Kininaru Chapter 4

More ero, the last sentence of this chapter might hint something.

(As in heartbeat)



I woke up to the sounds of clanking metal

Suzuka was clanking the shackles on the bed in order to escape.

But as soon as she met my eyes, her face was filled with despair.

I bent over her naked body and rubbed her huge tits.

Spreading her legs, I rubbed my penis on her crotch while licking her tits.

Feeling a chill sent down her spine, her love nectar *pyuu* soared out and hung on my penis.

Blood quickly gathered in my penis, it became fully erect.

Seeing that Suzuka blushed and squirmed her body around to escape.

But the penis chased after her and inserted.





How much time has passed

During the time, I carefully stimulated her vagina with me penis at a shallow spot while licking her neck and her nipples.

Sometimes, Suzuka moved slightly to change where the penis hit, but I kept on blaming the same spot.

Reaching her climax she pushed up her crotch and trembled *bururi*, not missing my chance I piston vigorously.

She screamed while going mad feeling it.

A strong womanly scent drifted from her, I became intoxicated.

I controlled myself and didn’t ejaculate but with that I reached my limits, I indulged in my lust for her while wanting to ejaculate.

Sticking to the huge shaking tits, I roughly forced up my penis.

Sensing the ejaculation coming Suzuka frantically tried to escape, but I hugged her soft body tightly.


Being tormented violently, her body went against her will and it got excited.

Guchyu guchyu guchyu

She climaxed and her limbs trembled even more than earlier.

But, it’s not the end yet.

While she’s still convulsing from her climax I embraced her body tightly and continued to piston.

After orgasm her vagina was sensitive, so with my powerful stimulation, Suzuka satisfied herself at the same time, *chororo* she leaked out a little.

Being covered in a warm liquid, I got excited and increased my pace.

I was put in a trance seeing her tits sticking out and rocking while being wet with sweat.

I didn’t ejaculate, but stuck to her tits and sucked violently as if drawing out breast milk.

Leaking out her voice ‘aan’ Suzuka became furthermore indulged in lust.

Then finally I advanced my penis deep inside her while ejaculating.

Widening her eyes, she also reached her second climax, her insides shrunk.

*Dokun dokun* my heart throbbed while I release my semen into her womb.

Suzuka closed her eyes, her breathing became rough while her tits moved up and down, she stayed still and wait for the ejaculation to stop.

At that moment, our heartbeats overlapped.

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