Kininaru Chapter 5

3rd chapter of the day. It’s getting interesting a little bit.


I removed the restraints on Suzuka, she can move around freely now.

Then, after cumming repeatedly, she couldn’t rise up on her feet, so she crawled out of the bed to escape.

But I hugged her like that from the back, licked her back *peropero* while fondling her breasts.

The smell of her sweat and her body odor entered my nasal cavity.


A lovely voice leaked from her mouth.

Her body’s already completely drunk from having sex with me.

I encircled my arms around her from the back and embraced her tightly while she’s on all fours, I licked her secret place and she raise a flirty voice falling back on the bed.

As she cried unwillingly I dragged her back into the center of the bed.

As she lied face-up I connected one hand with her like a lover, then when I kissed her she averted her face.

Then with my empty hand I opened her genital and inserted.


With those fingers I touched and felt around her vaginal insides.

Then when I touched a spot shallow to her front body her vagina wriggled *kyun*, her face blushed red.

She was taken aback.

As I touched that place several times Suzuka’s face became redder and redder.

Seems like that’s her weak spot.

Feeling it from being touched around seems embarrassing to her as tears rose in her eyes.

Of course I didn’t overlook it and stimulated her even more intensely with my fingers.

Then I saw her dramatic reactions.

She threw her body up, she heavily panted while flapping her legs, her open hand seized the wrist of my hand of which fingers are penetrating her genital.

I also suppressed her, I sucked *chuu chuu* on her nipple while continued to torment her secret place.

But she quickly advanced along with the wave of pleasures and lost her strength, she separated her hand that was seizing my wrist, her body trembled in pleasures.

「Aguu、aaa!Hyaa!Waait!Nooo I can’t enduuuure iiiiit!」

She reached climax.

She got excited being played with and felt the pleasure.

I removed my fingers from Suzuka’s groin making a *chaa* sound.

She was breathing *haa haa* from her mouth, I didn’t overlook that chance and put my tongue in for a French kiss.


She’s still resisting the kiss, but when I gently brushed her genital wet with love nectar *gucho gucho*, she raised a frightened voice 「Hiii ! 」 and obediently complied with me.


Sleeping together with our sweaty bodies, we kissed a lot.

At first Suzuka was surprised to entwine our tongues in a kiss, but after continuing for a short while she felt good, now she’s squirming bashfully while being pinned down by me.

Our heated heavy breathing overlapped, it was the result of us being completely absorbed in the kiss.

She too, unconsciously entwined her tongue with mine.

I can clearly sensed her sweet smell.

Why do women smell good everywhere on her body?

As Suzuka nipple became erect, I touched it.

With that she came back to her senses, her face was dyed with shame, she made a vexing face.

That’s the first time I saw her making that face.

Noticing that, I got excited and became erect again.

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