Kininaru Chapter 3

I’m chasing Pun record, but I have zero confidence that I can do that, but we’ll see. More ERO for you people.



The room was filled with the mixed smells of Suzuka’s sweat and love nectar.

While being tied to the bed with both her legs spread because of the rubber band, love nectar was overflowing from her crotch.

I couldn’t endure anymore and took of my trunks, exposing my penis.

Seeing the harsh erect penis Suzuka’s body trembled as she understood what was going to happen.

As I got closer to her on the bed she became even more frightened and desperately tried to escape making the shackles on her hands clicked noisily with metallic sounds.

I forced my way in between her thighs, then rubbed my penis on her clitoris.

As if the reverb of the earlier caress was still remaining, she raised a seductive voice.

Then I kept doing the same thing for 10 minutes.

Suzuka kept on being nervous about when would it enter her and became tired, soon strength left her body.

Not missing that opening I screwed my penis into Suzuka’s vagina, tore through the hymen, and penetrated all the way into her womb. The proof of her chastity spilled out.

「Ah  Ah  Aaaaaah ! ! ! ! ! ! 」

As her body jumped, the force made the towel disconnect from her mouth, that’s the first scream of the day.

I pressed down her crazy convulsion from above, and at that moment continuously pushed up her womb with my penis.

Then, like a string being cut, Suzuka fainted.

I gently slapped her cheek but there wasn’t any reaction.

Therefore I began to slowly piston.

First I’ll go from slow to fast, I gradually increase my pace, as being shaken she woke up.

「!!、It huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts it hurts it hurts it huuurts」

「Why are you looking at me like that、stop this alreadyyy」

「Why should I」

「I can’t help but want to violate you when I see your face」

「Why the hell is that!I don’t understand at all」

「You don’t need to、besides you should just happily accept my penis!」

At the end of that sentence I started to vigorously piston, as I pulled my penis all the way out, I forcefully raised her womb by poking back into it.


Suzuka greatly bent her body and received my ramming.

Her back raised about 15 cm above the bed.

She swung her head left and right saying ‘no no’.

「I’m cumming inside!」


Byuu byuu

Before Suzuka reacted, gluing the tip of my penis into her womb, I ejaculated.

Her body trembled hatefully trembled and she fainted for the second time.

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