(Poll) Getting priorities straight.

Okay…so Kininaru ain’t getting love like Grassland does. That’s why I decided to do this poll, because, you know, what’s the point of TL-ing if not too many people like the project. I’d rather spend that time into Grassland or a new project.

So, I’ll explain beforehand.

For Grassland, it’s pretty long, it’s around the length of FIT on Pun’s site, so I can’t guarantee daily release, but I’ll try my best to get chapters out fast if we do end up dropping Kininaru.

For Kininaru, I know there’s some kind of plot going on with the “onee-chan”, but the bunch of sex chapters are getting more and more dull for the readers. As a translator I also work through the sentences to study Japanese, so it’s not too bad for me, but when I come read it as a reader it’s getting tiring because of constant rape.

“Then why the fuck there’s no Q&A on the list, you scum!?!?”
Well I did mention earlier, that’s a teaser planned for future, it won’t be left to death.

Then lastly is that, I found a new interesting series. It’s brand new, only a few chapters in, some of you might say ‘cliché’ when you see it, but I can guarantee it looks more interesting than Kininaru at the moment.
If you enjoyed Frequenting Brothels and Living As I Please then you’ll like this new one (that’s if Kininaru is dropped)

Now, pls jump in and vote. Let me know what do you people want.

9 thoughts on “(Poll) Getting priorities straight.

  1. well shame, but you don’t need to straight up drop Kinninaru Shoujo, just TL it when you fell like it but if you think you can do it then that’s that, anyway i am enjoying the way that this TL site is going and gonna support with either decision you make, best reggards and good luck.

    May the force be with you.


    • I won’t be mechanical, I’ll also listen to the comment like you so I can alternate various ways other than just drop it.


      • Thank you for the attention, whatever is decided i’m still looking foward to your next update, and, as long as you keep your good work not only me but i think that a lot of other people are gonna keep supporting you and as i always say..

        complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.

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  2. I’m rather enjoying Kininaru. Not the type to post comments usually, but I honestly hope it doesn;t get dropped. If you wanna do it, just do it. If you wanna take a break, slow it down to a once in a while thing. *shrugs* But in the end, instead of listening to schmucks like us, do what you wanna do snce a.) it’s your life, b.) without you, we wouldn;t get ANYTHING, and c.) Have fun with it. WHen a hobby becomes unfun, it’s a chore after all, and no one wants to work all the time.

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  3. The problem with Kininaru isn’t the rape but as I read through the chapters I can’t find the reasons to care for any character. I believe that’s why it feels “dull”.

    I’m in a favor of dropping it but in the end it’s your decision in how do you like the story enough to continue it or not.


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