Kininaru Chapter 11

Loli reipu ga owatta~


Miyu’s insides become hot and syrupy.

She who kept being woken up continued to blow tides, doro she continued to discharge love nectar.

As a result of that, I can’t think of this as a virgin hole anymore as it melted completely, it accepted my penis without problem.

Lying on top of the puddle of liquid she made, Miyu back made gucho gucho sounds as I vigorously piston into her.

Her huge tits rocked up and down every single time.

While sucking her breast from various directions I increased my piston to advance towards ejaculation.


With that Miyu woke up.

But, she only gasped “ahn ahn” without any resistance.

Seems like she’s not fully conscious yet.

I hugged her slimy body tightly and vigorously thrust into her depth, then ejaculated.

Still half-asleep she seemed to felt the byuru byuru ejaculation inside her, her body writhed.

I let go of Miyu after ejaculation. Then Miyu fell besha into the puddle of love nectar.

Then I brought the camera and took pictures of that figure. (1. Burakku meru ga kitaa)




With a gacha sound he carried a naked girl under his armpit and returned.

But she didn’t have the uniform she wore earlier on, her body was flushed and she was gasping hot breaths.

Her consciousness seemed hazy.

When I took a look to see if she’s okay, I saw the girl trembling bururu under his arm. (2. Wow…you’re 75% at fault for that ya know, Suzuka?)

Then I saw semen spilling from her crotch.

He threw the girl on the bed and left the room for a moment.

She was in the same state as me yesterday, the smell of sweat, love nectar, urine and semen drifted, her whole body was sticky. (3. And I believe you’re up next)

Seems like the reverberation of his conducts is still remaining, sometimes, she leaked a seductive voice.

「Aa…no…that’s cruel…」

It’s more than clear enough what has been done to her.

6 thoughts on “Kininaru Chapter 11

  1. Ok I’m less comfortable about this story and that wierd because I usually like these types of stories that are very dark. But kidnapping and imprisonment on top of rape is just wierd. He seems more like an animal then a flawed charachter. I find myself hoping it all comes to bite him in the ass. But it won’t we all know that the power of rape makes women fall in love. At leat in Japan it seems.


  2. complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.

    Agreed, it is all takening a very serius turn but i think that thats what the author is aiming to do, well we gotta see to were is it leading.


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