Kininaru Chapter 8

Aww our MC’s fun time is being disturbed….
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Middle school student


Suzuka’s sleeping quietly on the bed.

When I tried to wake her up the chime in the hallway rang.

It couldn’t be helped so I went to the hallway, at the door there was a girl I don’t recognize.

「Good morning。 I’m Kaburagi Miyu, a third year student from Some Fusaki middle school.」

The girl who called herself Miyu was wearing a uniform on top of a pair of breasts whose size I could not comprehend, her body was erotic, her face was childish but she seemed like a strong-willed person.

Then, Some Fusaki is my old school.

「What business do you have?」

「To tell the truth、Tuesday next week my middle school have an event where you listen to an old boy’s story of coming from middle school to high school、and certainly、I want to hear Sakimori-san’s story、so I came to ask you about this。 」

That reminds me, there’s something like that back in my time too.

「Sorry but can you ask someone else?I’m busy with something。 」

「That can’t be、please。 Just a little bit is okay。 Something…」

As the girl was speaking、from inside my room 「Somebody!Help!」 that voice rang out。

Suzuka woke up and saw someone so she cried out for help.

「Wai!What is it!The voice just now!A girl’s」

Then、Miyu thrust away past  me、and entered my room。 She politely took off her shoes…

「Somebody heeelp!」
「I’m coming right away!」

Miyu entered the room where Suzuka was tied up.

I shut the door, and locked it with a *clink*.

You have a body this erotic, but you have no sense of danger huh, I thought.




Entering the room Miyu saw Suzuka stark naked while being tied up in shackles.

Then, Suzuka who’s calling for help saw a middle school girl entering the room, again, she stopped calling for help and turned pale.

「You…what’s happening!」

Miyu confidently inquired me.

「This girl’s my girlfriend、that’s what’s happening」

「What are you saying!She can’t move around in this state!It’s a crime no matter how you look at it!」

「She likes it like this、this girl、right?」

Suzuka vexingly nodded.

Right now, if Miyu go to the police now, what would I do with her…

Suzuka had no choice but to give an affirmative.

But Miyu

「As expected there’s something strange。 I’m reporting this!」

She lacks sense of danger.

As Miyu took out her cellphone from her pocket I approached her.

「What are you planning to do!」

Miyu severely glared at me.

「Lately middle school students even have cellphones huh。 Well that body is dangerous nowadays so it can’t be helped」

Miyu’s face turned red. Seems like she does get bothered about her huge tits.

「Wha!This pervert!」

She jumped to slap me, but I grabbed that hand.

I pulled that hand hard and tried to take her to the bathroom.

「No let me go!」

But she resisted and shook my hand off.

It couldn’t be helped so I carried her on my shoulder.


I lifted Miyu up to my shoulder with one hand. Her big tits changed shape as it pressed on my shoulder.

Miyu violently struggled, but I kept going towards that room’s door.

「Stop it!Let that kid go!」

Suzuka’s shout was heard.

That’s right, let’s try that in the bathroom.

I decided to enjoy this cheeky child’s huge tits and her body.

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