Kininaru Chapter 10

Loli reipu ga kita part 2 – vibrator.


The vibrator has a very simple structure.

Once you looked at the scatter parts you’d understand well enough, the motor inside rotates, the mechanism is that the eccentricity part vibrates.

My past time hobby is remodeling vibrators.

I studied everyday to produce this kind of vibrator whose amplitude of vibration has a higher frequency.

And then, now is the time to test out the results.

I planned to test it on Suzuka today, but this child-face big tits middle school girl appeared. (TN: Nice timing Miyu…)

Anyway I thought I’d try it on this girl for now.

Actually, after the middle school graduation ceremony, I brought a female classmate who confessed to me back to my house, and tested out the vibrator on her for the sake of improving it. (TN: This guy lol)

She was a neat girl, but after 30 seconds she blew a big *bisha bisha* tide, after 1 minute she urinated, and climaxed until she lost consciousness. Then when she woke up, the girl wept while leaving the house.

But, how about this middle school girl, with this vibrator I’m looking forward to what kind of face would she show me.


When I came back to the bathroom Miyu widened her eyes when she saw the thing I was holding.

「Wh、What’s that!」

「This thing’s being pushed onto your genital right now。 It’s fine even if you wet yourself since I went out of my way and brought you to the bathroom.

I grasped Miyu’s hand tightly and drew her towards me. I threw her down to the floor and opened her legs wide.


Her pink colored secret place opened a little to match the opened legs.

In order not to let Miyu shut her legs tightly, I pressed the vibrator onto her genital.

「Stoooop、Lemme go alreadyyyyy!」

I pressed the switch.


He carried the middle school girl on his shoulder, and left the room a moment ago.

First I heard voices, but now he shut the door so I can’t hear anything.

But, just now I heard the girl shriek of death agony.

It’s my fault for yelling for help, now that girl is… (TN: Yup. Totally your fault.)

Her shrieks gradually grew smaller, now I can’t hear it anymore.

And I have heard it again a little at a certain interval.

And it repeated many times.

I wonder what’s happening on the other side. It was not a “somebody else’s problem” at all.


「Aaa、is it over」

Miyu’s consciousness flew away when I sucked *chyupa chyupa* on her tits, now I’m observing her.

Miyu’s love nectar is scattered here and there, this narrow space was filled with woman’s odor.

With her legs still wide spread, a transparent liquid *pushuppushu* blew out from Miyu’s crotch.

Syrupy love nectar continued to spill from her repeatedly opening and closing genital, Miyu lied down *beshari* onto the puddle of liquid she made herself.

Her eyes are opening, but those pupils reflected nothing.

After I pushed the switch of the remodeled vibrator, I got an erection from Miyu’s foolishness, I applied my penis to the crotch of the unconscious Miyu, I sucked *chuu* on her big nipple while inserting.

Miyu was a virgin.

7 thoughts on “Kininaru Chapter 10

  1. complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.

    See kids, stranger danger, Stranger danger.

    Unless your have a Jackie Chan level of fighting skill, if you hear a call for help from within the house and you are facing the suspicious person, smile and wave and ge the f*ck out a there straight to te police.

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  2. Thanks for the chapters.
    Will this like Toilet Bishojo? He will become tsundere and the girls shall control him, make him can’t let them go and be together forever!? … Somehow this sound a bit Yandere I guess.


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