Kininaru Chapter 7

So guys I made a mistake. THIS IS CHAPTER 7. The previous one was chapter 8. I’ll be doing chapter 9 some time today.

Her heart

My head is throbbing.

What happened?

That’s right, I was kidnapped at school, there was a man, then, then…


That’s right, that person many times…

This headache is also because of that person…

I remembered that face.

If I’m not mistaken then he’s the representative of transfer students at the entrance ceremony.

He’s intelligent…

Why would someone like that ?

Uun (No), I’ve seen him before that.

During middle school

I saw him being led by the hand by my onee-chan.

My sister is 2 years older, she’s beautiful and kind and is able to do anything, she’s my prided sister.

I haven’t seen someone more beautiful than oneechan.

That time, when I saw she led him by the hand I didn’t feel happy, it was scary.

Because, when she was leading his hand his face was ghastly pale…

I don’t understand, him and my sister were 2 years apart, for them to go together


Above that, right now I must absolutely run away.

I remember the events happened today.

He sucked my boobs lots, even I begged him to stop he kept having sex with me.

I’m sad that my first time was forcibly snatched away

It’s even more sorrowful that I got used to being embraced in his arms.

He had sex with me in embarrassing positions, I who is inexperienced in sexual pleasure easily got played with, it wasn’t possible to escape.

When I faced him from below while being poked and bitten in the boob, my pussy spout out embarrassing juice, then he got excited and kept on making me cum.

My head blanked out, I could only circled my arms around his back, clung to him, and endured the pleasures.

He’ll keep doing the things of today tomorrow and the day after that, what will happen to me.

Is it really as he said, that I will be drowned into having sex with him.

That can’t be, even if I denied like that in my head, knowing he would do that technique to my body, I can’t help but become anxious.

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