Kininaru Chapter 6

Am I really doing this? Lol 4th chapter of the day.
Well it’s too short I would be ashamed if I’m proud of this though TT___TT


It quickly became Saturday night.

「Is it time we eat rice?」

She’s smeared with semen while convulsing her body under me, who’s murmuring, while I pinned down her crotch and her eyes’ focus point wasn’t on me.

After that, I switched and tried out many different positions, which she screamed out hatefully but I suppressed her.

Suzuka painfully reached climax while still cumming, and right before she cum she showed great resistance.

But I didn’t let her run as I continued to embrace her, love nectar scattered around from her genital, sometimes, she slackened her uretha and *chororo* a small quantity of urine leaked out when she climaxed.

「Haa…haa…ter、ri……ble、do、doing…all this」

「I……even told、naaa!、you…to stop…」

Her consciousness isn’t completely clear from the earlier violet sex’s reverberation, but she seems to be blaming me.

There are marks of my teeth on her huge tits, with her hands being pinned down her genital swelled up with a red color, it’s the indication of that violent act.

Since she’s completely exhausted from repeated sex that she couldn’t even hold the chopsticks, I fed her mouth to mouth.

With the relentless french kisses, her resistance vanished.

After that, I washed her body in the bath, then I changed the bed sheet and the mat that was wet with various kinds of her body fluids, she was put to sleep on a beautiful new bed.

As I was left alone, I recollected all the events that led to this. When I looked at Suzuka’s face I was caught into something.

But, as expected I reached the limits of my physical strength so I also went to sleep.

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