Kininaru Chapter 9

Loli reipu ga kita part 1 – caress.


Putting Miyu down on the bathroom’s floor, I rode on her as is.

「Wait!What are you doing!No!」

She tried to push me and move away, but her strength wasn’t sufficient so it was impossible.

She flapped her legs and frantically resisted.

I slid my hand into her skirt, unfastened the hook, pulled down her white panties, and took off her socks.

Then, her secret place with thin hair and her white legs were exposed.

「Noooo!Hentai!Stop it!」

Ignoring her I took off her blazer, then unbuttoned her shirt gradually.

「Ahh!Somebody help!」 (TN: Uhh…didn’t you do this to yourself?)

Taking off her shirt I also unfastened her bra.


I took away her bra, and threw it on the floor. Her huge tits shook *burun*.

Just like that Miyu became naked and glared at me with teary eyes while hiding her nipples with her hands.

「*Sniffle*!Imma tell mom and dad about you when I get home、the police’s gonna catch you!」 (TN: Uhh…have you ever thought that he would let you go?)

「Hee、what’s it that ‘I did to you’?」

「That’s、you took off my clothes…」 (TN: HAHAHA)

「I see、then what if I do things that you can’t even tell your parents?」


「If I do things that you can’t say with your mouth at all then I’m OK。 」

I stepped away from Miyu, pulled her hand, opened the bathroom door and dragged her in. The moment the door is shut Miyu’s scream also stopped, silence fell across the bathroom.


Dragging Miyu into the bathroom, I immediately hugged her from the front with all my might.

Her shaking tits were squashed with my chest, *gunyuri* they changed shape.

Miyu is soft and warm. It was the best embrace comfort.

「It、It hurts!Let me go!」

She tried to push away from my chest.

Of course I don’t intend to let go.

My hand circling around her back gently brushed her ass. This place feels good too. This middle school girl sure has a nice body.

「Noo、where are you touching…hauu!」 (TN: And you’re feeling it ! )

Touching her butt, I reached out my hand to her genital.

I traced her secret crack with my middle finger, and played with the *guni guni* labia.

There Miyu leaked a voice 「Ah ! 」, she shivered, thick sexual fluids dropped down her thigh. (TN: That was sanic fast…)

Her constitution seems to be ‘easy to get wet anywhere’.

Miyu put in serious effort to push me away.

I stood as is, raised one of her legs, and the one-leg-standing Miyu tried to keep her balance by placing her hand on my shoulder.

With my empty hand, I stuck it to her dripping wet genital, and rubbed her clitoris with gradual increasing pace.


*guchyu guchyu guchyu* obscene sounds and Miyu’s flirty voice resounds the bathroom.

Miyu’s legs trembled to the sudden stimulation, and she firmly clung to me.

She doesn’t seem to be able to think about the fact that she’s pressing her tits on me on her own.

She separated her feet and sunk to the floor girl-style pressing her genital, and began to weep. (TN: Girl-style = seiza, if you watch anime you’ll know how JP girls usually sit)

「Uuu、it hurts、why、sniffles、are you doing this?」

She sat on the floor covering her crotch with both hands making her huge tits caught in between her arms, it was a figure that emphasizes the breasts.
Miyu didn’t realize she was striking a gravure pose. (TN: Google it)

Gulping down my saliva, I went to take the “tool” that’s the reason for me to bring Miyu in here and returned to the bathroom.

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