that I went into the adjacent room to do business.

I pulled Miyu by the hand forcefully. Then,

「Please!Don’t do 『that』 anymore!I can’t bear that anymore!T、Touching my boobs is okay too、so please don’t do the other thing!」

Miyu seemed to thought that I’d bring her into the bathroom again and used both her hands to lift her big tits invitingly, and begged.

Seeing the gap compared to this morning made me excited, my penis twitched in response.

「That’s up to my mood、tonight、if you’re obedient to me、then I’ll spare you the bathroom、and send you home tomorrow。 」

A tiny light was seen in Miyu’s despaired eyes.


「Yeah、I’m not taking you to the bathroom anymore、however、all night tonight、I’ll embrace you。 」

「But then、If you don’t do 『that』 anymore then…。 」

「Now follow me。 」

Saying so, I left the room with Miyu

「Wait!Miyu-chan!Don’t go!」

Suzuka tried to detain Miyu.

「With this、I’ll be fine」

Saying so, Miyu left the room with me


Inside the adjacent room, there was one single-sized bed and besides there’s nothing in here. But, this room in the past, was built as a piano room, the soundproof in here is tight.

Entering the room, I gave Miyu an order.

Absolutely not to run away from this room.

If she follows this order, I clearly promised to at least not use the vibrator on her in the bathroom.

Then I pushed Miyu down on the bed.

Exactly 9 hours of hell


It’s 3AM midnight.

The room fell into silence.

I’m worried if Miyu-chan is alright.

I tried listening carefully, but I couldn’t hear Miyu-chan’s shriek like this morning.

I’m probably overthinking this, I thought so and relaxed my mind to sleep, but then there was a giii sound from the door.
Then what I saw surprised me.

Miyu-chan with a soaked wet naked body entered the room.
It was like she was on a marathon run or something, she was breathing roughly “haa haa”.

「Help meeee!I’m going to dieeee!!If it keeps up like this I’ll dieeee!」

Sweat was rising on her face and fell down to the floor.

「What happened!Miyu-chan?!」

I became anxious of the awfully disordered Miyu-chan.

「Onii-san said、not to leave、the room、but I’m、already at my limits!」

I was late on noticing Miyu-chan sweating, but there’s white liquid dropping from Miyu-chan’s crotch, as she walked she wet the floor. It was semen.

「The whooooole time!He did that the whoooooole time!」

Don’t tell me、they had sex for 6 hours straight?

Isn’t she still just in middle school?

There was a shadow behind her

「Aaah、breaking a promise makes you a bad girl」

Miyu-chan raised a voice 「Hii」 and crawled on all four towards me to escape.

But, he caught her ankle, and he’s not letting go.

「I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!!I’m sorry I ran!!But!I can’t anymore!It’s my limiiiiiits!」

Miyu-chan begged frantically.

「Didn’t your parents teach you not to break a promise、kaaa!」

Bachiin !  Bachiin !  He spanked Miyu-chan’s butt.

「But still!It’s all night loooooong!」

Her butt swelled up with a red color, then he flipped Miyu-chan over facing her up spread her legs and inserted his penis.

With incredible piston speed, Miyu-chan’s body shook with sweat, her huge tits rocked burun burun.

Then when he drew closer to her boobs I thought he’d lick it gently but he bit her nipple.

「It huuuuuuurts!Don’t bite my tiiiiiiiiiiiits!」

Miyu-chan’s shriek resounds.

Miyu-chan’s nipple seemed to have blood drained from it as there were toothmarks on it.

He buried his face into her cleavage, and once again sped dup the piston.

「Aaaaaaaa!」raising a voice drools leaked out from Miyu-chan’s mouth。

He pulled out one last big time, then vigorously thrust back into Miyu-chan to ejaculate. Miyu-chan trembled buruburu、「Stop doing it insiiiiiiiiide!」she shouted。

Pulling his penis out, hot steam rose from Miyu-chan’s crotch, hikuhiku her genital shook and oozed out semen.

I thought it was over, but he didn’t let Miyu-chan sleep.

「You became a baby?I see、then I’ll scrape it out of you。 」

Saying so he held his middlefinger and ringfinger out, he drew closer and put them in Miyu-chan’s vagina.

Then inside Miyu-chan, he moved his fingers violently to scrape out the semen.

「That huuuuuuurts!Stoooooop!」

Shouting so, not just semen flowed out from Miyu-chan’s genital, a transparent liquid also pyupyu spouted out, it spread out on the floor.

Taking his fingers out, this time he turned Miyu-chan over facing down, then clung to her rear, hen inserted his penis the second time.

The pause didn’t last long, he began to piston violently.
Miyu-chan butt and his hips banged together creating a sound pan pan.

「Deeeep!That’s too deeeep!My wooooomb!It’s going to enter my woooooomb!」

Despite Miyu-chan shouting so he kept only silently inserting.

「I’m gonna dieeeeee!」

Shrieking so Miyu-chan’s body trembled.

If it’s like this then death would be more comfortable for Miyu-chan wouldn’t it, was what I thought but he was merciless.

After striking her butts a few more times, Miyu-chan was turned sideway, one of her legs were held up, then he spread her other leg and got in between Miyu-chan’s legs and inserted his penis.

「Now that I remember about the promise、if you blew it what would happen、do you remember?」

While pistoning he said with a low voice.

gasps!!I’m sorryyy!But, but my pussy is impossible alreadyyyy」

「The bathroom、let’s go there、『Kaburagi Miyu-chan』」


Pulling his penis out he carried Miyu-chan princess-style.

Miyu-chan also struggled to run away, but he sucked chuu chuu on her nipple
「Aaan」 she raise a voice, her nipple was sucked while herself being carried into the room.

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    • Didn’t miyu say that she saw her onee chan With him while his face was looking pale or something? Maybe he got the same treatment he’s been doing to the girls that’s why he’s got the stamina?


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