Q. and A. Chapter 0

OK guys, this is my declaration that I’ll be picking this up AFTER the full EDITED VERSION of Frequenting Brothels is done on Raising the Dead. Of course, this will go the same way, that is, unedited version here on my site and edited version on RTD.

Now me and my editor are already working quite a few chapters into this, so I just want to let other people know that this is a teaser for a definite project and that we’ll be picking this up. I’m posting this Prologue as a teaser to kind of…well…claim this WN since we’re really liked it.

Of course, not that we can stop others from jumping in and do their own TL, but we’ll continue TL-ing this in the future no matter what.

You can find the Synopsis of this in the Table of Contents page on my site, it’s Q.Maou-sama A.Monmusu.


No matter how you look at it, this can’t be right.
Unable to find any words to say, the young man simply stared at the bizarre sight in front of him.


From beside his neck, he heard a cute grunt as a beautiful girl with long black hair struggled and pushed with both her arms in order to drag the other ⅔ of her body out. She knit her eyebrows, the amount of sweat on her forehead showed how much of a struggle she was going through.

There were two things that were obstructing her.

First, this should be described as a dimensional crack, it suddenly appeared inside the young man’s room. It looks like someone made a horizontal line with a brush. However, if you compare this example to reality, the brush would not write with ink, but instead with bubbles or soap.

There was a 7-color-hue that clamored and wriggled that clearly warned that the opposite side of this crack was obviously a different world.

Then there’s one more thing, that is…

(Huge……E、no it’s F)

Two huge fleshy watermelons were squeezed beneath a navy blue yukata and were caught in the narrow crack. The overwhelming size of those fat melons were wrapped inside a cute cherry blossom pattern. (TN: Pretty sure he’s talking about the yukata)
The owner is trying hard to make her huge breasts squeeze smaller, no matter how you think about it, it looked physically impossible.

Sniffle。It’s not going iiin」

Finally the girl’s strength left her body, she went limp like hung laundry flopped her limbs on the ground and started to whine like so.
As the shock from the girl from another world suddenly appearing eased up, somehow a feeling of pity started to well up in the young man.

(It can’t be helped。 Let’s give her a hand then)

The moment he decided so.


A hysteric voice left those cute lips. Her exhausted body jumped, then she flapped her arms crying for help.

「Please stop it! Don’t touch my butt! Pervert! Ecchi! You lesbian fairy!」

Somehow he kind of guessed the situation.
Probably in that different world on the other side there’s someone that was unable to just watch, then they started to push her to this side. Then, with force being applied to her hips she yelled ‘pervert’ and ‘lesbian’ to insult them.

「Hora、give me a hand here」
(TN: She’s talking to the person touching her ass)

It couldn’t be helped so he lent her some help.

「Eh?T、Thank you very much!」

As the girl’s lovely face brightened up, he entwined his hand with her slim fingers and tried to help her.
But the problem starts here. There needs to be some ways to drag the girl’s body out.
The best way is to use his hands to grab her boobs and bring them over quickly, but she already reacted that strongly with only her butt being felt up. So if he doesn’t want to get hit then he’d be smart to not even try doing so.

「The person on the other side、can you hear me? On my signal、I’ll pull and you push。Let’s go!」

I wonder if my voice even reached the other side. Anyways let’s just do this.


It feels like a fairy-tale where an old guy tries to pull a huge turnip. Borrowing gravity’s strength, he bent his lower body and pulled with all his might. Luckily he didn’t wear any socks, so he doesn’t have to worry about sliding on the wooden floor.


Straining his whole body, he focuses all his muscles for this one purpose. Stepping firmly to create friction, a heated war cry came out from his gritted teeth, the young man struggled to pull the black haired girl in yukata over here from the other side.
This is a surreal composition but, the two of them, no there’s also a person on the other side so, the three people, were deadly serious.

「Come out hereeeeeeeee!」

Suddenly, the weight on his body disappeared.
Feeling like the blood in his body started running in the opposite direction, an unpleasant floating sensation struck him, the next moment, smack he fell and hit back of his head.


A little while after the impact, he felt a dull pain spreading through his skull.

「U、Umm……Are you okay?」

Then that pain was healed by a sweet soprano voice, and a pair of soft, tender, huge tits covered in blue were hanging across his face.
A gentle aroma of hot milk was floating in the air, naturally his nose flared. The characteristic of girl’s sweat is a little sour in fragrance, causing his manly instincts to burn as he inhaled plenty of that fragrance, his lungs also felt like they were heating up.

(This position is、the legendary…!)

Accidentally this big breasted girl had pinned me down, and this [act of God] allowed me to enjoy these voluptuous fruits as I wished, this was a dream-like situation that all men hope and dream of.
If it’s not intentional, but purely by chance, the value of this situation can’t be measured monetarily.

(TN: No idea how to word that last sound)

Yeah I’m fine…In fact I’m great. There’s absolutely no problem. That was what the young man intended to say.

「Ah! Th、This is terribly rude! I’ll move aside right away」

Finally realizing the shameless position she was in, the girl face turned red as she became flustered and stood up.
Feeling disappointed as the pleasant pressure was lifted, the young man lifted himself up while rubbing the back of his head.

「So、you……what are you?」

There was a ton of things to ask, but after racking his brain none of these questions came out. So he just went with the most suitable question at the moment.

「A demon。No、I’m a Lady Demon Lord desu~!」

Puffing out her chest with pride, the girl declared this completely preposterous line without a care.
‘Okay’, the young man thought, ‘Living in modern society does cause stress, so I guess there are people with serious conditions like this.’

「Ah、yep as I thought you don’t believe it. People of this world wear these clothes carefreely during festivals, they’re just comfortable clothing you see」

Realizing his suspicion and the pitiful gaze he directed at her, the girl’s facial expression completely changed so it seemed like a deflated balloon, and she looked downhearted.

「……I understand。 Then as a proof I’ll show you magic」

She cried out in high spirits, as she tampered with her yukata’s collar, and this time she had a wonderful expression.

「Magic Tool 『Paralyze・Hankerchief』!」

From the between the valley of her giant breasts she pulled out a white cloth, she held it out to show him.
With some light footwork she got behind him, and the moment he had his guard down she pressed the handkerchief against his mouth. The lace was very complicatedly made, and it felt pleasant like snow, the young man understood that this is a high-class item.
But in contrary to that pleasant cloth, its smell was strong as if piercing the nose. He immediately felt a hallucination struck his brain. His vision became hazy, and he started gasping as his breathing was constricted. {ED: RAPE}

「I’m sorry。 I’m gonna need you to go to sleep for a bit」

He heard a sweet voice murmuring into his ear.
While feeling the soft fleshy breasts against his back, the poor young man didn’t understand what the hell was going on as his consciousness faded.
Like hell this is magic!
He made the last tsukkomi in his mind.
His thoughts stopped.

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  2. You must continue this, for the love of god! The plot synopsis sounded pure <3. Thank you translator god! Keep up the phenom work, you're the best!


  3. not really understanding why he doesn’t believe her after seeing her come out of a fricken dimensional crack. after seeing that i’d instantly believe her if she said she was a Maoh.


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